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I think that's pretty unfair. Why can hunter make their gun look like bows and I cant make my sword look like an axe.... Make no sense whatsoever.

This has to do with guns being REALLY REALLY LOUD. More than anything I think. Also probably with the animations being interchangeable.

No, it has to do with the fact Guns, Bows, and Crossbows are all labeled as "ranged" coding wise. There is no coding in the game that says Bow or Crossbow. Only animations. On top of that, some races aesthetically lorewise don't use the other form of ranged. Night Elves should not be using guns, and some people (like me), actually would use a level 70 bow sooner than I'd use a level 85 gun. Whereas melee weapons there aren't any aesthetic reasons not to use X weapon, aside from personal preference.

Anyway, with weapon enchants... Can we get enchants to show on a transmogged weapon? Would it show the enchant on the transmogged weapon, or the weapon that you are currently showing the look for?

Would still like to know if you can use a single "One-Hand" weapon for both your main and offhand weapon, or if you'dneed 2 of the "One-Hand" weapons to do it for both.
I'm ready :D

Can anyone weight in whether one donor item can be used for two different weapons? (ignoring mainhand vs. offhand or unique items)

Since the item is not consumed, I don't see why this would pose a problem...

edit: not to be cranky, but I can't seem to get an answer, and now more than just I am asking.
I'm not trying to be overly negative, but the more I hear/learn about transmogrification, the lamer it seems.

Just seems like now if I want to do it, I need to go farm tons of stuff and there are more and more restrictions.
This is from last Blue Post in Part 1, but posting it here.
08/22/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Will Main Hand only weaponry be 'Mog"ifiable to the offhand slot?

Mainhand can only be applied to mainhand, and offhand can only be applied to offhand. This is partially due to the restrictions on certain types of weapon art.

Again, these are our first tentative steps with Transmogrification, and there's room for modifying the rules later on after the system is introduced, and we see how things shake out. Heck, the rules aren't even quite.
As I understand this, why not disallow it only for Melee weapons (Main Hand / Offhand) and General Off-Hand, instead of every mainhand weapon?
I haven't been able to find the question to my answer anywhere so far.

I was curious if we are going to be able to dual wield unique one handed weapons. More specifically something like Shard of Azzinoth
Okay so I have a question that requires some explanation. Gear requires stats to be the target of transmorgify. I have the sentinel Gear and monstrous war axe that makes my orc look like a orgrimmar grunt. HOWEVER during one of the patches it appears the all armor and weapon has lost it's suffexes, meaning they have no stats other then armor and weapon dps. They should have stats but they dont and they aren't worth using our "limted" return on items (if it still exists). So my question is this, would that gear still be eligible for transmorgification?
One thing that bothers me about transmogrifying (sorry if spelled wrong) is that the main thing I want to change is my heirlooms to look like old lvl 60 pvp set so I can send my low lvl hunter the bow with the horde/alliance symbol. Or the low lvl plate wearer gear that looks like lvl 60 pvp plate. So basically I can't change the art of my heirlooms and give it to the low lvl alt, instead I have to level that alt to level 60, use it to change the artwork of the heirloom to the lvl 60 pvp set and use it for 20 more levels. I was kind of looking forward to making my human paladin look like he had the shoulders with the eagle heads on them.

However if the Void Storage was say account bound, like I use my lvl 85 to get the lvl 60 pvp set, put it in void storage and use that low lvl toon that's on same realm and change the artwork of the heirloom with him that'd be awesome.
So I admit I only skimmed 12 pages of posts here but has there been any update as to whether you have to currently own the old item or will the system know you looted it in the past. I.E. the old tier .5 dungeon sets which you can no longer farm. Also is the a site where we can still browse pics of armor sets. Thx.
I think having to go back to farm the gear for transmogrification to work is a bunch of bull. They made us go back to get the achievement for the guild. Why is the game making us regress? I think this whole thing is lame. They know who has completed what, if you have completed the instance you should be able to trans that gear. Therefore, I am not using the system at all. I don't want to look like something I have been.

Here's something that's been irking me for a while.

I understand that you need to have the item in particular to use it for appearance and that you cannot change it's type if it's a weapon, except for Ranged Weapons. Now I'm a stickler for having matching weapons if I decide to dual wield. So if you have 1 weapon for appearance sake, would you be able to duplicate it's graphic for both MH/OH? Assuming it's not flagged for MH or OH only?

Negative. Only Guns, Bows, and Crossbows are allowed to be changed from their weapon type. (No swords into axes or daggers into swords, it makes me a sad puppy.)

I think that's pretty unfair. Why can hunter make their gun look like bows and I cant make my sword look like an axe.... Make no sense whatsoever.

I completely agree. It doesn't make any real sense. If it were the 'too loud gun noise' then there are other solutions to the problem (such as turning down the volume of that particular effect). If it were the animations then only guns and crossbows would be interchangable, because bows use a different character animation than the other two.

The only possible reason I can think of for making the system this way and not only limited by 1-handed (well, MH or OH art is coded that way, it can't be fixed without making new gear art) or 2-handed is they don't want Assassination or Subtlety Rogues making daggers into maces or a few other imperfect class-weapon combinations. It is very unfair to make everyone (except hunters) suffer this particular limitation for so scarce a reason.
08/22/2011 06:40 PMPosted by Daxxarri
As an aside, a lot of people have been asking about hiding shoulders, belts, etc. For now, it's looking pretty unlikely that we'll offer the option to hide anything aside from helm and cloak.

Still, it would be great to hide shoulders. Belts aren't much fun either (some of them are nightmares), but at least they can be fixed to some extent with transmog.
One thing that is nice is that when you're half way through a heroic tier you wont have half red gear half green gear. However, for you to transmog you need to have the item...but we have been turning-in our normal tier to get our heroic tier. Therefore we don't have the items to transmog into a unified scheme.

If we have heroic tier will we be able to convert the colours w/o having the actual normal item?
Dual Wield Bladefist!... that is all.
08/23/2011 12:08 PMPosted by Feandel
The way a weapon sheathes is tied to its artwork, so the weapon will appear sheathed in whatever fashion the source item for Transmogrification did.

Along a similar but different vein (and one I've looked around for but haven't found a definitive answer on) can you change weapon-hand constraints when transmogrifying items? For example, can a one-hand (or off-hand) sword be made to look a main-hand sword?

They've already said hand requirements will remain in effect.
I wish they would let us change weapons types, I have always wanted my Warrior to fight with a sword and dagger combo. Hope that they look into it for a future extension of the 'mogging ruleset
08/22/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Btw, if WoW was designed to not be "silly" why have the items in the game in the first place o.o?

World of Warcraft has a design aesthetic that limits silliness, not omits it utterly. We all like a laugh now and then. That's why we have so many fun novelty items, easter eggs and humorous quests. Still, with a handful of exceptions, there's been a pretty firm line drawn between what amounts to a novelty item (which we anticipate players showing off occasionally for a laugh, or to enjoy on a temporary basis), and items that we intend players to use in their day to day activities.

It's that handful of exceptions that are the sticking point. It's the items like frying pans, cleavers and rolling pins that we're not sure we want players running around with on a constant basis. The jury is still out on that.

So what's preventing players, in their day to day activities, from using:

Or is chucking a tree as a Pygmy Gnome while your resident Ogre Hunter fires critters from his weapon not crossing that seemingly arbitrary line of silly?

08/22/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I'm sure that there will be those that still find ways to make the most ridiculous outfits possible despite any precautions we take. We can't possibly anticipate every permutation of gear combinations that people will come up with, but we can strive to design the system so that there are fewer completely ridiculous looking characters running around. Yes, that's partially subjective. Yes, we also have a design aesthetic that, even with the introduction of the Transmogrifier, we still want to adhere to. No, I don't care if you personally think that any given tier set looks "silly"; that's not what's at issue.

There's a certain precedent that Blizzard has established in their game. A precedent which includes fun, if silly, moments like a Dwarf punching Deathwing in the face, or a certain recurring character who insists on jumping off of boats or pretending to be a Man-o-taur while surviving. If what you're going for is a silly threshold for the sake of preserving immersion, I assure you, you've crossed that threshold the moment you folks scripted Mandokir and Jin'do's dialogue.

There are also NPCs who fight with whatever they have, like Farmer Solliden, who sports a pitchfork. And our heroes are supposed to take them, as well as others who fight with worse, seriously?

And that's not even addressing the companions one can drag around into pits of horrors and against unfathomably dangerous characters. A balloon? A child? A turkey who throws itself into campfires?

It's a little late to pretend there's any threshold to seriousness in the day to day rigors of WoW. The bottom line is, the people who want to look ridiculous will find a way to do so regardless, as you said. So why fight it? Or, perhaps, the better question, why fight it halfheartedly?

You guys seem to be so set on imposing arbitrary restrictions that contradict what's already available in game (What's this about Tanking in dresses or "cloth," Pally T10 would like a word with you) when you should be letting players use this the way they want to for the reasons they want to: To look how they want. I don't see why this is so terrible, particularly when you give them the means to override their appearance anyway.

Sandrene's Invisible Vest is going to be off-limits?

I have a male druid that would be interested in these, but I won't bother to farm if it's considered a "silly" item.

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