So. Let's Talk Dress Up (PART 2)

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08/22/2011 11:16 PMPosted by Shadowcrazy
Because it'd be a dirty, sneaky trick to 'mog your plate gear to look like cloth, and then go romping into a battleground, or anywhere in the contested areas on a PvP realm.

....I FREAKING hate freaking much right's not even funny...seriously

*sniffles* I'm hurt, and for the record I actually agree with you. I'd -love- to be able to cross-type 'mog some of my own stuff. I was merely answering the other fellow's question based on the blue's statement: "Sneaky death knights can’t make that breastplate look like a cloth robe", which implies that the Like Type - Like Type restriction is to prevent people from being 'sneaky'.

08/22/2011 06:52 PMPosted by Incatoa
For now, it's looking pretty unlikely that we'll offer the option to hide anything aside from helm and cloak.

Well... I guess I won't be starting that thread requesting a "Hide Belt" option. There are a couple of sets I've put together where the necessity of a belt spoils the look created. I am sure it is the same for others and shoulders.

This is simply a hopeful request asking the powers that be to reconsider :)

I know how its going to sound at first, but along the same lines as this poster said, I would also like an option for hiding pants. Ok, people getyour minds out of the gutter. The reason why is because my priest has the Robes of the Guardian Saint which have 2 very high slits on the sides for female toons. Pants just ruin the look and unfortunately even the black mageweave leggings show at the bottom.
I've looked and I'm not sure if it's been asked and answered already.

If I have a weapon that equips on the hip and I mog it to one that equips on the back, will it continue to equip on the hip (like the original) or will it switch to the back (like the one I used to mog with)?
08/22/2011 06:58 PMPosted by Karat
I would love to be able to turn my helms into eyepatches, but I really doubt they're going to make special exceptions for items.

Crimson Beholder Eye says hi. :)
08/22/2011 07:36 PMPosted by Bomdanil
THey've also said they want to bring back these sorts of sets on a legacy vendor of some sort, or that they're leaning towards doing such.

Have they said any more about the legacy vendor?

Specifically, I'm wondering about tier 8 armor. The Tier 8 25 person armor was available through points, but I want the coloring of the T8 10 person. It's not necessarily feasible for me to run Ulduar multiple times for the tokens.

Specifically, I want the Valorous Aegis Regalia for my human paladin, and not the Conqueror's.
For me I will be sprorting the Purple Recolor of the Judgment Set I have in the bank, with the Dark Edge of Insanity axe off c'thune.
I am building a few sets currently. What maddens me is that some of the pieces are quest rewards and there are no equivalents in the game that I can see (and I was thorough in the search). The thing is I've done all those quests and back in the day, who would have though I'd need the item in the future. So now...I have no way of obtaining them again. Blizz is usually good about providing alternatives for models but some of this rare stuff must have just slipped through the cracks. Any way we can submit itemIDs we're missing and have them added to the game in some form (I don't mind farming however long for the item, as long as I know it's possible for me to get it).
A Hide Shoulder option would be really nice, and would be the one additional feature I would love to see. I know you guys work hard at making new tiers and such, and for the most part I like them, but sometimes a look is enhanced quite nicely with them off. It also stops the clipping issue with some hair styles.

I would also like to see some exceptions with flavor items, such as Forever-Lovely Rose being allowed to be used as the source for any type of armor. Since we can already hide the head piece, I don't see how this would go against your vision of how this system would work. It would also be fun, say around the holidays to use one of the Winter Veil hats as well!
I know they said they would return the DK starter gear, but I wonder if that includes the weapons at the end. Greataxe of the Ebon Blade Greatsword of the Ebon Blade I loved my axe and I'm sure other DKs would love their sword.
Daxx, other CMs, WoW playerbase -

Part of the magic of World of Warcraft's incredible application of the fantasy genre is the sense of whimsy items like the Steelscale Crushfish, Dark Herring, Cookie's Tenderizer, etc. infuse into a game that is oftentimes taken far too seriously by a bulk of the playerbase. When first leveling, my initial sense that this game was meant to be enjoyable and not a pure grind (like previous MMOs I played for years prior) was the Rockhide Strongfish weapon I obtained at level 41. In the midst of being derided as a noob - a very literal statement at the time - I found solace in this clear sign from the game designers that I could just relax and beat trolls to death with a fish for fun and profit.

Even today, the "silly" (read: whimsical) items hold a great deal of nostalgia for me. It is very disappointing that an extremely subjective value judgment of the silly spectrum is eliminating the possibility of enjoying these amazing items on a practical level. Sure, there are always naked fish-slap BGs and duels, but this tends to annoy people as they are statistically worthless at level 85. Having not found my raiding feet until T4/5, fish weapons are my T1, and I would greatly appreciate you reconsidering their viability for transmogrifiction.

I feel that your fears of silly looks running amok are greatly overstated, and that the majority of players will prefer "cool" and "epic" looks rather than silliness, and that looks will rotate frequently as players hoard more and more gear skins. We are not going to see a World of Fishcraft or Flowercraft. This is just unproven fearmongering based on some abstract sense of respect to the design team (who also designed fish weapons).

Thank you for reading.
So I've been reading this and the previous threads and am a little upset that people are going to be limited on what they can and cannot use in terms of armor and weapons models. This is a forum where a good half the user names, sigs and such are puns, where people shout memes at every opportunity possible, where All Your Base is still laughed at, and you're afraid a Dwarf killing a dragon while wielding a fish and a rolling pin while wearing a dress and a sombrero is going to make the game unhinge? I mean it really is !@#$ like this that makes people say "Blizzard hates fun." You've built a fantasy world where Beavis and Butthead are quoted by quest givers, where Jersey Shore jokes are made, where Star Trek references are thrown out and you're afraid they players will think it's all gone to become too silly to play because someone wants their epic bow to look like a ratty shotgun so they can pretend to be a redneck biker goblin? Let people do what they want, hell, it might be enough to keep it so Paladin T2 and it's recolors aren't the only things we see in the coming months.
08/22/2011 06:40 PMPosted by Daxxarri
The current say so is as long as the gear's the right material (IE Mail,Cloth,Plate) and not Silly looking like the frying pan Weapon, you're fine.

Say it ain't so! I happen to love some of the "silly" graphics, like the off-hand that looks like a stick of dynamite, and the mace that looks like a rolling pin, or the dagger that looks like a fish. :P Why on earth would they exempt these items? Suddenly we all have to be totally cereal with our transmogrification?

The current say so is as long as the gear's the right material (IE Mail,Cloth,Plate) and not Silly looking like the frying pan Weapon, you're fine.

The gear also still has to have stats aside from armor on it. That means that there are a lot of white or grey items that might not be available initially when Transmogrification goes live.

As an aside, a lot of people have been asking about hiding shoulders, belts, etc. For now, it's looking pretty unlikely that we'll offer the option to hide anything aside from helm and cloak.

I really hope they reconsider, especially on the belts. There are just so many armor sets, especially tier sets that don't have many options for belt designs. And it is really frustrating to try and find a set that looks good together and then have nothing to cover your WWE belt up with.
Y'know, I was in support of the "silly" items ban, but now I'm not so sure... Mircean above said it quite eloquently. The vast playerbase will not likely instantly change into fish and sombrero raiding. In addition, the art team has indeed spent good time making these items that are fun, so why not let them in?

I do support the item type restriction though, as that would lend to exploits or preying on new players.
08/22/2011 07:14 PMPosted by Sheldorr
What I don't understand is why go through all the trouble of creating such a complex feature when it is so limiting. Blizzard may as well just add a new button to the character selection screen where you can cycle though each tier of armor and say "Here's the twelve sets of armor your class can wear. Choose one." I don't know about you guys but I don't want to wear any of the tiers of armor. I want to take my time mixing and matching all the armor pieces the artists of blizzard took their time making until I find a unique look I like on my character. Part of the replayability in an MMO is that your character looks unique compared to most if not all of the other players in the MMO. I don't want to join a random raid or battleground only to find that half of the Deathknights in it are wearing the same tier10 armor as me. Right now your use to seeing people wearing tiers 11 and 12. It probably wont even be a month before you get use to seeing people wears the 12 different tiers of armor and be you'll be bored with transmogrification.

There are far less restrictions than you're making it seem. No where did Blizzard say it has to be Tier armor.

People can't tank Ragnaros with a toilet brush while wearing a shower cap (in game, anyway) and all of a sudden the sky is falling and a curse on Blizzard's house for implementing this new feature with such tight restrictions!
For all the clothies that don't want to pick tier like everyone else - there are heaps of green options!

There are far less restrictions than you're making it seem. No where did Blizzard say it has to be Tier armor.

People can't tank Ragnaros with a toilet brush while wearing a shower cap (in game, anyway) and all of a sudden the sky is falling and a curse on Blizzard's house for implementing this new feature with such tight restrictions!

What does it matter to you if another player wants to chase Deathwing with a frying pan while wearing a wedding dress? How does this create a less fun experience for you? Why should their idea of fun be canceled out because you don't like the look of it?

All of the answers are reflective of your own issues, not other players. Period. I know that the art team thing is brought up to defend them not going to a similar feature earlier, but that only stays relevant if you don't realize that they burn through artists and seem to release them en masse at the end of the development cycle for each expansion.
I find it a little odd that vendor bought items are ineligible.

There are allot of interesting looking weapons and gear available through the store vendors in the cities. I never really understood why there were vendors in the first place as all the stuff has no stats. I do not really see anyone ever using these items. It would have made sense to me that all this stuff was put in game for the purpose of this feature. I could see vendors having items added over time with new looks just for this feature. But for now, all this stuff is ineligible and useless.
08/22/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Mainhand can only be applied to mainhand, and offhand can only be applied to offhand. This is partially due to the restrictions on certain types of weapon art.

I'm hoping we'll be able to apply any mainhand to any mainhand, etc., provided we have the proficiency to use the particular weapon type. Us pvp oriented warlocks, mages, and holy paladins have been left in the dark when it comes to pvp caster swords. Pvp resto and elemental shaman could also have an axe.
My question is: Will I be able to appear holding a two handed weapon, even though I'm holding a one hander and off hand?

I'd much rather have a staff that a tiny dagger that glows

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