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We've just added some new images to our Void Storage preview which show off the updated UI for Void Storage vaults, as well as the new bag search feature in action. Let us know what you think!


Also, just to clear up a few points of confusion:

  • Void Storage vaults will be per character, not per account. We're still very interested in providing a way for players to share BoA items cross-realm, but there are a number of technological milestones we need to reach before we can make that kind of service available.

  • The prices for unlocking a Void Storage vault, depositing items, and withdrawing items are still under discussion. The values shown in the blog screenshots should not be considered final.

  • You don't need to place an item in Void Storage in order to use it for Transmogrification. The systems are completely separate. They're designed to complement one another, but not require each other.

  • Most tabards will be eligible for Void Storage (excluding a few which cannot become soulbound to a character).

woot. more info
Good to know.
hot damn
Thanks a bunch Lyl!! <3
Oooo... bag search.

I guess I should read blogs more often.
08/19/2011 05:55 PMPosted by Scythe
woot. more info

If you have any other questions, speak up! While many of the details surrounding Void Storage and the bag search system are still under development, we'll be happy to try and provide you with as much information as we can. (And pass on your feedback to our developers, too!)
will there be an achievement "I got sucked into the Void" upon buying said Void Storage?
08/19/2011 06:03 PMPosted by Columbine
will there be an achievement "I got sucked into the Void" upon buying said Void Storage?

Good question! I'll see what I can find out. :)
I love all the new information that's coming out about 4.3, but it does bum me out that we probably won't see the patch for months :(
does the deposit for each item change based off the kind of item it is? weapon, tabard and so on?
How many slots of void storage will be available?
I love the fact you're putting in the ability to search your bags and bank. One feature though that Bagnon has that I know people would enjoy would be able to search all their OTHER characters at the same time. Aka being able to see how many say "Volatile Fire" you have total, not just one the character you're on. Now this doesn't need to be cross-realm or faction but at least same server, same faction would be nice. If that was added then I think Bagnon would become obsolete, which seems to be the point here.
what is the capacity, in terms of amount of items, of the void storage?

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