Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered!

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Now, why would you do any of those intentionally instead of wearing standard armor?

Because this is a game, at the end of it all.
I stand by my so called 'trolling' post. If you want to play titillating/BGA/T&A character then you are a creeper and have serious behavioral issues if you are aroused by pixels.

11/19/2012 09:37 PMPosted by Dracov
There is nothing wrong with the female or male form, or even erotica for that matter.

These two statements seem to be at odds with one another....

If it is 'wrong' in some fashion to be aroused by pixels, that 'wrongness' would seem to stem from the idea that it is wrong to be aroused (in a puritanical fashion), rather than the idea that the pixels (rather than, say, a photograph) are the problem.

Which is it? You don't seem to arguing from a puritanical point of view, since you don't mind erotica. But if you aren't, then it seems you are left with defining what makes pixels different from photography.

Clarify, please, if you aren't just trolling like the people demanding to know your gender or calling you fat and ugly. You make intelligent sounding posts, but they are preceded by pure trolling posts, calling people "fat IRL" and "mouth breathers". This confuses me. Unless you are an intelligent person who likes trolling...?

EDIT: Perhaps you are complaining that platekinis are unrealistic? That may be true, but you don't seem to be arguing that. You seem to be arguing that platekinins are 'stripperific' (which is one way of putting it), while in the same breath condoning other, more intense, forms of erotica. Which is it?
A "Heroine"? Hardly.
>Playing a medium weighted probable redheaded intelligent, if a bit loud, woman distributing hugs in fully covering armor.
>Playing an anthropomorphic whorrior who has breasts because wizards slaughtering people in barely there armor
>Playing a disturbingly sexualized goat slaughtering people in barely there armor
>Playing a disturbingly sexualized amazon Elf slaughtering people in barely there armor
>Playing a cute midget slaughtering people in barely there but armor (I can't deny that Gnomes are badass)
>Playing a fat midget that I'm sure many women claims looks like a real women CRUSHING SKULLS in barely there armor
>Playing an overly sexualized human male slaughtering people in barely there armor
>Playing a rotting corpse in disturbingly sexualized armor. Which is the best and sexiest option by far.

Now, why would you do any of those intentionally instead of wearing standard armor?

Fixed it to work with my tastes
You still haven't answered my fricking question.

How did this thread turn into a discussion on getting aroused from pixels? Someone post some new transmog gear already! I want that glorious breastplate for my draenei female character but i bet there's an easier way to get it that i don't know of. What leggings go well with the robes of the guardian saint?
First off, I'm a woman. While some mod armor annoys me (like a fair bit of the stuff found in Skyrim), at the same time I have nothing against gear that looks good. I'm not into the platekini myself, just because they look dreadfully uncomfortable, but there are other skimpy designs in this game that I do like. Why do I like them? Mostly because they are pretty. I like pretty things. Ugly armor is ugly and I just don't care to wear it.

It's just like in real life. Sometimes I wear skimpy clothes. Why? Because I like how it looks. It's my body, and I'll dress it how I please. Same with my toon. I'm paying for her, she's mine, and I'll dress her however I wish to. There's nothing wrong with a human body, real or pixled. It's so silly to me to see people get offended by it.

Another thing about skimpy armor is that to me, there's something empowering about it. A woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and able to show a little skin is not something I find offensive. Unless you're in plate or mail, I really see no reason for you to be completely covered up. In fact as an agility class it makes more sense to wear less. Look at ancient Celts--they originally fought practically nude as it gave them an advantage over a warrior decked out in heavy, movement impairing armor.
The 'wrongness' of being aroused by pixels stems from the fact they are artificial constructs. Even the best art still pales in comparison to the real thing and there are some absolutely stunning artists out there who can practically create life upon canvas.

So, is all artistic erotica "wrong", as well? Pen and ink condemned along with pixels? Only the real thing will do?

11/19/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Dracov
My primary issue with player's obsession with in game erotica (as an avid PC TES player for ten years I have witnessed many disturbing mods released) is that it is inherently connected with an inability to recieve sexual gratification in real life.

How is this any different from normal, non-game erotica? Those who are receiving such gratification in real life don't need erotica, those who are not receiving such gratification do need erotica (or, many of them do, if not all), precisely because they are not receiving it! Why should an in-game bikini model be treated any differently than a pin-up of a real live person, which you seem to endorse wholeheartedly?

11/19/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Dracov
In the case of WoW the issue becomes that other players are forced to see it.

Forced to see it? It's a bikini. It's not some full-nude mod.

11/19/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Dracov
Lest you forget (or perhaps you were not around at the time) there was a significant backlash on the forums against skimpy armor and I think it was one of the driving forces behind the distinct lack of anything more extensive then midriff baring/cleavage windows on post Vanilla gear.

I was not on the forums back then, but I'll take your word for it. :)

11/19/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Dracov
I simply raise and lower the level of discourse based on the quality of the response.

This is simply untrue. The lvl 10 Pandaren a few pages ago provided you with answers that were calm, measured, and sober, even if they did not address your questions. And instead of replying in the same manner, your responses were rude, biting, and personally insulting. That was quite uncalled for, and he handled you very well, by taking a calm exit.

There is nothing wrong with trolling back a troll, but taking a random poster who has not insulted you and biting back simply because he has not responded to the question you asked is not "keeping the level of dialogue constant".
You keep using words like sexualized, stimulated, erotic and the like. I expect we have two completely different views on the subject, as I see none of that.

I don't wear skimpy armor to be ...stimulated. I wear it because that is my vision of badassery. My characters don't need to garb themselves in the equivalent of an entire smithy. They can take down whatever foe is before them, while wearing a bikini. It's the ultimate insult to whomever's face I am punching at the time. Their armor does nothing to protect them while I am all protected largely by my strength and abilities.

You knocked Vallejo and the fantasy tropes as titillating fan service before. I disagree. It is visually appealing, I will give you that. Same with the armors here. But it doesn't have the same sort of appeal to me that you keep referring to, I appreciate it as a piece of art.

Everything I grew up with; Conan, He-Man, Thundercats and the like, they all were mostly naked. I never looked at them with any desire, then or now, just awe at their badassery!

I respect that your opinion is quite polar opposite of mine, I just hope that I have explained what I see appealing about this style a little more clearly. :)

Yes. I have to question why someone would put forth great effort into creating erotica. It is illogical. You have access to real thing or images/video of the real thing. Why do you require an artificial construct to fulfill your desires?

And now, the level 10 Pandaren did not make a single worthwhile post. I have feeling that individual may have been ESL or has poor reading comprehension. S/he was not worth the effort.

Images and videos, even of the real thing, are just pixels. I won't claim to know the full extent of your argument, but I thought I'd leave that here.

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