Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered!

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Great compilation. I'm not sure if the item exists in the game anymore (if it did it would drop in zul'farrak off of the basilisk boss), but Vice Grips of the _______ have the exact same model as Tyrant's Gauntlets. You can see it on my xmog.

Edit: Also I just wanted to point out that Carapace of Tuten'kash is not exactly like Tyrant's Chestpiece because you don't have sleeves with the Carapace. So it actually looks like a bikini top if you want to be really particular.
As i said before, best leggings that go with the robe of the guardian saints?

btw i personally think the Clutch of andros belt and the necropile cuffs go best with the black mageweave outfit.
11/19/2012 11:26 PMPosted by Bridimius
As i said before, best leggings that go with the robe of the guardian saints?

You could go with either something like Ancestral Woollies from the loincloth family, which would show a slight bit of fringe at the waist, or you could go with a Mageweave skin Wanderer's Stitched Trousers, which would have a bit of a gold bar near the knee. Nothing that is entirely invisible under those robes, but those are the two best options. :)
11/19/2012 11:05 PMPosted by Dracov
My response are in bold.

While I think I might have gotten to the heart of the matter of what you are asking, and I would rather continue, I am afraid that this conversation is toeing the limits of what is acceptable on a T-rated site. Lull herself does not agree with us, and I think we have de-railed Lull's thread enough.

I have given you some logical reasons as to why some people might prefer the use of a pixel construct over the use of live actors, primarily moral dislike of objectifying fellow human beings and supporting a corrupt industry that takes advantage of the downtrodden and desperate, among others. Some of these you have admitted are reasonable, although with some provisos (perhaps a few of them correct). Either one of these reasons is reason enough to make use of a pixellated avatar without being classified as a deranged person with issues. I believe that I have answered your primary objection.

If you wish to continue this conversation/debate, you can send me an in-game mail on Moonbeamz-Mal'Ganis, Alliance side, and I will be happy to reply. However I feel that a forum mod stumbling along this conversation would be in a bit of a predicament, and I have no desire to put the forum mods in an awkward position. Many adults browse these forums, but so do many younger children, and Blizzard does have its standards.

I advise you to stop posting (or at least revise the direction of your conversation to something else!) as well, and perhaps continue the original conversation in a different medium.

I do not wish to see Lull's thread get deleted or earn a forum vacation for myself, and I do not think that you do either.

For these reasons I advise you to discontinue this particular conversation in this thread, on these forums. I have probably carried this conversation a little too far for the rating, even while keeping the wording oblique. I simply wanted to respond to the question I understood you to be asking.

If I hear from you in-game, then I hope the conversation/debate continues to be fruitful. If not, then by all means enjoy your adventures in Azeroth, and on the forums, and have a pleasant evening. :)

That goes for all of you too. :)

I am logging off for the night.

Happy hunting!
As for the why? In my case, it's simple-- and oddly sentimental.

When I was a kid, my dad had tons of cheap paperback fantasy novels. Yes, the kind mostly about Conan the Brainless Thing with the required Insanely Pretty Girl In Armor That Serves No Possible Realistic Purpose. And I loved those books and covers. As far as I was concerned, the chainmail bikini was the coolest thing ever created by the mind of underpaid artists for Ace paperbacks. (Often two, since a lot were doubles-- two novelettes printed back to back, upside down in relation to each other, with a cover on both sides.)

Many years later, along came WoW. Then came Transmogfrication. And I had fallen in love with the Worgen.

When offered the opportunity to take three long staples of my life in one package-- Wolves, Fantasy, AND improbable armor-- well, I leapt at it.

Why do I play this character? Why do I dress this way?

Because I CAN.

Oh, and damn if I don't look pretty darn good while doing so.
Hey lull, got another question for you, obviously glorious plate is the skimpiest plate chestpiece, but what are the ABSOLUTE skimpiest plate pieces for a skimpy outfit? Obviously I know (thanks to you) about the invisible boots for Worgen, and the DK belt that's invisible, but what are the skimpiest gloves and bracers? Gloves on worgen sometimes rip open, and bracers usually hide in gloves but this isn't always true.
My look is perfect, all things considered.

This thread is humongous... in length and in what I am looking for. But with 82 pages of posts/comments, I cringe at looking for my answer, which may already be here... and cringe at the thought of repeating what is already here... and still I type on...

Your initial posts provide for Chest and legs which would be what makes a bikini ;-) I was wondering if you could suggest (or already have) the smallest pieces of gear for the rest of the set (especially shoulders and waist, but also boots, gloves... everything). At the moment, I am most interested in Plate, but I expect I will go for Leather next and others soon enough ;-)

If you (or someone else you know of) has already covered this (or un-covered it as you so aptly put), please feel free to direct me there (or give me a hint on where to look or how to find it).

Thank you again for this topic,
May I suggest the Knightbane Carapace for Alliance leather wearers? Reason enough all by itself to roll a female Draenei monk.
Phaaze, Gyrewing, for the skimpiest Plate accessory pieces:

For Gloves, there really isn't much. Every single one goes to the elbow. =/
There are a few like Bogslayer Gauntlets, Talonguard Gloves and Overlord's Gauntlets that are shorter on the inner arm, but still extend to the elbow on the outer. Or ones such as Gauntlets of Blurring Fingers, Backusarian Gauntlets, Gloves of the Overwhelming Swarm and the like which leave the hands/fingers exposed.

Bracers, generally hidden by the gloves, but there are quite a few slim options. The Glorious Bindings style is a thin band that sits near the elbow. Bracers of Cooled Anger is one that would sit right at the wrist. One like Bubble-Breaker Bracers rests at mid-arm.

For Boots, one would journey back to ICC for Boots of the Funeral March, Boots of the Funeral March or Ancient Skeletal Boots which cover the feet only and are completely invisible on Draenei, Tauren, Worgen and Trolls.

Belts, we have the fabulous and exclusive to DKs invisible Acherus Knight's Girdle. Belt of the Fallen Emperor and Royal Qiraji Belt from AQ. (I use those a lot!) The Judgement belt for Paladins, and the purple recolor of Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. Girdle of the Immovable is a cute little green/gold one.

And Shoulders, the lower level items are your best bet for small. The tiniest of them all is Grimscale Pauldrons, with runner-ups of Overlord's Spaulders, Shattered Hand Epaulets and Bloodfist Epaulets.
For Boots, one would journey back to ICC for Boots of the Funeral March, Boots of the Funeral March or Ancient Skeletal Boots which cover the feet only and are completely invisible on Draenei, Tauren, Worgen and Trolls.

I took my gear off and looked at the invisible boots, Ancient Skeletal Boots actually leave a VERY faint band around the ankle on Worgen, however Foreshadow Steps which you linked me before do not and are truly invisible. Granted it's only noticeable if one is looking closely and comparing side by side but it bears mentioning for those who are sticklers like me (now if only Halion would actually drop his boots).
You sure know your xmogs.
Bikinis don't work too well on female pandaren...their standard underwear overrides the leg gear :/
Lull do you have any suggestions for my locky? I'm always looking for new skimpy cloth sets, For me I like to mix and match gear with Tier gear.

As Ive done here<

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