Sacred recruiting healers for our 25 man

Sacred of Baelgun is a 25 man raiding guild currently recruiting all healer classes. Holy priest in high demand.

Raid times are Tues., Thurs., and Sun. 6:45 to 9 pacific time.
Current Progress is 5 of 7 normal in 25's and 6 of 7 in 10's

If you have any questions contact Evony in game or fill out an application at our website

You can also reach me at my real ID
Still looking for 1 healer - holy priest, disc priest, or resto shaman. Any other exceptional raider please apply as well!
Now 5 of 7 on 25 man and 6 of 7 in 10's still looking for a geared holy, disc priest, resto shammy, and an exceptional warrior dps
i blame evony for not securing the keys to the healers shackles properly... oh....and stale cake.


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