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Trolls need their model updated the most. Especially since Blizzard (and other art) shows trolls as muscular, agile, and straight. Essentially there displayed as those jungle berserk trolls that look awesome.

However, their current model is exactly the opposite. They are slouched, hunched over, super scrawny and skinny, and just look pathetic.

I dream to see the day Blizzard updates the troll models to look like they are suppose to look in all the artwork.
All male species in Azeroth suffer from back problems, you should know that by now.

Except Thrall.

humans don't

actually neither do gnomes, dwarves, either of the elf races or goblins. it would seem that only the brutish type races have that problem.
I somewhat wonder why you would go to the character creation screen, see something that doesn't look good to you, choose it anyway, and hope for a change down the line? That is absurd..

The appearance of each race is fine.

Complaining about and orc slouching? Really? They are known for being hunched over somewhat like Ogres. To change that would make me never want to play my Orc again. They would end up looking like humans with green skin and a few extra visable teeth..and if that is what you want why not roll a human?

A few posts up someone was complaining about Trolls and their appearance? Well I guess opinions are opinions, but I think the trolls in game are exactly the way I imagine them. To change them into the berserker steroid trolls you see in ZA/ZG would make me never want to play my Troll characters again.

Each class has their own flavor. That is what compelled me to make the toons in the first place. Changing anything other then a few Polygons and some new hair options is going to completely ruin the race for me.

There are a few races that don't slouch. The Tauren and Blood elves don't slouch.
in the next expansion or even the next patch if it can happen make orcs and troll males have straighter backs... because whenever i look at my troll and he does the random kneel on the ground stand up straighten his back this i always like it when he has proper posture even for that 2 seconds.
the problem is when you have to choose between orc tauren troll undead and blood elf the only one that has posture is the blood elf and WE Taurens hate them
I've done work in game design and to update player models would be a pain in the bum, but you wouldn't need to re-create all the animations ect. Blizzard has already shown us that you can change an entire model and still use the same skeleton, for example: King Varian Wrynn, Garrosh, and Sylvanas. Varian uses a human skeleton, Garrosh uses an orc skeleton and Sylvanas uses a blood elf skeleton.

So they have proven that you can update the model without having to re-do the animations. Also upgrading the texture size is something that simply must be done, all vanilla races have very blocky looking hair this is because the texture size of the hair is so small. *its like 56x56 or 128x128 or something* So being that small theres simply not enough room in a 56x56 or 128x128 pallet to have the hair looking smooth or anything.

Blocky hair needs to be fixed, player models can be upgraded though in small ways. Human males dont really even have hands, their fingers only have 2 joints and are pretty much boxes connected to other boxes. Do some small upgrades blizzard, give hands a bit more polys to actually look like hands, fix vanilla races blinking *its just a 2d plane that hides inside the head and pops out for 1 frame to simulate blinking* Theres so many little things that you guys could do to make our characters look more up to date.
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the problem is when you have to choose between orc tauren troll undead and blood elf the only one that has posture is the blood elf and WE Taurens hate them

Unique classes are unique.. Horde tend to be monster-like in appearance.. I doubt they care how upright they stand as long as they are slaughtering something. Change appearance/posture too much and it won't feel the same anymore.

If you want the upright appearance why not just choose from the non-slouching available races? I think every alliance race is upright and blood elves/taurens are as well.

We often see people request for model updates. This is something we'd definitely like to do at some point in time, but time is a very limited commodity for our art team. We also have to be very careful about what it means to "update" a model. We've made changes in the past to various characters and had some people be a bit upset that it was changed on them as they had made very specific choices about the look of their character. We try to be as sensitive as possible about these types of things.

I can't give you more information than that, but the idea isn't far from our minds. We just have a lot of things we still want to on multiple levels that we hope enhance the experience of the game for everyone.

Neth, just wanted to suggest (while you're still reading this topic): one way to go about this is preserve the existing models exactly as is and also make new models for each race/gender combo. Then have a checkbox in Options: 1 = use original model and 2 = use new model.

I actually really like the above idea. It would be great for all races to have different stances, walks, casting movements, etc... that you could choose from to further customize your characters.


Im to the point i would rather updated race models than a new xpac.


I really want a better quality artwork for all the old races, I'm TIRED of seeing nothing but belfs. Between the utility of an AOE silence that steals mana and the better looking and small characters, most raiders and a huge chunk of pvpers play BELFs.

I'd specifically like to see:

Undead (best animations ingame, imo) - Armor not pierced by bones (Knees, toes, elbows, hips, spine... seriously, do I buy tabards and take scissors to them immediately? At least give us a checkbox to have this turned on/off.) More hair options.

Tauren - Better hair (head and body), better faces (check Taunka for ideas!), updated hands (please!).

Trolls - Males need the option for upright posture. Females need the option to crouch. Even if these were just idling options, it'd be nice.

Orc - Females really need some better faces. Males need the ability to stand upright now. They haven't been slaves in ages, after all.

All races -
Some marginal resizing options for all races so there are variances in musculature, fitness and height within a set spectrum of the given race (so the tallest gnome will never be taller than the shortest tauren).

All that said, I don't expect to see changes. Of course, I was one of those players hoping that druids would get regional tree forms with Cata and instead druids had treeform virtually taken away and when druids are in treeform, it's a horror show.
all the more reason i want to get into digipen, (cookies for whoever knows what i am talking about )
I think Forsaken (though I don't have any toons of them) needs the biggest overhaul, I mean they have triangle fingers and toes, and I can't see the perfect triangle rips in the elbow and knee area to be that flattering either (not saying to get rid of the rips, just the weird symmetric look). Next up would be the Human and Night Elf Males, which is pretty much why I can't play Alliance. I'm not into Dwarves on an RP level, bobble heads don't appeal to me either, and the Male Drenaei have their own thread altogether.

So honestly I think the Alliance needs some better looking male models, for Horde, maybe my hair could less like anime. Every time I travel through Silvermoon I swear I can hear "One Winged Angel" playing.
Neth, just wanted to suggest (while you're still reading this topic): one way to go about this is preserve the existing models exactly as is and also make new models for each race/gender combo. Then have a checkbox in Options: 1 = use original model and 2 = use new model.

Couldn't agree more, that is an extremely good idea. Keep the old models and the new ones, for those hardcore rp'ers that like the old way better, as well as those who would rather have a completely badass looking orc. I mean, orcs are supposed to be badass right? I mean there orcs for god sake! haha
I still have several dwarf characters whose eyes are still blue when I know I never chose it and I definitely didnt ask for it...

you still there? you lose your keyboard or something? you been silent for a while now- maybe you should make a comment or two- you know, let us know you blizzard guys are still paying attention.

just to recap: there are 15 pages here for you to read saying that generally speaking players want a model update- the 8 origional (i know- spelling...) models are too blocky and ORCS NEED to be straight-backed (you get that noted yet?) and it sounds like this is more of a priority than your 'steak' your working on for us.

i dont want to sound mean... but... public has spoken, make your notes and crack the whips. y'all got to work for your money again.

As I said previously, we're aware. Just remember, being aware neither means that we don't want to do it, nor does it mean it's a sure thing. It just means we know. We agree (as I mentioned before) that it would be great to do. We just need to figure out how and when we can do it.

Believe me... I know exactly where my keyboard is. I've worn half the letters off of the keys. Thank goodness I can touch type.
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