[H] Proof of Demise - LF Core Raiders

Proof of Demise is an active horde PvE guild. Run by a GM and a group of experienced officers, we are mainly focused on raiding. Currently we're recruiting to fill several core spots on our 10 man raid progression team. Priority will be given to:

  • prot warrior

  • resto shaman

  • holy pally

  • rogue

  • enh shaman

However, we're interested in hearing from all classes and specs at the present time, so please visit proofofdemise.guildlaunch.com if you're interested in joining us.

Our raid times are:

Tues - Thurs, 7:00 - 11:00 PST

Currently we don't use a formal loot system; please talk to one of the officers of the guild for more information on loot rolling and priorities. As we add to our numbers we'll likely be adding a DKP system.

We're committed to progressing consistently through Cataclysm and most importantly, to having fun while doing it.

let me kno what u think my real id is posted in there i am also currently in game
Proof of demise broke up more then a month ago I believe... There's 5 member's still in there guild :)

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