Transmorphing and you!

Emerald Dream
ED'ers I know you guys have some crazy outfits your going to put together.
Lets see em!!

Ill prolly roll with full deathmantle, I just cant get over that awesome "Punisher" looking helm!
LOL!!! I have a "Window licker" helmet too!!! I might just wear that!
08/26/2011 11:59 AMPosted by Knivz
So many epic outfits I have collected but my dalaran Mage set shall be my first. ^_^

Its a very EPIC outfit!!
What I am wearing atm (Corruptor) is going to be my 4.3 armor.
Thats the best lock set IMO
<- This
<- This
<- This
08/26/2011 12:36 PMPosted by Shadoth
Thats the best lock set IMO

Close, but this version is better.
On my priest i'll either have my champions set, or the s2 set, with a simple voodoo mask, and maybe a collage of our little island friends.

We calls it ah pigmy up bouquet.
And my shaman will be wearing something akin to this, allthough i'll have to find a mail shirt that's not too offensive to the outfit, or just continue to go shirtless at 85
And I kinda like the way this looks on my warrior, I might go for the heroes naxx pve crap though, y'know the stuff with the skulls on the shoulder?
full t10 sanctified

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