~ Beast Mastery PvE Guide (4.3) ~

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~ Beast Mastery PvE Guide (4.3) ~

I Introduction
• Introduction and credits • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#2

II Beast Mastery Talents
• Tier 1-2 • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#3
• Tier 3-5 • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#4
• Tier 6-7 • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#5
• Marksmanship & Survival Talents • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#6

III Glyphs
• Prime glyphs • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#7
• Major and Minor glyphs • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#8

IV Pet Talents
• Ferocity Talents • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#9
• Cunning Talents • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#10

V Stats
• Stat Values • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#11
• Haste Plateaus • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#12
• Enchants & Gems (explained) • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#14
• Enchants & Gems • BiS List • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#15
• Reforging • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#16

VI Abilities
• Shot Cycles, Priorities, & Cooldowns • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#13

VII Pet Family Abilities
• Exotics (Ferocity & Cunning) • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#17
• Exotics continued (Tenacity) • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851?page=1#18

VIII Miscellaneous Extras
• Macros, FAQ, and Links • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851#19

IX Feedback
• Feedback • http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3082030851#20
Beast Mastery PvE Guide (4.3)


At the time of this writing, there is no Beast Mastery Guide on the forum. While Beast Mastery might not be considered the best choice for raiding, it doesn't change the fact that there's still plenty of hunters that want to use a Beast Mastery spec anyway. Lately I've noticed a bit more people asking questions about BM spec, talents, glyphs, pets, and so on. There's plenty of regular posters (myself included) that try to help answer those questions whenever they can. But that's not always enough.

One thing I see a lot is posters simply redirecting these players to WHU, Elitist Jerks, or some other well known site. The problem with this though is sometimes these players just want a quick answer for something specific. In some (many) cases, that information can be found in the stickies about the other two specs. But other times it cannot.

Another problem I found (and this is a big part of what prompted me to write this) is that some of those sites don't appear to be updated as much (if at all). Other times the information can be questionable, too opinion based, or just plain glossed over with the assumption the reader has been playing a hunter since vanilla and already knows the information they're omitting. Don't read this wrong, I'm not at all saying you can't (or shouldn't) go to those sites for information. I'm simply saying there's a few potholes when going that route. My goal with this is to fill those holes to help make it a smoother ride for other Beast Mastery Hunters out there.

Up front I would like to point out that this is not a discussion thread on the merits of Beast Mastery and how it compares to the other specs. This is a GUIDE for those who wish to play as a Beast Mastery hunter. This is a PvE Beast Mastery guide focused primarily on helping the reader choose his/her talents, glyphs, and pet talents and to understand how the spec works. The information in this guide is a compilation of my own personal experience of the class and spec as well as information pooled from various websites (and their associated forums) devoted to the class. Most notably, those sites include:


Finally, I will add that if you do find this guide helpful (and would like it to help others as well) then be sure to click the Like/thumbs up and/or Request Sticky button(s). It would probably help to raise the rating by hitting the like button on more than just the opening post as well. So with that out of the way, let's get to it.

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When patch 4.0 went live, it changed the talent builds of every class in the game. One major change was the removal of a lot of unnecessary filler talents. Another change is the fact that now you have to spend at least 31 points in your main talent tree before you're allowed to branch off into the other two. Consequently, choosing talents is a lot more straight forward now. For this reason, most of the talents don't really require much explanation. That being the case, for the most part, only the optional talents will have a longer description. That description will explain why it's optional and when you would want to put points into it.

As you read what each talent is for, be sure to pay close attention to what the good uses are of the optional talents; if you follow the recommendations given in this guide (and only grab those talents marked as required) you will find that you have 2 talent points remaining that must be spent in order to continue down the talent tree. Your own personal playstyle and what you intend to do with your hunter should dictate which filler talents will serve you best.

• Beast Mastery Talent Tree •

Tier 1

    • Improved Kill Command • 2/2 Required •
    Since Kill Command is your big damage ability, increasing its critical strike chance by [5%/10%] makes this talent a must have.

    • One with Nature • 3/3 Required •
    Increases your attack power by [10%/20%/30%] while in Aspect of the Hawk and increases the amount of focus restored by Aspect of the Fox by [1/2/3]. Obviously, this is a must have talent. But in the early levels, this is also the first talent in this tier you should try to max out while leveling.

    • Bestial Discipline • 3/3 Required •
    Since Beast Mastery is the pet spec, increasing the focus regeneration of your pet by [10%/20%/30%] is another must have talent.

Tier 2

    • Pathfinding • Optional •
    Of all the filler talents in the BM tree, this is probably the least useful. The [5%/10%] mount bonus doesn't stack with other similar effects. This includes the guild perk. However, the [4%/8%] speed increase of Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack can be useful in situations where mounting up isn't an option. The most common being PvP settings and questing. Overall though, it's quite a lackluster talent. Putting points elsewhere is usually a better option.

    • Spirit Bond • Optional •
    While your pet is active, you and your pet will regenerate [1%/2%] of their total health. While this is definitely nice, the bigger benefit from this talent is the [5%/10%] increased healing done to you and your pet. This is probably one of the more popular places to put 1 or 2 of your filler points. Basing the decision to take this talent on the average skill level of the healers you expect to be grouped with is probably the best recommendation.

    • Frenzy • 3/3 Required •
    Your pet gains [2%/4%/6%] attack speed with each basic attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. Obviously, faster attack speed means more pet damage. But faster pet attack speed also translates to a higher chance (and amount) of Invigoration procs.
    It's also a prerequisite (of 3/3) for getting Focus Fire.

    • Improved Mend Pet • Optional • 0/2 - 1/2 Recommended •
    It should be obvious as to why this is an optional talent. Your own needs should dictate whether you take this talent or not. If you plan to do a lot of soloing and/or questing, the [25%/50%] chance to cleanse 1 curse, disease, magic or poison effect from your pet might be more useful for you. That said, since each tick of the heal gives it a chance to proc, if you're going to take it at all, one point is usually all that's really necessary. More often than not, it's going to cleanse. So rather than putting a second point in this talent, it would be much more beneficial to put that filler point elsewhere.
    Beast Mastery Talents Continued.

Tier 3

    • Cobra Strikes • 3/3 Required •
    Gives a [5%/10%/15%] chance for your Arcane Shots to cause your pet's next 2 basic attacks to critically hit. The synergistic effect this talent has with invigoration is a key component of how BM works the way it does. It's also a bigger part of why critical strike rating is so important (more on this later). Suffice it to say, this talent is very much required for higher dps.

    • Fervor • 1/1 Required •
    This gives the ability to restore 50 focus to both you and your pet. Even with a 2 minute cooldown, this talent very much contributes to BM's ability to deliver high, on demand burst damage. Often times, its best use is just before or just after using Bestial Wrath (depending on the situation). It's also a prerequisite for getting Bestial Wrath.

    • Focus Fire • 1/1 Required •
    This consumes your pet's frenzy to restore 4 focus to your pet and will temporarily increase your own haste rating by 3% for each Frenzy stack consumed. Yes, that means it lowers your pet's damage (til it regains its stacks). But the bonus to your haste is more valuable and the pet will build it's frenzy stacks back up rather quickly while you're still benefitting from the haste. It has a 20 second duration and a 15 second cooldown. After the initial use, if you're playing properly, you can pretty much keep the haste buff up indefinitely. However, there will be times when you shouldn't consume your pet's frenzy. During Bestial Wrath is the most noteworthy instance. The reason for this is because your pet gets more of a damage bonus from Bestial Wrath than you do from The Beast Within. Your pet's increased attack speed is more beneficial than your haste boost during Bestial Wrath.

Tier 4

    • Longevity • 3/3 Required •
    Reduces the cooldown on Bestial Wrath and pet special abilities by [10%/20%/30%].
    This is another no-brainer talent to have.

    • Killing Streak • 2/2 Required •
    When you score two Kill Command critical hits in a row, it increases the damage of your third Kill Command by [10%/20%] and reduces its focus cost by [5/10] points. As said before, Kill Command is BM's high damage ability. That makes this talent yet another must have.

Tier 5

    • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera • Optional •
    This reduces the cooldown of your Disengage by [2/4] seconds when you're hit by a melee attack and reduces the cooldown of your Deterrence by [4/8] seconds when you're hit by a ranged attack. Both of these effects have a 2 second cooldown. Outside of that 2 second cooldown, the Disengage and Deterrence cooldown reductions will stack with each hit. Because of this, a second point in this talent doesn't give quite as much of a benefit as the first point does over not having the talent at all. While it can have some use in PvE, this is definitely more of a PvP talent. What you plan to do with your hunter should decide how many points to put in this talent (if taken at all).

    • Bestial Wrath • 1/1 Required •
    This is one of Beast Mastery's most defining talents. When activated, your pet goes into a rage for 10 seconds. While enraged, your pet does 20% more damage and is immune to CC. Most of the time this talent will be used for its damage bonus. But there will be times to use it for breaking CC as well. It has a 2 minute cooldown. But that cooldown will be dramatically reduced with the Longevity talent and a glyph. It's also a prerequisite for The Beast Within.

    • Ferocious Inspiration • 1/1 Required •
    A flat 3% damage increase for all party and raid members within 100 yards of your pet. The buff this talent provides is identical to Arcane Tactics (arcane mage talent) and Communion (retribution paladin talent). None of these 3 talents will stack on top of each other. But if there is no arcane mage or retribution paladin in the group, this talent can give a BM hunter a little more value.
    Beast Mastery Talents Continued.

Tier 6

    • Kindred Spirits • Optional • 2/2 Recommended •
    A lot of players might say this talent is mandatory. But technically, it is in fact an optional talent. But of all the filler talents, by increasing your maximum focus by [5/10] points, this is the only one in the BM tree that has any effect on your DPS. For this reason, [2/2] is recommended for any PvE spec designed specifically for higher damage. However, if you're wanting some unorthodox talent build that requires more than the usual amount of points in the other optional talents, this would be one place you could take the points from if needed.

    • The Beast Within • 1/1 Required •
    This talent gives you a 10% damage increase with a 50% reduction to the focus cost of all your abilities when Bestial Wrath is activated. Likewise, it shares its 10 second duration as well as its cooldown. One major difference is the effect it has on CC. The Beast Within will break any CC effect that is on the hunter. However, it will not give the same immunity to CC the pet gets from Bestial Wrath. Regardless, it's still a required talent. It's best to make sure your focus is full before activating this ability. As mentioned before, fervor can come in handy here.

    • Invigoration • 2/2 Required •
    This talent gives you 3 focus everytime your pet scores a critical hit with a basic attack. As mentioned before, the synergistic effect this talent has with Cobra Strikes is a key component of how BM works the way it does. The higher your critical strike rating is, the more focus you're going to get from this. Since Kill Command has a fixed cooldown, any excess focus you have will go towards more Arcane Shots. More Arcane Shots translates to more Cobra Strikes. Obviously, this is a very important talent for a high DPS BM build.

Tier 7

    • Beast Mastery • 1/1 Required •
    This is another defining talent of the Beast Mastery tree. You need this talent in order to tame (and use) exotic pets. The key word there is use. While the tooltip doesn't clearly say it, this talent must be active in order to use an exotic pet. In other words, no you cannot use this talent just to tame an exotic beast and then use said beast in a MM or SV build. This talent will give the four extra pet skill points regardless of your pet being exotic or not. That said, you're usually better off using an exotic pet when given the choice. But that will be covered in the pet section.

Once you have that final 31 point talent in the BM tree, you're ready to branch into talents from the other 2 trees. For the highest possible DPS from a BM build, you're better off stopping at 31 points in the BM tree so you can use all 10 of your remaining talent points in the other trees. That will be covered in the next section.
    Talents Continued (Marksmanship & Survival)

For the most part, the talent recommendations given here will be focused on giving the highest possible DPS from a straight PvE BM build. However, the possible uses of the other talents will be addressed as well.

• Marksmanship Talent Tree •

Tier 1

    • Go for the Throat • 2/2 Recommended •
    Your pet generates [5/10] focus when your ranged auto-shots critically hit. This talent is also a prerequisite for getting Sic 'Em!

    • Efficiency • 3/3 Recommended •
    Reduces the focus cost of your Arcane Shot by [1/2/3]. While not that great of a talent on its own, 5 points are needed in this tier if you want to access any talents in the second tier. This talent is a better choice than Rapid Killing.

    • Rapid Killing • NOT Recommended •
    After killing an opponent that yields experience or honor, your next Steady or Cobra Shot causes [10%/20%] additional damage. Lasts 20 seconds. The only possible use of this talent is when killing multiple mobs in succession. It might be useful in BGs as well, but it would have less value in Arena. In a PvE group setting, this is only useful for killing trash mobs. This talent has little to no value at all on boss mobs. This talent has additional benefit for a MM hunter. But for a PvE BM build it's just not worth taking.

Tier 2

    • Sic 'Em! • 2/2 Recommended •
    When you critically hit with Arcane Shot, the focus cost of your pet's next basic attack is reduced by [50%/100%] for 12 seconds. It should be obvious why this talent is recommended.

    • Improved Steady Shot • NOT Recommended •
    When you Steady Shot twice in a row, your ranged attack speed will be increased by [5%/10%/15%] for 8 seconds. You replace Steady Shot with Cobra Shot when you learn it at level 81. Since it's not even possible for a BM hunter to learn this talent until then, there is absolutely no use for this talent. At the beginning of Cataclysm it was speculated that the attack speed bonus could be benefitial to a BM hunter. But it was repeatedly tested and was never found to be worth the added complication it would bring to the shot "rotation" of a BM hunter. This talent is very much NOT recommended.

    • Careful Aim • NOT Recommended •
    Increases the critical strike chance of your Steady Shot and Cobra Shot by [30%/60%] on targets that are above 90% health. Again, since you will already have Cobra Shot learned before you can access this talent, the only possible value of this talent would be for Cobra Shot. But during that first 10% of your target's health, you're likely not going to be shooting many Cobra Shots. Because of this, the talent has very little value for a BM hunter.

• Survival Talent Tree •

Tier 1

    • Hunter vs Wild • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your total Stamina by [5%/10%/15%]. Since Stamina does not increase damage in any way, this talent is not recommended for a higher damage build. The only time this talent might be useful would be for PvP and/or extreme soloing builds. But even then it's an optional talent.

    • Pathing • 3/3 Recommended •
    Increases your ranged haste by [1%/2%/3%]. While haste isn't the best hunter stat, it's still very useful. Of the 3 talents in this tier of the SV tree, this is the most useful. Also, if you've already put points in all the recommended MM talents, there's really no other talents left that's going to increase your DPS more.
    On a side note, while leveling, putting one point here before branching into the MM tree will serve you quite well. Then add the other two points here after getting some or all of the recommended MM talents.

    • Improved Serpent Sting • NOT Recommended •
    Your Serpent Sting also does instant damage equal to [15%/30%] of its total periodic effect. This is certainly a nice talent and it may very well be great while leveling and/or for PvP. But if your end game goal is raiding and/or heroics, this talent just isn't quite as valuable as Pathing.

Tier 2

None of the talents in the second tier of the Survival tree are recommended for a higher DPS BM build.

The talents in the second tier of the Survival tree do not help the damage of your main abilities. However, due to their defensive nature, they may be beneficial in a PvP or soloing build. If that's what you're after, let your personal playstyle dictate your choices.

Also, if that's the case and you chose some of the more optional talents in the BM tree as well, you can pick talents that might work well with those. For example, if your natural reaction for defense is to Disengage, maybe some combination of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera and Survival Tactics would be good for you. So just choose the talents that will serve you the best.

When it comes to glyphs, there's really only a handful that can be considered as mandatory for a Beast Mastery build. But depending on your playstyle and what you do with your hunter, certain glyphs will be more valuable. Some of these might have less of a description, but all of the glyphs available for a BM hunter are listed. Only the MM and SV specific glyphs are omitted.

• Prime Glyphs •

    Glyph of Arcane Shot • Required
    Since Arcane Shot is the main focus dump when Kill Command is on CD, this glyph does the most for increasing a BM Hunter's DPS. In fact, this should be one of the first glyphs learned while leveling, if you plan to be BM spec.

    Glyph of Kill Shot • Recommended
    Unlike the other 2 specs, BM does not have any talent that causes you to add any extra shots outside of your normal "rotation." For this reason, the Kill Shot glyph is more valuable. Not only are you getting more Kill Shots in, but the small amount of focus saved from those GCDs will yield a few extra Arcane Shots as well.

    Glyph of Kill Command • Recommended
    Reducing the focus cost of BM's high damage ability is definitely a help. But since it's such a small amount saved, this glyph isn't the go to glyph one might expect it to be. That said, it's usually the best option after the Arcane Shot and Kill Shot glyphs.

    Glyph of Serpent Sting • Optional
    Since Serpent Sting is such a small percentage of our damage, this glyph just isn't as valuable to a BM hunter. However, if your playstyle happens to use Serpent Sting noticably more often than the average, this glyph might be better than Kill Command. But odds are it won't be.

    Glyph of Rapid Fire • NOT Recommended
    When a BM hunter uses Rapid Fire, they can boost themselves into the next haste plateau while active. But the extra 10% from this glyph is not enough to get into a further plateau than the ability is already permitting. This glyph may be useful for a MM hunter simply because they're able to use Rapid Fire 4 times inside a 5 minute window. But for BM this glyph simply isn't very useful.

    Glyph of the Dazzled Prey • NOT Recommended
    This is really more of a MM glyph (due to Concussive Barrage) as well. It is also more of a PvP glyph. It is not recommended in a PvE BM build.

    Glyph of Steady Shot • NOT Recommended
    Once you learn Cobra Shot, you will no longer use Steady Shot in your "rotation." This glyph might be a fair choice while leveling. But it is definitely NOT a glyph to have once you're past level 80.
    Glyphs Continued.

• Major Glyphs •

    Glyph of Bestial Wrath • Recommended
    Hands down, this is the most important glyph for a higher DPS Raiding BM hunter. Obviously a shorter CD to BW means you get to use it more often. That being said, this won't necessarily be your first major glyph choice. In fact, in some very unorthodox builds, it might not even be a choice at all. Those are definitely special cases though. But for this reason it's not listed as required. However, since it is the only major glyph that has any direct effect on the damage of a BM hunter's main abilities, it is highly recommended for higher DPS builds.

Aside from the Glyph of Bestial Wrath, none of the major glyphs do much of anything in the way of increasing damage output.
Granted, it could be argued that Glyph of Immolation Trap and Glyph of Trap Launcher do. But that's a reach. Since traps aren't a large source of a BM hunter's damage, those two glyphs are not rated any higher than any other glyph. Nor are they considered a must have.

That being said, there is still a couple major glyphs that are definitely worth mentioning. They just aren't BM specific is all. They (and any others listed) should all be considered optional. As always, let your personal playstyle and needs dictate which to choose.

• Minor Glyphs •

Like most classes, the minor glyphs just aren't very important. None of them affect your damage in any way. Here they are.

    Glyph of Revive Pet is barely one of the more useful. It's not much help. But it's better than nothing.

    Glyph of Lesser Proportion serves very little use. It might be a tiny bit useful in BGs. Prior to the removal of pet happiness (in patch 4.1) this glyph was called Glyph of Mend Pet. It could increase your pet's happiness level when casting Mend Pet. Now it's little more than a vanity glyph.

    Glyph of Feign Death is actually one of the useful ones.
    It's the only one that could be considered at all mandatory.

    Glyph of Scare Beast might be useful if you're somebody that actually uses this ability.

    Glyph of Aspect of the Pack is only useful in group settings.
    It's handy for raid wipes, but not much else.

● Here's a link to the Talent Calculator using the talents and glyphs suggested in this guide.
This build has 1/2 Spirit Bond (1%) and 1/2 Improved Mend Pet (25%) as its two floater talents.

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• Ferocity Talent Tree •

Tier 1

    ● Serpent Swiftness ● 2/2 Required ●
    Increases your pet's attack speed by [5%/10%].
    This is the only talent this tier that has any effect on damage.

    ● Dash / Dive ● 1/1 Recommended ●
    Increases your pet's movement speed by 80% for 16 seconds on a 32 second cooldown (22.4 seconds with 3/3 Longevity). This talent has no effect on damage. However, you need 3 points in this tier of the talent tree in order to go to the next tier. Putting a point here means not needing to put a point into either of the other two movement talents (Boar's Speed and Charge/Swoop).

    • Great Stamina • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your pet's total health by [4%/8%/12%].
    This talent has no effect on damage.

    • Natural Armor • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your pet's armor by [5%/10%]. This talent has no effect on damage.

Tier 2

    • Improved Cower • NOT Recommended •
    The movement speed penalty of your pet's Cower is reduced by [50%/100%].
    This talent has no effect on damage.

    • Bloodthirsty • Optional •
    Your pet's attacks have a [10%/20%] chance to heal 5% of its total health over 5 seconds. This talent has no effect on damage. However, once all of the required talents are taken, this would be one of the better places to put 1-2 point(s).

    ● Spiked Collar ● 3/3 Required ●
    Increases the damage done by your pet's Basic Attacks by [3%/6%/9%].

    • Boar's Speed • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your pet's movement speed by 30%. This has no effect on the pet's damage. If you already have a point in Dash/Dive, this talent is much less valuable; the two speed bonuses do not stack. Putting a point into one of the optional talents would be a much better investment.

Tier 3

    ● Culling the Herd ● 3/3 Required ●
    When your pet's Basic Attack deals a critical strike, you and your pet deal [1%/2%/3%] increased damage for 10 seconds. The key point of this talent is it affects both your pet AND the hunter. This is one of the more important talents in the tree.

    • Lionhearted • NOT Recommended •
    Reduces the duration of all Stun and Fear effects used against your pet by [15%/30%].
    This talent has no effect on damage.

    ● Charge / Swoop ● 1/1 Recommended ●
    Your pet charges an enemy, immobilizing the target for 1 second, and increasing the pet's melee attack power by 25% for its next attack.

Tier 4

    • Heart of the Phoenix • Optional •
    When used, your pet will miraculously return to life with full health. This talent is commonly misunderstood. It does NOT cast on its own. You will have to put it into a macro and/or put it on your pet's cast bar and use manually.

    ● Spider's Bite ● 3/3 Required ●
    Increases the critical strike chance of your pet by [3%/6%/9%].

    • Great Resistance • NOT Recommended •
    Your pet takes [5%/10%/15%] less damage from Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow magic. This talent has no effect on damage.

Tier 5

    ● Rabid ● 1/1 Required ●
    Your pet goes into a killing frenzy. Successful attacks have a chance to increase attack power by 5%. This effect will stack up to 5 times and lasts 20 seconds.

    • Lick Your Wounds • NOT Recommended •
    Your pet heals itself for 100% of its total health over 5 seconds while channeling. It has a 3 minute cooldown (2.1 minute with 3/3 Longevity). Unlike Heart of the Phoenix, this can be set for petautocast. Also, of the defensive based talents, this is one of the better choices. That said, it's not recommended for highest possible DPS. This talent has no effect on damage.

    ● Call of the Wild ● 1/1 Required ●
    Your pet roars, increasing your pet's and your melee and ranged attack power by 10%, lasts 20 seconds, and has a 5 minute cooldown (3.5 minute with 3/3 Longevity). This ability is able to be cast on petautocast and will do so by default. However, you're better off taking it off autocast and casting it yourself via macro.

Tier 6

    ● Shark Attack ● 2/2 Required ●
    Your pet does an additional [3%/6%] damage with all attacks.

    ● Wild Hunt ● 2/2 Required ●
    When your pet is at or above 50 Focus, your pet's Basic Attacks will deal [60%/120%] more damage, but cost [50%/100%] additional focus.

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• Cunning Talent Tree •

Tier 1

    ● Serpent Swiftness ● 2/2 Required ●
    Increases your pet's attack speed by [5%/10%].
    This is the only talent this tier that has any effect on damage.

    ● Dash / Dive ● 1/1 Recommended ●
    Increases your pet's movement speed by 80% for 16 seconds on a 32 second cooldown (22.4 seconds with 3/3 Longevity). This talent has no effect on damage. However, you need 3 points in this tier of the talent tree in order to go to the next tier. Putting a point here means not needing to put a point into either of the other 2 movement talents (Boar's Speed and Charge/Swoop). This talent is even more valuable for a cunning pet due to Mobility in the next tier.

    • Great Stamina • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your pet's total health by [4%/8%/12%]. This talent has no effect on damage.

    • Natural Armor • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your pet's armor by [5%/10%]. This talent has no effect on damage.

Tier 2

    • Boar's Speed • NOT Recommended •
    Increases your pet's movement speed by 30%. This has no effect on the pet's damage. If you already have a point in Dash/Dive, this talent is much less valuable; the two speed bonuses do not stack. Putting a point into one of the optional talents would be a much better investment.

    ● Mobility ● 1/2 Recommended ●
    Reduces the cooldown on your pet's Dive ability by [8/16] seconds. This talent has no effect on damage. Something important to make note of is when you have 3/3 Longevity, it only takes 1 point in Mobility to bring the CD of Dash/Dive down to 16.4 seconds. Since Dash/Dive lasts for 16 seconds, that's near 100% uptime with only 1 point. This is the reason only 1 point is recommended.

    ● Owl's Focus ● 2/2 Recommended ●
    Your pet has a [15%/30%] chance after using a Basic Attack to cause the next Basic Attack to cost no Focus if used within 8 seconds.

    ● Spiked Collar ● 3/3 Required ●
    Increases the damage done by your pet's Basic Attacks by [3%/6%/9%].

Tier 3

    ● Culling the Herd ● 3/3 Required ●
    When your pet's Basic Attack deals a critical strike, you and your pet deal [1%/2%/3%] increased damage for 10 seconds. The key point of this talent is it affects both your pet AND the hunter. This is one of the more important talents in the tree.

    • Lionhearted • NOT Recommended •
    Reduces the duration of all Stun and Fear effects used against your pet by [15%/30%]. This talent has no effect on damage.

    • Carrion Feeder • Optional •
    Your pet can generate health by eating a corpse. Will not work on the remains of elemental or mechanical creatures. It has a 30 second cooldown (21 second with 3/3 Longevity). This talent has no effect on damage.

Tier 4

    • Great Resistance • NOT Recommended •
    Your pet takes [5%/10%/15%] less damage from Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow magic. This talent has no effect on damage.

    ● Cornered ● 2/2 Required ●
    When at less than 35% health, your pet does 25%/50% more damage and has a [30%/60%] reduced chance to be critically hit.

    ● Feeding Frenzy ● 2/2 Required ●
    Your pet does [8%/16%] additional damage to targets with less than 35% health.

Tier 5

    ● Wolverine Bite ● 1/1 Required ●
    A fierce attack causing (1 + ((RAP * 0.40) * 0.10)) damage, that your pet can use after it makes a critical attack. Cannot be dodged, blocked or parried. It has a 10 second cooldown (7 seconds with 3/3 Longevity).

    ● Roar of Recovery ● 1/1 Required ●
    Your pet's inspiring roar restores 30 focus over 9 seconds. It has a 3 minute cooldown (2.1 minute with 3/3 Longevity).

    • Bullheaded • Optional •
    Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your pet. and reduces damage done to your pet by 20% for 12 seconds. It has a 3 minute cooldown (2.1 minute with 3/3 Longevity). This talent has no effect on damage.

    • Grace of the Mantis • NOT Recommended •
    Reduces the chance your pet will be critically hit by melee attacks by [3%/6%]. This talent has no effect on damage.

Tier 6

    ● Wild Hunt ● 2/2 Required ●
    When your pet is at or above 50 Focus, your pet's Basic Attacks will deal [60%/120%] more damage, but cost [50%/100%] additional focus.

    • Roar of Sacrifice • NOT Recommended •
    Protects a friendly target from critical strikes, making attacks against that target unable to be critical strikes, but 20% of all damage taken by that target is also taken by the pet. Lasts 12 seconds. It has a 1 minute cooldown (42 seconds with 3/3 Longevity). This talent has no effect on damage.

Of the primary stats, Agility is the only one to focus on. With the exception of stamina, none of the other primary stats provide any real benefit for a hunter. But since stamina is found on all gear (and for all classes) come end game, it's not a stat to base any kind of gear selections on.

The secondary stat priority for Beast Mastery hunters is:
    Hit (til capped) > Critical Strike > Haste ≥ Mastery

The values of Haste over Mastery will fluxuate depending on how close you are to reaching the next haste plateau. The amount needed for the various plateaus is covered in the next section.
But in a nutshell, if you're at a plateau, mastery will often have more value (over haste) until you're close enough to reach the next plateau (in which case haste will be of more value).

• Agility •
1 Agility = 2 AP (with Beast Mastery's Animal Handler bonus it becomes 2.6 AP)
324.85 Agility = 1% crit
1 Agil = .55 Crit Rating
14 AP (attack power) = 1 dps (auto-shot)

• Hit Rating •
120.109 Hit Rating = 1% Hit

Level 85 Hunter hit rating needed for:
    PvP (Level 85 mob): 5%
    PvE (Heroic Boss): 6%
    PvE (Raid Boss): 8%
961 Hit Rating is needed to reach the 8% Hit Cap (841 for Draenei).
Remember that any amount of hit rating over what is required does absolutely nothing for you.
Try to reforge your stats in such a manner as to be as close to the required amount as possible.

• Critical Strike Rating •
179.29 Crit Rating = 1% Crit

The reason Critical Strike Rating is the most important secondary stat (after being hit capped of course) is not just because of the extra damage from Critical hits, but also because of certain talents that work off of Critical Shots. Those talents being Invigoration, Go for the Throat, and Sic' Em!

• Mastery Rating •
179.28 Mastery Rating = 1 Mastery

Each point of Mastery increases your pet's damage by an additional 1.67%. The fact that Mastery only helps your pet's damage is the reason it's not a higher priority stat. Even though Beast Mastery is the pet spec, the amount of damage gained from your pet with more mastery is not as much as the hunter and the pet will get from the other stats.

• Haste Rating •
128.057 Haste Rating = 1% Haste

Haste Rating increases the number of auto-shots fired and the focus regeneration rate of the hunter and pet. But unlike other classes, it does not lower the time on the global cooldown or affect the damage ticks on Serpent Sting. So the amount of haste needed is primarily based on the cast time of Cobra Shot and what haste plateau one can reach. The shorter the cast time of Cobra Shot, the more shots you can fit between each Kill Command. That said, you should not go out of your way to get more haste to reach for a plateau unless you're already very close to that plateau.

What is a haste plateau?

Haste affects the firing rate of auto-shot, increases the focus regeneration rate of the hunter and the pet, and (as far as haste plateaus are concerned) the cast time of Cobra Shot. Reducing the cast time of Cobra Shot allows you to fit more of them into a given priority shot cycle.

So in short, a haste plateau is the point at which you can squeeze another Cobra Shot into your shot cycle.

When it comes to reaching these plateaus, Beast Mastery gets a major bonus from Focus Fire. With the exception of during Bestial Wrath, a BM hunter should almost always have the 15% bonus from Focus Fire active. There is two other sources that can lower your cast time as well. One is by putting points into the Pathing talent (first tier of the SV tree). The other is the buff from Windfury, Icy Talons or Hunting Party. There is one other source as well: the 4 piece bonus from the Lightning-Charged set. But due to the lower likelihood of that being used these days, that bonus will not be included in the following calculations.

Now that we know of everything that will contribute to our cast time, the only number missing is the amount of haste rating needed from gear. These calculations will assume you have Focus Fire up because the only time you won't is during Bestial Wrath (in which case you won't be firing Cobra Shot anyway).

Along with the cast time of Cobra Shot, the calculations given here will include the number of shots in that shot cycle. Bear in mind, some Cobra Shots will be replaced with Arcane Shot dumps whenever you have excess focus (but only so long as it doesn't delay a Kill Command). This is especially true for the higher plateaus and/or when you have the 2 piece T13 (Wyrmstalker's) bonus. Also, none of the shot cycles here will include the longer cooldown abilities like Bestial Wrath and Fervor. Remember, this isn't about the Shot Priorities themselves. This is about Cobra Shot cast times (and how many you can squeeze) in a shot cycle. If you are looking for the actual priorities, those can be found in the priorities section. Here is a link.

• Base cycle • (2 second Cobra Shot cast) •
[ 2 Cobra Shots, 1 Arcane Shot, and 1 Kill Command in a 6 second window. ]
This is without any haste bonuses at all, not even Focus Fire.

• First Plateau • (1.66 second Cobra Shot cast) •
[ 3 Cobra Shots, 1 Arcane Shot, and 1 Kill Command in a 7 second window. ]
Focus Fire alone will allow you to reach this plateau. No other haste bonuses are necessary.

• Second Plateau • (1.33 second Cobra Shot cast) •
[ 3 Cobra Shots, 1 Arcane Shot, and 1 Kill Command in a 6 second window. ]
Reaching this plataeu requires more than just Focus Fire. Below is the haste rating needed based on having the raid buff (or not) and the number of points you have in Pathing.

    WITH Windfury, Icy Talons or Hunting Party:
      • 3 points in Pathing: 1937
      • 2 points in Pathing: 2082
      • 1 point in Pathing: 2229

    WITHOUT Windfury, Icy Talons or Hunting Party:
      • 3 points in Pathing: 3411
      • 2 points in Pathing: 3570
      • 1 point in Pathing: 3732

• Third Plateau • (1.25 second Cobra Shot cast) •
[ 4 Cobra Shots, 1 Arcane Shot, and 1 Kill Command in a 6 - 6.8 second window. ]
Below is the haste rating needed based on having the raid buff (or not) and the number of points you have in Pathing.

    WITH Windfury, Icy Talons or Hunting Party:
      • 3 points in Pathing: 2919
      • 2 points in Pathing: 3074
      • 1 point in Pathing: 3231

    WITHOUT Windfury, Icy Talons or Hunting Party:
      • 3 points in Pathing: 4492
      • 2 points in Pathing: 4662
      • 1 point in Pathing: 4835

    The formulas used for finding these numbers are as follows:

(Pathing Haste Multiplier)*(Raid Buff Haste Multiplier)*(Focus Fire Haste Multiplier)= Total Haste Multiplier

{ [(base cast time)/(desired cast time * total haste multiplier)] - 1 } * 12805.7 = Haste Rating needed

Before we get into the crux of the "rotation", let me point out that a lot of BM's playstyle is comprised of various longer cooldowns (such as Fervor and Bestial Wrath) as well as the regular "shots" available to every hunter spec. These longer cooldowns are a large factor of BM's bursty behavior. To keep things simple, we will go through the regular shots first with the longer cooldowns being explained further below.

The basic priority of the regular shot cycles are as follows:
    ● Kill Shot (when the mob is below 20% health)
    ● Kill Command (when your pet is on its target)
    ● Serpent Sting (provided the mob will live longer than its duration)
    ● Arcane Shot (focus dump used only if you have enough focus to NOT delay a Kill Command)
    ● Cobra Shot (the number per cycle is determined by the haste plateau you're at)

• Cooldowns •
Before going into each one individually, it needs to be understood that there are basically two types of longer cooldowns. These are controlled cooldowns, which include racials, talents, and 'on use' items (among others) and procs (short for "Programmed Random Occurrence"), which include 'chance on hit/crit' items, talents, and the like.

When it comes to controlled cooldowns, one basic rule of thumb is to keep them on cooldown as much as possible. Anytime you're not using one (that's available) is lost DPS. That said, there will sometimes be situations where it may be better to hold off and not use them immediately. This is where the procs come in. When it comes to procs, it's good to be able to predict and/or react to them so as to line them up with the abilities you do have control over. Obviously, fight mechanics of the encounter will dictate your decisions for both of these.

Prior to patch 4.0 (back when hunters used mana) the common way to use these cooldowns was to stack as many as possible (depending on what they did of course) with each other for maximum effect. While it is still good to stack some of them, it is now more about cycling through them separately. The reason for this is if you have cooldowns with similar effects, stacking them could waste some of the beneifit they provide. Prime examples of this would be abilities that, while active, have a direct effect on haste plateaus, thereby changing your shot cycle for the duration. Suffice it to say, cooldowns like Rapid Fire and Ancient Hysteria/Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp are the ones to be most wary of not stacking together.

ENCHANTS & GEMS (explained)

Much of this information should not be new for most players but is included for the sake of continuity.

Obviously, item enhancements are to give you more of the stats you need. But more importantly they allow for one to fine tune their stats when they need a specific amount (e.g. hit rating). If you were to go back to the stats section you would see that they're explained as primary and secondary. This was to make this part easier to understand. One main reason is because reforging only effects secondary stats. That being the case, you cannot get any additional agility through reforging. For this reason, you want to get as much agility as possible from the other 2 enhancements (enchants & gems) before bothering with any secondary stat gains.

    Agility vs Hit Cap
    Depending where you read it, a source will say agility is more important than hit or vice versa. Since Agility is a primary stat and Hit is a secondary stat (only good til capped) this is a moot point. In other words, it's not hard to reach hit cap, there's no point in choosing hit over agility when given a choice. So always choose agility first. This is especially true with gems.

For the most part, enchantments to gear have to come from a player (directly or indirectly) with the enchantment profession. Some others are leg kits from Leather Workers, and head arcanums and shoulder inscriptions from various world factions. There are yet other sources as well and they will be listed in detail in the following section.

There is a variety of gems for different purposes. But there are only 3 types of gem sockets in gear. These are Meta, Prismatic, and Primary colored (Blue, Red, & Yellow) sockets.

    Meta Socket: This socket is only found in helms and the gem itself will require you to have a certain number of gems of a specific color in order for the meta gem itself to function. In case this isn't obvious, this means if you were to have a meta-gem in your gear with no other gems of any type, your meta-gem would not function.

    Colored Sockets: These sockets will be colored blue, red, or yellow and will have a socket bonus. In order to get that bonus, one must use gems of the appropriate color in those sockets. However, you can place a (matching) secondary colored gem in a socket and still recieve the bonus (e.g. a purple or green gem in a blue socket). Having said that, it is not always necessary to get those socket bonuses. You can place any color you please into those sockets. You simply won't get the bonus unless you do match colors. In fact, in many cases, ignoring the socket bonus will be a better option.

    Prismatic Sockets: For most, the only prismatic socket you will have will be from a buckle upgrade (made by Blacksmiths) on your belt. A Blacksmith can also have a prismatic socket on their gloves and bracers. One very important thing to make note of here is what can (and should) be placed in this slot. The fact that there is also prismatic gems tends to mislead and confuse some players. It is NOT necessary to match prismatic gems with prismatic sockets. In fact, doing quite the opposite is the main advantage of having both prismatic gems and sockets. A prismatic gem can be placed in any color of socket and still recieve that bonus.

    More importantly, any color of gem can be placed in a prismatic socket because there is no socket bonus associated with it. Even when you add a buckle to a belt (or gloves and bracers for a BS) that has an existing socket bonus, the prismatic socket is completely independent of that bonus. In fact, the most advantageous use is to place your most favorable gem in a prismatic socket and (if you were to use one) a prismatic gem into a socket of an unfavorable color. The most important reason any of this is mentioned in any detail is to point out that one should never place a prismatic gem in a prismatic socket. Doing so negates the advatage of both the gem and the socket. In other words (even though they're not used much anymore) don't put a Nightmare Tear in a belt buckle.

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★ ENCHANTS & GEMS (Best in Slot List) ★


As was explained in the previous section, concerning enchants and gems, if agility and hit rating are both available, agility will almost always be the better choice. One should be able to handle most of their hit rating needs from reforging and possibly a well placed gem or two. That being the case, here are the best enchantment choices for each slot of gear. Remember, certain professions offer better options for some slots. Those will be listed afterwards.

Lesser Alternatives:

Profession Based Alternatives:

    ● Inscription:
      • Shoulder - Swiftsteel Inscription - Permanently adds 130 Agility and 25 mastery rating to shoulder armor.

    ● Leather Working:
      • Wrist - Draconic Embossment - Agility - 130 Agility
      • Legs - Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements - 190 Attack Power, 55 Critical Strike Rating.
      (same stats as other leg kit but requires less materials)

    ● Enchanting:
      • Rings - Enchant Ring - Agility - 40 Agility (can enchant both rings)

    ● Tailoring:
      • Back - Swordguard Embroidery (Rank 2)
      Your damaging melee and ranged attacks will sometimes increase your attack power by 1000 for 15 sec.

• GEMS •

Which gems should I use for BM PvE?

• Lesser Alternatives •

    Until you have access to these gems (which were introduced with patch 4.3),
    here are your next best options:

    Delicate Inferno Ruby should be used in every red and prismatic slot.
    This will also be the gem to use if the socket bonus is not worth getting.

    ● If the socket bonus is worthwhile, a Glinting Demonseye should be used in any Blue Socket.

    ● If the socket bonus is worthwhile, you should use one of the following in any Yellow Sockets.
    Deadly Ember Topaz, Deft Ember Topaz, or Adept Ember Topaz.
    (Considering Critical Strike Rating is the best secondary stat (of these 3), a Deadly Ember Topaz will likely be the best choice in any yellow socket with a worthwhile bonus.)

    ● If you are a Jewel Crafter,
    Delicate Chimera's Eye should be used for all 3 of your Chimera's Eye gems.

When is a socket bonus worth getting?

    This answer can get a bit sketchy, depending where you get it. But a simple rule of thumb is having a bonus of at least +15-20 Agility per off-colored (blue or yellow) socket. But it also depends on what color those off-colored slots are. If a slot is a blue one, it would depend on if you will make use of the hit rating on the gem. This is less of a problem with a yellow socket as it's much easier to make use of a little more crit, haste, or mastery rating.

To make it a little easier, here are some examples of items with and without worthwhile socket bonuses.


Reforging is a feature that was added with patch 4.0 that allows one to modify the secondary stats on a piece of gear. To have this done, one must go to an NPC (Arcane Reforger) in a major city (found near enchanting trainers) and pay a fee. The limitations are as follows.

    • The item must be ilevel 200 or above.
    • Primary stats cannot be reforged.
    • Only one secondary stat can be reforged per item.
    • Resilience and Attack Power cannot be reforged.
    • Reforging changes 40% of the stat chosen.
    • You cannot change a stat into one that already exists on that item.
    • The item can be restored to its original stats.
    • The item must be restored if you want to change a different stat.

Reforging is probably one of the more complex areas (concerning gear) for a lot of people. But it doesn't have to be. It should go without saying that you can't just miraculously cap out all the stats you wish if you don't have that amount of stats available in the first place. Once you understand this limitation and have a very clear idea of the numbers you want (and can actually expect) to reach, it gets a lot easier.

Hit Rating versus Critical Strike Rating

    One thing to understand is that you have to separate the actual stat priority value from what you actually want to focus on reforging. Case in point, hit rating. As has been made abundantly clear, the most important (secondary) stat is hit rating. However, since its cap has a specific value (no matter what) and it's very easily reached, we're given quite a bit of leeway. What I mean by this is it's generally not required to have hit rating on every single piece of gear in order to reach the cap. With this being the case, we can focus more on the other stats (so long as we plan out where to get that hit rating from beforehand). So, first things first, focus on getting as much as you can of whatever the next stat priority is (in the following section, this will be critical strike rating).

    It should be quite obvious, the only way to get as much of a certain stat as possible, every piece of gear must have that stat. After that's taken care of, you can then focus on Hit Rating. Once both of these criteria have been met, you can figure out which of the remaining two stats (haste and mastery) is more valuable. To do this, you simply find out which haste plateau you're currently sitting at and if it's possible to reach the next plateau with the stat values you have remaining.

Here's some simple guidelines on how you can break it down (assuming two secondary stats per item). While these tips can handle the lion's share of work concerning how to reforge, they are not meant as hard and fast rules. It's up to you to learn when you can work around them. I would highly suggest using some form of spreadsheet as well as the information given here.

    ● If an item does not have Hit Rating nor Critical Strike Rating on it, reforge the higher value into Critical Strike Rating.

    ● If an item has Hit Rating but not Critical Strike Rating, you will reforge something into Critical Strike Rating. Don't do this right away though as it's entirely possible to reforge some Hit Rating into Critical Strike Rating.

    ● If an item has Critical Strike Rating, but no Hit Rating, you will reforge the other stat (Haste or Mastery) into Hit Rating (IF more Hit Rating is needed).

    ● If an item has Hit Rating AND Critical Strike Rating, it will usually be left alone. However, there is the possibility of reforging some Hit Rating into another stat (Haste if you're hit capped and the reforging would take you to the next plateau, for example).

    ● Once you're hit capped and have met the above 4 criteria, the only items you should have left (IF any) that haven't been reforged will be items with Critical Strike Rating and another stat. This is where you need to determine which is more valuable between Haste and Mastery so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Obviously, if that other stat is Hit Rating, you will leave the item alone (unless you're trying to shed that excess hit rating). But if the item has Haste or Mastery (or that excess hit), you will need to look at your total haste and compare it to the plateaus. If your remaining available Mastery would allow you to reach the next haste plateau, you should reforge it to Haste. If it will not, you should reforge your remaining Haste into Mastery.

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Considering the limited room here (and the existence of devoted websites) it would be somewhat senseless to try to cover everything about pets here. Instead, this will be mostly an overview of pet family abilities, their uses, and what other sources provide a similar ability.
Links to http://www.wow-petopia.com for each corresponding pet will be provided as well.

As was mentioned in the talents section, the final tier talent of the Beast Mastery tree allows the hunter to tame, train, and use exotic pets. The talent also gives 4 extra pet talent points regardless of the pet being exotic or not. That being said, it's in your own best interest to have at least a few exotic pets if you're going to use a BM build. The reason for this is due to the fact that all exotic pets have a secondary family ability that non-exotics don't. Like all pets, exotics will fall under either ferocity, cunning, or tenacity.

Below is a list of all the exotic beasts along with their primary and secondary abilities with a brief description (not always found in their tooltips). When applicable, this will also mention which non-exotic beasts have identical primary abilities as well as abilities that are covered by other classes.


● CORE HOUNDS ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/corehound.html

    • Lava Breath •
      30 yd range
      8 sec cooldown

      Your pet breathes a double gout of molten lava at the target, reducing the target's casting speed by 25% for 10 sec.
      While not identical, this is similar to the spore bat's Spore Cloud ability.

    • Ancient Hysteria • [Exotic Ability]
      6 min cooldown

      Increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 30% for all party and raid members. Lasts 40 sec. Allies receiving this effect will become Sated and be unable to benefit from Bloodlust or Time Warp again for 10 min.
      This is identical to Bloodlust/Heroism (shaman) and Time Warp (mage).

● DEVILSAURS ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/devilsaur.html

    • Terrifying Roar •
      45 sec cooldown

      The devilsaur lets out a terrifying roar, increasing the critical strike chance of all party and raid members by 5%.
      This buff is also provided by wolves, feral druids, sublety rogues, elemental shamans, and fury warriors.

    • Monstrous Bite • [Exotic Ability]
      Melee Range
      8 sec cooldown

      Your devilsaur ferociously bites the enemy, reducing the effectiveness of any healing received by 25% for 8 sec.

● SPIRIT BEASTS ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/spiritbeast.html

    • Roar of Courage •
      45 sec cooldown

      The beast lets out a roar of courage, increasing the Strength and Agility of all party and raid members by 139 within 100 yards.
      This buff is also provided by cats, Death Knight's Horn of Winter, Shaman's Strength of Earth Totem, and Warrior's Battle Shout.

    • Spirit Walk • [Bonus Ability]
      10 sec cooldown

      Puts your pet in stealth mode, but slows its movement speed by 50%. The first attack from stealth receives a 20% bonus to damage. Lasts until cancelled.
      This is identical to the cat ability, Prowl.

    • Spirit Mend • [Exotic Ability]
      5 Focus 25 yd range
      Instant 40 sec cooldown

      The Spirit Beast heals the currently friendly target for (1237 + ((RAP * 0.35) * 0.5)) plus an additional (475 + ((RAP * 0.35) * 0.335)) over 10 sec.
      This ability can be set on autocast or cast manually on any party/raid member as well as the pet itself. If controlled manually, it can also be cast on other friendly units (including NPCs) not in your party/raid.


● CHIMAERA ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/chimaera.html

    • Frost Breath •
      30 yd range
      10 sec cooldown

      Your pet simultaneously breathes frost and lightning at an enemy target, slowing the target for 5 sec.

    • Froststorm Breath • [Exotic Ability]
      35 yd range
      20 Focus

      The Chimera channels a frozen breath attack, causing Spellstorm damage every 2 sec for 8 sec to all enemies within the area.

● SILITHID ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/silithid.html

    • Venom Web Spray •
      30 yd range
      40 sec cooldown

      Sprays toxic webs at the target, preventing movement for 5 sec.
      This is identical to the regular spider ability, Web.

    • Qiraji Fortitude • [Exotic Ability]
      Increases party and raid members' Stamina by 584 [at level 85].
      This buff is also provided by: Priests, Warlocks (Imp, Blood Pact), and Warriors.
Pet Family Abilities continued.


● RHINO ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/rhino.html

    • Stampede •
      melee range
      15 sec cooldown

      Your rhino slams into a nearby enemy causing it to take 30% additional damage from bleed effects for 30 sec.
      This ability is very similar to Tendon Rip (Hyena)

    • Horn Toss • [Exotic Ability]
      melee range
      30 Focus
      1.5 min cooldown

      The Rhino punts the enemy with its mighty horn, knocking them back a great distance.
      Widely considered a "fun and entertaining" ability to use in Battle Grounds.

● SHALE SPIDER ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/shalespider.html

    • Web Wrap •
      30 yd range
      45 sec cooldown

      Encases the target in sticky webs, stunning them for 3 sec.
      While it is very similar, this is not identical to the regular spider ability, Web.

    • Embrace of the Shale Spider • [Exotic Ability]
      Fills all friendly party and raid members with the Shale Spider's embrace, increasing Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Intellect by 5%.
      This buff is also provided by: Druids, Paladins and Warlocks. A similar buff is provided by Drums of Forgotten Kings. But they don't stack.

● WORM ● http://www.wow-petopia.com/family/worm.html

    • Acid Spit •
      30 yd range
      10 sec cooldown

      Your worm spits acid at an enemy, causing the enemy target to take an increased 4% physical damage for 25 sec.
      Aside from its shorter cooldown, this ability is identical to Ravage (Ravager).

    • Burrow Attack • [Exotic Ability]
      35 yd range
      30 Focus
      30 sec cooldown

      The Worm burrows into the earth, shaking the ground above and dealing Nature damage over 8 sec.
      This is an AoE attack. Also, it should be noted that the pet loses all aggro when cast.

This section is both an assortment and a compilation of information on various topics that are not quite enough to warrant having a section all of their own. You may also find little bits of material related to other sections that simply couldn't hold anymore information (due to text limitations). But most importantly, what you find here will primarily be focused on how it pertains to the BM spec. While not limited to, some examples of what you could find here would be BM/pet related macros, FAQ, and links. If you can think of something else that could/should be added to this section, by all means post a comment on it. Just remember to keep such suggestions in context.


• Spirit Mend @ self, focus, or pet •
One of the most common macros I see asked about is how to use Spirit Mend (Spirit Beast healing spell). I wrote this macro for myself right after 4.0 went live and I've been using it ever since. I cannot stress enough how useful it can be and how often it can save a group from a wipe (this was especially true in the early days of Cataclysm when healers were still learning their limitations with mana).

Hitting this macro without a modifier will heal yourself; if you have a focus (which should be your tank) holding shift while hitting it will heal that focus; if you have no focus, holding shift while hitting it will heal your pet (this can be handy while soloing when mend pet just isn't enough). The emote at the end will not display if you have no focus set (i.e. it won't display when you heal yourself or pet). Feel free to remove that line if you like.
/cast [@player, nomod] Spirit Mend
/cast [@focus, mod:shift][@pet,pet, mod:shift] Spirit Mend
/stopmacro [@focus,noexists][nomod]
/e 's pet casts Spirit Mend on %f
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

• Fervor / Roar of Recovery •
This one should be self-explanatory on what it does. The reason I put RoR with Fervor is this. Once you factor in 3/3 Longevity, Roar of Recovery's cooldown drops to 2.1 minute. This matches up quite well with Fervor's 2 minute CD and adds a nice over time effect to the instant focus gain Fervor gives. I'm aware the stop macro line is redundant. But it's there as an extra safe guard so you don't accidentally blow the CD when you're out of combat.
#showtooltip Fervor
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/cast [combat] Fervor
/cast [combat] Roar of Recovery
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

• Kill Command / Charge •
I'm sure many players just leave the pet ability Charge set on autocast. But here's an alternative. While this doesn't quite alleviate the out of range issue with Kill Command, it's a fairly decent compromise at times.
/cast [nocombat] Charge
/cast [combat] Kill Command
/cast Rabid
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

● Here's a link to the Ferocity pet build using the talents suggested in this guide.
This build has two floater talent points remaining for you to place where you see fit.

● Here's a link to the Cunning pet build using the talents suggested in this guide.
This build has one floater talent point remaining for you to place where you see fit.

● Here's a link to a DPS Tenacity pet build.
Since the talents you would want for DPS are the same talents used in the other two pet builds, you can read the descriptions found in those sections. Also, due to the fact that tenacity pets are really not meant for DPS, this build has nine talent points remaining. If you are indeed wanting a DPS build for a tenacity pet, you should probably use those points to reach Wild Hunt.

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While I have no problem with the less than positive feedback and/or constructive criticism, I would appreciate it if people would keep it sensible. Adding comments simply to state your opinion on Beast Mastery and where it compares to other specs doesn't add anything of any real value to the thread. Simply put, whether you yourself like it or not, some people want to play Beast Mastery for one reason or another. This guide was written specifically for them. If you're not one of those people, there's already (very well written) guides stickied at the top of the forum devoted to the other specs that should cover your needs. By all means, go read them.

While considerable time and effort has been spent to be as accurate as possible with the information provided, there's always the possibility to have an error or typo somewhere along the way. If you believe something is incorrect, by all means, point it out. But please include some form of information to back up the claim (such as a link [when applicable]). Simply stating how something did or didn't work so well the last time you were in a raid and/or heroic is merely anecdotal evidence. The same is true for target dummy testing. Neither offer enough in the way of actually proving anything. Most importantly though, please try to keep things civil. If there is indeed a proven error, I am more than happy to make the correction.

In closing, I would like to include a quote from my daughter; "It's not just about spirit beasts."
I couldn't agree more.

Thank you for reading.


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