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What is currently the best raiding server for horde on oceanic realms?
The title of this article isn't really relevant with "Raiding" so you might want to change it...

Anyway, I.M.O there is not "Best Rainding Server" on the Oceanic tab because it actually depends on the players, think of what you are going to type before you type it THINK MAN! THINK!

You are really are helping out these people Poem, Congratz on that. XD *cough* Damn Alliance! *cough*
looking for a good normal server for new horde to start at any ideas
All servers are suffering on Horde atm Drak so you're going to be tossing up between all of them tbh. Have a look here:

Start a toon, check out trade, AH, ask around. If it's full of idiots, delete and roll on another one until you find one you like :)

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