Can't talk in party chat when in dungeon

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For some reason i can talk in party chat when im not in a dungeon but if i do a random dungeon or somthing like that i cant type or here in the party chat. this also occurs with battle grounds. i have already tried the /resetchat thing it dint work
Hello Bask,

There is an ongoing issue with party chat not working, and Blizz is trying to get it fixed ASAP. While you wait, feel free to use the link Taamane gave you. It will have more information regarding your issue, and maybe it will even answer any other questions you have.

Have a great one!
08/30/2011 03:14 PMPosted by Bask
i have already tried the /resetchat thing it dint work

As the others indicated, this doesn't appear to be client side, Bask. It is currently under investigation and I'll provide what updates I can as soon as I hear something.
ya i can talk in battle ground again i havent done dungeon so ill se if its fixed later

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