Bloodsail Buc Question About Insane title

is it Required to have Bloodsail buc. Honored with Steamwhindle cartel exatled at the same time?

Blue post if you can confirm. Many and much mis-leading information out there.
Search is a damn hard thing to use, damn hard.
It is currently unknown, I've seen GM confirmations for both sides. I personally logged a ticket and was told it IS indeed required to have BSB at Honored, and Steamwheedle at Exalted at the same time, so I played it safe. However others can testify to being Hated with BSB at the time of getting the FOS, provided they had Honored at some point in time.
It has been reported time and time again that people have been able to get BB to honored then just drop it to grind Steamwheedle Rep and get The Insane just fine.
It is not unknown. Look at Raimondas's most recent Insane:

Additionally, when I use the macro to link my achievement in progress, it shows me as having completed step "get honored with Buccaneers" despite having tanked the rep since to work on Booty Bay.
what is the macro ?
Jeez, that is amazing. That is showing as a level 50 rogue. I am very impressed!
09/01/2011 11:56 AMPosted by Deathnotè
what is the macro ?

/script _=GetAchievementLink(2336);print('Shift click to link:', _)
Yes, I'm the guy who did Insane in the Membrane three times, my latest on the level 50 warlock posted above. (Level 50 being the absolute minimum possible level due to the Ravenholdt junkbox turn-in quest.) Also have Agent of the Shen'dralar on two of them (not on the latest though, of course).

So I know a few things about this Feat of Strength. Anybody want a Pristine Black Diamond? :)

I can tell you that at the time I did it the FIRST time, it was unknown whether you had to keep all the reputations at the same time; even GMs would give conflicting information (and I hear they still do). So I did it the hard way.

In fact, it is NOT necessary to keep them all at the same time.

However, you have to have the reputation after the introduction of the achievement system (patch 3.0.2 or so). So if you got the rep during Vanilla or BC, AND lost it before Wrath came out, you'll have to grind it again. But if you currently have it, or you grind it in the future, you can safely lose it.

You can add the Feat to your objectives tracking with the following command:

/run AddTrackedAchievement(2336)

Note that due to a current bug in Blizzard's objectives tracker, you'll have to do this each time you log in, until Blizzard fixes the objectives tracking.

I keep a blog with various notes and guides on Insane in the Membrane at . Feel free to drop by.
Does anyone know if u can be hated with bloodsail buc and keep the insane title after u get it?
05/06/2012 07:53 PMPosted by Kendalis
Does anyone know if u can be hated with bloodsail buc and keep the insane title after u get it?

Once you get it, it's yours. You can kill all your reps afterwards, you still got it.

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