[H] <Industry> 10m Raiding Guild Recruiting

Hey guys,

Industry is currently looking for:

Skilled and reliable players,
In particular:
- 2 x Healers (We are particularly looking for a Resto Druid and Resto shaman (with a mid/strong ele OS))

We raid sunday and monday nights, sunday is 7-10pm and monday is 8-11pm (all times are ST)

Current progression is 10/12 - t11, 0/7 - t12
Whisper Gazzg, Snaj or Soulafein in game for more information.
You might want to post what level of progression you are.

You might want to post on your main next time, alts don't demand much respect.


    4/4 BoT - 6/6 BWD - 2/2 BH - 2/2 ToT4W - 0/7 FL


    Holy Paladin

This post reserved for progression and recruitment changes.
bamp for OT and healer
Bump for fresh meat and new faces.
bump for a great OT <3
Calling all Healadins!
bump for 2 healers, FL runs start next weekend.
Bump for one last healer!
Bump for face-rolling to 6/7HM on Sunday, still need one sexy Healadin or a Resto Shammy with a solid Lightningballthrowing OS.
hy guyz i can halp u
Still looking for a resto shammy with a

08/27/2011 09:03 AMPosted by Gazzg
strong ele OS

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