<Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 8/8 HM

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any spot for great rogue dps?
Throw up an application via the google doc. You'll know by Tuesday morning if you get an invite. It's hard to say what our needs are until Tuesday.
ok I did =D
A Spot for a solid spriest, ret pally, hpally.
Target is 6/8 HM here.
Selling the Rogue Legendary this week as well, 6250g per gem clusters.

And you are eligible for a pot share which is generally 35-55k per evening.
Urgent need for a solid hpally with HM exp
Opening for high dps spriests.
Opening for a solid:
Fire mage
Resto shaman
Misc, high dps.
Got a few key dps spots avail tonight.

2 misc dps
1 ret.
1 hpally
1 lock

All must be lookin to purchase gear as well.

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