<Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 8/8 HM

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Get the gear up an we'll cycle you in. We are looking for a few good rogues.
Was there still a need for a Mage?

EDIT: In reference to possibly joining the guild?

Do you guys recruit or plan on picking up players in the future? Or is it mostly a GDKP based guild?
Im looking to join in on the run with either this rogue or my enchancement Shaman- Someoned.
Anyone is welcome to join the guild. Being in the guild does not guarantee you a slot in the GDKP.

Your gear is a bit behind nevahmore, as is your experience. I would get it up a bit before apping to the run.
At this point we are looking for 1-2 full time mages, yes.
We are still looking for a high DPS frost DK, Moonkin/Ele sham, and a Rogue, at this point. A high DPS spriest is welcome as well. Ideally you are 7/7 Normal and 1/7 HM with some exp on other HM's.
At this point we're only looking for a Tank that has HM exp. In game mail daekon if you are interested. Target tonight is 5/7 HM.
Would 50k get a full clear on normal modes for my 362ish resto Druid?
Wtb monster frost dk's. and 1 rogue.

Please don't be awful.
Also resto shaman spot open potentially/ must be able to play ele or enhance as well.
Still looking for a frost DK.
spot for a disc/shadow priest this Saturday?
Need Resto/Feral druid?
5/7 HM now. WTB better dps.
We always have room for exceptional DPS. In particular, Frost DK's, Moonkins, Hunters, Spriests and Rogues.
Komodos if you're experienced and geared we can definitely create room for a resto druid.

***** NOTE *****
This run will not be available on October 22nd, 2011. I will be at Blizzcon, as will a number of the people in this run. The run will continue on October 29th, 2011.
GL guys. =|
Sign up this next week Tsukii. I dont mind cycling you in but I need a bit better perf is all.
Unfortunately. i will be out of the country for about 7weeks.

All in all, i didn't think my perf was bad.

After checking logs, Where I was dying on H beth, it appears i was taking increased amounts of damage from spinner spittings (no taunts?). Aside from that, normal damage(bursts and ~1pool ticks).
Handling broodlings were a bit tough in that corner, where they spawn on a small ledge and furthest from the bulk of the raid. I may have taken slightly more damage chasing broodlings that were not running where it's expected to run (such as targeting someone near the south right entrance).
My performance in other bosses seem perfectly acceptable, I think, i just feel that H-beth is really a cluster-f of a fight for me, given that i need to do so many things : Taunting Spinners, Handling Broodlings, laying traps, killing spiderlings(which can be tedious if broodlings are following their path), then trying to attack the drone.

Me dying on the start of Domo was because my GPU crapped it self and the screen went black for 10secs.

Although I may be throwing out excuses, I felt like I had to address why my performance in h beth sucks.

Thanks for taking me through Firelands. <3

Hopefully when i get back, there will be a spot for me in 4.3 =3

Goodluck on H RAG!

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