<Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 8/8 HM

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Hey I'm working to gear up my Frost DK, by this sat I'll have all the valor gear + all the BoE 378s.

I raided on my warrior 6/7 HM with plenty of attempts on H-rag. I'm good, Musai / Skytech will vouch for me and you can check out my warrior Blackenedd on tich.

Lemme know if you got a spot for me and I'll be there this sat.
Personally, Tsukii, I was new to that fight too. About 4 of the fights we did the other week were all new to me as well, but I remember hearing that the DPS requirements for Hunters on that fight are particularly wonky because of the massive amount of target switching we do during.

Additionally, I truthfully have no idea how my performance was aside from trying to learn the fights. My gear was/is a bit behind most of this group's, but I appreciate (Daekon) being taken anyway. It was good to actually clear the place even if my play time has been cut so much by school requirements. I'll sign up when I can, but Daekon, if you have any specific feedback, I welcome it. I haven't really raided seriously since ICC so I was sort of going by what you guys told me with the 123 (here's what you do) pulls.

P.S. Where are these logs? I don't see them listed anywhere on the first pages of either of these threads.
We are looking for exceptional frost DK's Daytwo. If you can get your gear up, I can probably get you a slot. I'll know more mid week.

Logs are listed on "The Federal Reserve" on world of logs.

I mainly compare DPS requirements to what our Friday run does. I don't expect the same, but I do expect within reason is all. Saturday's DPS is significantly behind, but we did manage 5/7 HM this week. Before we attempt Bael we'll need it to be quite a bit tighter.

In addition, people need to think on their feet for meteor phase for Domo. Those are the two crutches we have at the moment.
We are also looking for a resto shaman who can play elemental well.
Hey Daekon, I just filled out the google doc for my frost Death Knight Bobkelso, Looking forward to hearing back from you
I'll adjust invites when I get back tonight.
Tonights needs are:

Moonkin with a resto offspec.
Frost DK - Must have good exp/good dps.
Lock/Spriest, good dps/experience.
10/12/2011 01:59 AMPosted by Daekon
Logs are listed on "The Federal Reserve" on world of logs.

I've been doing logs for Saturday runs for a few weeks now due to Zeevah only raiding on Friday's, so they're listed under my guild. I'll get my WoL account switched over to The Federal Reserve, but for now, Saturday's logs are posted here: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/101853/
Okay, sounds good. If you`re looking at Group Two logs, check out Friday/Saturday logs for them.

Reminder, no GDKP For the week of Blizzcon.
Resigned up on my frost DK for this week again, got alot better gear since i came last
LF 6/7 HM exp players. PST. We are also selling loot to external players.
We are selling Seething Cinders this week for the highest bid per cinder. In game mail me your bid to get a spot and be locked in for the night. They will start at 375g PER seethign cinder.

Highest bid by Thursday will get a confirmed spot.
Do u need a hpally?
LF a solid resto druid or disc/holy priest for tonight. Must have HM exp, and looking to purchase gear.
If your still in need of a disc priest, I'll heal and purchase dat loot.
lemme know if you need a priest or pally next week
We'll need a DK for friday most likely, and potentially a priest saturday.

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