<Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 8/8 HM

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Remember to sign up on our google docs. for this week.
Bump, now 6/7 HM for Saturday too.
We are selling Rag Kill's for 10k.
We will need people this week since some are gone on vacation for Thanksgiving. This is a great opportunity to show us that you can perform so that when 4.3 comes ..you may potentially get a slot.
Will you have someone gathering souls in the Saturday run this week? Would gladly pay for them if not.
Bump - Looking for a Disc/holy priest for 2night. You must have HM experience.

Hatee: Yes we do, he finishes his tonight, and then we have another person starting next week if we continue to do FL.
hunter, ilvl 386, 6/7h

1 Ele sham - solid gear/dps
1 Moonkin - Solid gear/dps
1 Disc/holy priest - Solid gear/heals.

Future runs - 1 ret paladin - solid gear/dps
Bump -

A resto druid.
Looking for a tank for Saturday.

Must have a competitive OS for DPS.

Prot paladin preferred.
Bump. Target is 8/8 again next week 25M.
Destro/Demo lock
Fire mage.
Ret Pally
Frost/UH DK.

All should have exceptional DPS and looking to purchase gear as well.
Not sure if you were planning to do these around Christmas, but I'll be 3000 miles away from my PC for the next couple of weeks. glhf etc
we will, but ty for the heads up:)
We are looking for fillers for next week during the Xmas break. This would be a good way to get noticed and brought into our main rosters as we are looking to fill certain slots.

Sign up on the google doc before Tuesday.
Mohd - i can do both fri - sat raids but after new year i prefer fri raids

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