<Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 8/8 HM

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I think we may be full. I'll be logging on shortly to verify the #'s
I may have a holy pala or ret looking for a spot. Healed H:Rag with you.
Is it that girl who dc'd?

We will have a spot for a rogue starting this week to start on his legendary dagger.
If you are interested, please contact me in game via mail.

Opening bids are 750k and you will be eligible for a pot share per week. If you are part way through your dagger, you will obviously get a refund for the portion you have completed on your own.

We have completed 5 up to now. Friday is working on the 6th one.
Willing to bring boomkin or frost dk.
Legendary dagger still for sale in this run.

You will be eligible for a pot share and we charge 6250g per gem cluster.

Opening for mages, a solid spriest, and a rogue buyer for the Legendary Dagger.
Also a moonkin/resto druid.
If you ever need a disc priest, I'd love to go
Bump for 5/8 HM.
Target this week is to farm it again, reliably.
LF High DPS Mages.
Opening for a high DPS Ret pally or solid Hpally this week. Also mage opening still.
Room for a gem cluster buyer this week.
Bump for two heroic cunnings and a 62k pot total for us:)
As usual, we have room for a rogue buyer for the legendary this week.
In game mail me a deposit of 50k if you are interested, and based on your gear/experience..you will be selected. If not your deposit will be mailed back before Tuesday.

6250g per gem cluster.
I talked to you last week. Sent you in-game mail.
We are looking for a high performing spriest at this time for an immediate spot.
Immediate spot for a resto shaman as well.
Open spots for externals who would like to purchase gear. In game mail Nemesis or whisper him

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