Blood Warlock - A healing spec

Just a fair warning, this is a lengthy read. If you don’t have the time, please don’t post at the bottom TL;DR. I have been debating whether or not to post this on here for a long, long time. I know this community and I know how a lot are on here. I don’t mind constructive criticism. What I do mind is some 14 year old who wants to be a jerk because the internet gives him the ability to.

Anyways, here goes...

Blood Warlock (Healing spec) - Story time!!!

“Karthal watched as Mattius the Holy Priest was splattered over the dungeon floor by a swift club-swing of the unnaturally strong ogre.
‘Gods damnit. Why didn’t he move?’ he thought. ‘Orgers aren’t the quickest creatures in Azeroth’.

The fight hadn’t been going well from the beginning. Krug the Warrior just didn’t have the gear he needed to confront this particular obstacle, but the group as a whole thought that they would be able to pull it off and become heroes (and score some loot in the process). Now that their healer was smeared 30 feet backwards, hopes that this encounter was going to end in their favor was dwindling. It was so close, too! The ogre had to be on his last breath.

Krug parried another massive swing and went in for an attack, blade sinking deep into the ogre’s belly. There was no reacting to the counter attack from the ogre as its giant fist pummeled Krug in the face. Reeling back, trying to blink the blood away, Krug and the creature roared in agony. Krug didn’t anticipate that the foe had enough energy left for much of a fight after that blow. He fell to his knees.

The ogre stomped and roared again. Krug was wrong.

Head bent low, the ogre began to charge. There was no way Krug would be able to dodge in time: he would be flattened. It was a wipe for sure.

In that instant, something made the hairs on the back of Karthal the Warlock’s neck stand on end. His chest felt hot. The feeling flowed into his fingertips. There had to be something he could do; this creature seemed to be resistant to all the fel magic available to him. The rogue was still able to dash in and out of the shadows to catch the creature unawares and was making considerable progress on taking the beast out, but he wanted Krug dead. Once that had happened, there was nothing stopping the monstrosity from coming after him and his paper-thin armor.

Suddenly, gashes appeared at Karthal’s fingertips. Bright red blood flowed freely from his hands and down his arms. He felt light headed and the sight of the blood just made it worse. Through his haze, he felt himself cold on the inside now, but dripping down his arm was liquid warmth.

‘Warmth’ Karthal thought. He missed being warm. Down here in the dank, dark depths of whatever level of Hell this was. He’ll probably never feel it again. His head was swimming. What was this unusual feeling? He has never experienced any magic, fel or elemental, such as this. What was happening? Why was he bleeding all of a sudden?

The ogre was closing in. Any second now, it would be over for Krug, and then it would be over for him. The rogue could easily slip into the shadows, disappear into the nothingness. Lucky bastard. There was no place for Karthal to go, not after Krug fell. Krug stood between his life and his death.

His senses came round. Krug looked dazed, battered, and nearly broken.
The ogre was on him, club raised high into the air, ready to smash.

Karthal’s hand moved in front of him, still blood drenched. ‘KRUG! Your shield! Raise your shield!’
Before the words left his mouth, a deep red glow traveled from the tips of Karthal’s hand into the beaten orc. Krug felt warm.

Karthal had to turn away. He couldn’t watch another guildmate get splattered on the floor.
The cavern rattled. Karthal turned to see Krug, who hadn’t raised his shield to defend, but had the strength to raise his sword to destroy.

The blood on Karthal’s hands was gone. He couldn’t move. He could only look down and his clean robes, which were soaked with liquid life mere moments ago.

Krug retracted his sword and let the beast fall to the floor, twitching and inhaling its last breath.
‘Well that’ he said wiping off his sword with a confused, but thankful look on his face ‘was new’.”

Welcome to what I envision as a new fourth spec for the wonderful world known as the Warlock.
Warlocks are former arcanists, or in the case of the orcs, former shamans, who, in pursuit of ever-greater sources of power, have cast off their studies of the arcane or nature magics to delve deeper into the darker, fel-based magic of shadow.

The very first warlocks moved from the shamanistic path onto the path to embrace fel magic and enslave demons. Gul’dan, the most powerful warlock, and arguably the most evil adversary Azeroth has ever seen, was the first to undergo this transition. The shamanistic tendencies, however, could still remain and a new way to incorperate fel and sacrificial magics with the healing properties of elemental and water magic isn’t too far-fetched.

A warlocks bread-and butter spell to get more mana is Life Tap. The idea is simple: the warlock sacrifices a relatively small amount of his life to replinish his ability to pew pew. Its very unique to the warlock and is manageable given the amount of stamina a warlock generally has. It is a sacrifice of personal health for a selfish gain of power.

But warlocks aren’t dumb. No sir, they are quite cunning and very intelligent. Warlocks know that they wear cloth. They prefer that the tanks in their shiny plate armor are taking the beating. They also know that blood is the liquid of life. You lose a lot of blood, you lose your life. A warlock would relish the idea of sacrificing a little of their liquid life in order to sustain their party members. After all, if the party wins, they win. While it may seem self-less to heal, the warlock would look towards their new found abilities as just another means to an end. Alive party = dead boss = more loot = more power.
What type of healer will a Warlock be? Well, the answer is a raid and a tank healer! “But wait! They can’t be both! You have to be one or the other!” Well, I say bologna on that paradigm. The Warlock healer will be just as good at either assignment because of how they’ll be designed.

NOTICE: The following is ONLY based on a 4th spec being added to the existing 3 for each class in World of Warcraft. I also would like to see the holy trinity of heal, dps and tank have buff specs added to it. Not purely buff, but maybe these trees can be buff/minor dps or buff/minor healing, and 5 mans uped to 6 mans (1 tank, 1 Heal, 3 dps, 1 buff/dps or 1 buff/heal). But, that is a different thread.
Blood Warlock - healing tree
Battle Mage - tanking tree
Survival Shaman - tanking tree (I’m going to do this workup next, I think. I really want to rename all the specs after each totem - Fire = enhance, Ground = new tanking, Air = Elemental, Water = resto [I really just want to see in trade “Looking for healer, prefer Aquaman”])

I am not a theory crafter, and I don’t know the exact ins and outs of everything WoW or healing has to offer. This is just how I’d imagine a warlock would heal: Damage dealing that heals, a bubble that initially does a tad amount of damage, Mastery that is based on total amount of bloodshed on the battlefield, and stealing health from the “richer” and giving it to the “poorer”. Numbers aren’t included because, well, they’ll just change anyways. Remember, I was just going for the flavor of a Blood Warlock, not exactly trying to get the exact numbers down to be viable. Numbers can change.

I know a lot of people think that a Warlock should be able to tank, especially by some extension of Demonology. A pet that tanks a mob or two is fine (voidwalker style). A pet that tanks a complicated fight like the Lich King is not feasible. If you became a demon and were able to tank yourself, that may work, but then you essentially take away what someone’s favorite DPS spec (mine, for starters). I personally feel like a Mage with magical armor that deflects blows is more believable than a large purple demon that does, anyways. Having a 4th spec for Mages to tank and Warlocks to heal would separate them enough that they would, finally, feel like different classes (opinion).

Spells and Abilities:

Flow of Life - Buff - The friendly target receives the healing from Syphon Life. Up to 5 targets can have Flow of Life applied, but the healing is divided amongst all targets. Lasts until canceled. Perhaps a Blood Well can be summoned, and everyone can click it themselves (hey, gotta have a little room for herpderp, right? “Okay, who’s the noob healer who clicked the Blood Well? Get rid of the buff so that someone who’s actually going to be damaged can have it”)

Syphon Life - Channeled (Long cast, low mana) - Life is drained from the enemy target and flows into those affected with Flow of Life.

Soul Burn Syphon Life - Channeled - The healing done to the Flow of Life targets is increased by X%.

Bane of the Damned - The affected enemy’s life force is set ablaze by the warlock. Any damage dealt by non-blood direct damaging attack increases increases the effectiveness of your Blood Spells by a very, very small %.

Pain Split - Instant (Medium mana, medium cooldown) - Friendly target and another raid member with the highest remaining health have their health averaged, essentially stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Higher intellect will give the weaker player more, and take less from the healthier player, but not on a 1:1 basis.

Bathe in Blood - (Short cast, large mana, long cooldown, huge range) - Oh crap raid heal button. Healing blood pours from the Warlock outwards, healing those standing closest the most.

Cauterize - Instant (Medium mana, Shield) - The friendly players blood boils, causing a small amount of damage, but allows the absorption of significantly more. Debuff’s the player and they can’t be Cauterized again for 15 seconds. Lasts for 10 seconds. Absorbed amount based on intellect.

Dark Mark - Instant (medium cooldown, medium mana) - Scribes a dark inscription on the floor at the foot of target player that lasts 4 seconds. X% of any damage dealt within a 6 yard radius of the Dark Mark to players is converted into a buff to the next Bathe in Blood spell or Syphon Life spell. The Dark Mark will be consumed before 4 seconds if Bathe in Blood or Syphon Life is cast.

Sanguinate - (Fast Cast, medium - large mana) - Only direct heal a Warlock has

Health Stone - Health stones created by a Blood Warlcok will in addition to healing also has the Cauterizing absorption applied to the user, along with the debuff.

Fallen Angel - New Warlock Demon - A servant of the gods cast away from grace, the Fallen Angel is the new demon of choice for Blood Warlocks. The Fallen Angel will roam the battlefield only a short distance from the warlock, moving towards players with low life and healing them with Fallen Grace every 5 seconds (Smart HoT). Health Funnel will be essential for keeping her alive and useful, especially if she’s applying Fallen Grace around a mob which gets her aggro. The Fallen Angel will allow for dispelling of defensive magic, curses and diseases.
Fallen Angel - Demon Soul - Healing you do is increased by 10%, your Life Tap spell increases your spirit by X% and your Pain Split spell will split the life taken between the highest two party members instead of one. Lasts 20 seconds.

Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Cauterize - Decreases the debuff caused by Cauterize by 4 seconds and increases the amount of damage dealt initially and the amount absorbed by X%.

Glyph of Flow of Life- Allows one extra Flow of Life target and increases the amount healed by X%.

Glyph of Pain Split - Pain Split will steal life from the top two healthiest players, or three under Demon Soul effect.

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Sanguinate - Your Sanguinate spell cast on others will also heal you for X% of the healing done.

Glyph of Syphoning - When channeling Syphon Life, lower health players with Flow of Life will get more healing than those with more health.

Glyph of Blood Bath - Increases the range of your Bathe in Blood spell and leaves any healed this way with a “Bathed” buff, increasing all healing received by X% for 10 seconds.

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Fallen Angel - Increases the distance your Fallen Angel will travel from you by 5 yards and increases its movement by 5%.

Glyph of Fallen Grace - Increases the effectiveness of your Fallen Angel’s Fallen Grace HoT by X% and reduces its cooldown by 1 second.

Tank Healing - The best way to tank heal as Blood will be to apply Flow of Life to both of the tanks only and perhaps to yourself as well, depending on your raid make up and gear level. Also, try and Cauterize them before known damage lands. You should try to stay closer towards the front so that emergency Bathe in Blood will hit the tanks. Then, Syphon Life to heal, casting Sanguinate when needed.

Raid Healing - Apply Flow of Life to melee first, then to your weakest ranged players (or those with latency issues). Use Pain Split to spread the damage out and allow your Fallen Angel to HoT them up. Glyph of Syphon Life will ensure you aren’t wasting your heals on healthy players. Bathe in Blood those standing in groups. Cauterize those taking damage, then Pain Split them.

Mastery -
Mastery will increase the effectiveness of Blood spells the more blood that’s been shed! Towards the beginning of the fight, mastery will do next to nothing for the Blood Warlock. As the fight continues, and damage on the battlefield racks up (from tank damage, to standing-in-fire damage, to life-tapping damage, to boss damage, to player deaths, to mob deaths - anything that causes blood and gore to hit the floor) the effectiveness of Blood spells will increase.
  • You have been playing way too much MtG, my friend :-) Though the idea is cool. Especially of a 4th Spec.
    Normally this is the sort of thread I'd read for a good chuckle...

    But wow. That is really well done and thought out. Super cool idea, and I actually wouldn't mind healing with it (especially if there was some more emphasis on stealing and redistributing an enemy's health).
    Normally this is the sort of thread I'd read for a good chuckle...

    But wow. That is really well done and thought out. Super cool idea, and I actually wouldn't mind healing with it (especially if there was some more emphasis on stealing and redistributing an enemy's health).

    Thanks. I was just trying to think of a different way to heal. Then one of my friends said something about Robin Hood and I was like "Holy crap, that's how I think a Warlock would heal if he could".
    You really thought this one out, like really really, i respect that reel talk. Such that i couldnt even start but read a few of the spells, but i think itd be cool if we had a spell to heal others much alike to health funnel, a spell like that alone without an entire 4th spec would be just fine too, because we wouldn't be healing, we would be transferring life.
    I read the words blood warlock and immediately ignored everything that came after it.
    If a 4th spec ever came to be, I would definitely want something like this. So I like it, but not enough to replace what already exists.
    I have to say, you did a lot of thinking in this, and it is definitely commendable.

    The thing is, this kind of damage dealing that heals is nothing new to MMORPGs. I played a Warrior Priest (Paladin Similarity) in Warhammer Online. The idea is a nice one, and it is fun to play, hectic and interesting to manage.

    With this class, you would do damage with heavy blows from your hammer, but it would heal you or your secondary target. Similar to focus, you have your enemy target, then your healing target and yourself. Some of these abilities would be an AoE heal that was done by relentless whipping of the hammer around in circles, decimating enemies in front of you, but healing everyone within 20 yards or so.

    I loved the gameplay, but unfortunately WoW was just a better designed game overall, and more to do in general. The idea of healing through damage dealing is fun to think about, hard to accomplish, and fun to try.

    If this fourth spec thing ever does happy, i would hope they would consider your idea, but with that being said, Warlocks are not a healing sort, they are managers of darkness and evil. Spreading sickness and curses throughout the battlefield. While self healing like that would be awesome (for lack of a better word) it would be considerably OP and the Devs wouldnt see a fit in it for this class. I hope i am wrong though.

    Thank you for imagination and throughput. maybe Blizz should offer you a job.
    Thanks everyone who was constructive. I'd like to see the dual casting with two hands up, draining the life outta your enemies. That's a fantastic visual in my head. It's been a while since I checked here, but I'm happy to see some feedback. Let me know of any more ways I can improve on my idea!
    Nice idea.

    Somewhat doubt that Blizz will create a 4th spec, but if they do this is awesome. Just rather than blood, make the name something else (mostly because blood DKs are tanks and well......holy is a healer for both classes that have it, as are prot and resto (for their particular dungeon styles))

    Again, nice idea and well thought out.
    do these forums have a like button?
    Awww. Thanks! I'm pretty sure there is a thumbs up somewhere. I'd appreciate it!

    I must say, was kinda worried about a flame fest at first. But I took my time and tried to think of as many details as possible to help everyone see my vision.

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