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they seemed clueless when I called. Im trying to set up paypal and it says accepted, but nothings happening (after 24 hours)
it could be either- safari is hiding something from me
-I have no fund in my pay pal bank account, but i have over $600 in my paypal smart connect card- which is a line of credit, and also my #1 method of payment.

now, it shouldnt matter if the funds are coming from my bank, or my line of credit...or i thought....why cant i play ??? QQ
*grumble* Ill just get a came time card for now, le sigh
Usually when there is an issue setting up a PayPal subscription, the issue is on PayPal's side of things. Blizzard only cares that the PayPal account also has backup funding (major credit card attached).
I want to use smart connect too!
Please do not open old threads. This thread is over three years old and Blizzard has zero to do with Smart Connect. If you want to use different means of funding your account you need to contact Paypal. They're the company that might actually be able to help you.

If a thread is over two weeks old (and often only a few days depending on the issue) please make a new thread. The information for WoW is constantly changing and being updated and this is especially true in customer support.

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