[Bug] event calendar after 3.1 update

Mobile Bug Report
Upgraded mobile armory to 3.1 version on my iPhone. Now I cannot access events. When I select events from the main page, character page or guild page, the mobile armory app crashes and closes. I was able to see my calendar and accept events prior to the upgrade with no problem. Thank you for your help
Lyda, are you still experiencing this crash in the 3.1.1 update?
I can confirm with the 3.1.1 update that selecting Events causes the application to crash on the iPhone.
I have this issue too.

The app didn't crash but I just can't access my event calender after the update.

It keeps telling me that this character is unavailable due to long period of inactivity, but this is my main which I've logged on everyday.
I'm having the exact same issue was working fine until yesterday and now can't access the calendar
I can't access it on the Mobile App and when I try to on the non-mobile armory, it gets stuck on loading the event.
Was this after upgrading to 3.1.1 or a fresh install? If it was after an upgrade, please uninstall the Mobile Armory and download a fresh copy off of the App Store.

If you continue to encounter this issue, let me know.

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