Through a Glass, Darkly (Thyrinar) - boomkin

Through a Glass, Darkly is a challenging part of the Legendary Staff quest.

There are a number of postings that describe this encounter, which should be relatively easy to find. This post offers some high level guidance to boomkins seeking to defeat Thyranir, the final boss in this part of the quest chain - though I think the advice is generally applicable to most classes.

I think it is fair to say that the majority of WoW players would not be able to complete this quest with the gear available at the writing of this post, though specific classes like Mages will have a much easier time than others such as Warlocks or Druids. Of course, most WoW players are not going to be anointed by their raid to receive the required 25 eternal embers - so a certain amount of proficiency is assumed.

Players with 378 gear and a solid background in PvP and PvE will be well positioned to complete this quest. Exceptional players will likely not need guidance and are probably writing posts about how easy it was and that they finished in so many minutes.

For the rest of us, I recommend thinking through this encounter carefully and respec, re-gear, re-glyph, and redo your tool bar / key bindings to better deal with the challenges of this quest. The trick is smart movement along with the ability to self-heal and CC the boss and adds - all while being able to damage the boss and burn down the adds.

Prior to this quest chain, I had my interface and abilities optimized for PvE raiding as a boomkin or healz. Unfortunately, I found I needed both capabilities for this quest at the same time. So, I respecced as boomkin and focused on DOT and HOT talents and glyphs - switching forms during fights (moonkin form and caster) as needed.

Actually, the biggest change for me was redesigning my toolbars and bound keys. I found that I needed to seamlessly HOT myself, apply DOTs, and CC at any given time to adapt to the environment. Clearly, this is not needed in the vast majority of PvE encounters and hence my original set of toolbars / bound keys were not set up to do execute those abilities at the same time efficiently. So switching was a bit painful and I practiced on the target dummies and some elites in Twilight Highlands once I determined the final boss was way harder than I expected.

One final note - once I tuned my toon for the final boss, I successfully 1-shotted him though the fight seemed to last forever (probably a dozen adds). However, getting to the boss was much more painful in my new spec than during my initial attempt with my standard boomkin raiding setup. Perhaps that was just the learning curve for my new user interface.

Good luck!
in b4 this was easy.... well, mebbe it was due to being able to Steal the last bosses self buff Twilight Restoration (Regenerates 10000 health per second. Restores 1000 mana per second.
Damage taken reduced by 50%. made everything but 'run from the beam' lol).

Don't Druid's have to spec deep into Resto (Nature's Cure) for the required offensive dispel?
yea this should be easy for any mage, it defentally favors them with spellsteal. i had to respec,glyph etc to get this part of the chain down as well. another tip that i havent seen on some forums is you can have your guild/friends buff you up before you go in if there nice enough to hang out in front of the entrance, (which my guild was happy to do ) just dont get into a group with any of them or youll have to run the gauntlet all over again. at first i was aggervated with blizz for making this a one sided fight that absolutley favors 1 class when theres multiple classes trying to acomplish this, but after a 12 min fight the time i got it down it was all worth it, gl on the rest of the chain everyone!
As affliction It was quite daunting, especially since by pet died as he put the heal up and he was at 1% for about a minute.

I put demon armor on since it gave the most self healing
Put the teleport in the corner at an angle as a oh!@#$ button
Use felhunter to interrupt the blast/purge the buff and tank the adds, when an add comes up have your hunter tank him on the opposite side by the time you pull agrro he'll be dead
If your hunter died use soulburn + felhunter and put soulink back on.
Use drain life as a filler
Only lifetap if you are above 40% and nothing is on you.
Keep a ss and hs on you
Keep dots on the boss

Also I forever hate mages now because of this.
09/07/2011 01:00 AMPosted by Rigrot
Also I forever hate mages now because of this.

Don't worry, we hate you locks too since the lol Fear-DoT-Fear-Dot-Fear-DoT days

Why don't we have a peace summit, I'll provide the obviously not spiked Conjured Foodstuffs and you can bring some candy.
Is it possible to Cyclone the boss's restoration buff?

Boss-type mobs are usually immune to Cyclone, but perhaps this one is susceptible to it.

If Cyclone doesn't work, then the fight would in fact be lopsided for Moonchickens - given that Mages, Warlocks and Priests all have ways to dispel the boss's restoration buff.
08/31/2011 07:17 AMPosted by Spárx
Don't Druid's have to spec deep into Resto (Nature's Cure) for the required offensive dispel?

If you spec into Nature's Cure, you aren't boomie, you are resto. And it's not an offensive dispel.
09/07/2011 01:00 AMPosted by Rigrot
Also I forever hate mages now because of this.

Yeah... no.

I did it as a mage. I'd love to try it on my Warlock and my Druid if I had the chance, but assuming equal gear, I can only see it being harder for the Druid. And that's if Cyclone doesn't counter Thyrinar's restoration.

The Warlock has all the tools needed to defeat this encounter, including self-healing.
For a druid I would think the best way to do it would be no use boomkin and use selfheals to slowly widdle away hp.

Also you could prob typhoon the adds off the edge
Personally, I didn't respec at all for this.

I focused on keeping dots and hots up, making it a war of attrition more than anything else. Keeping mushrooms at the entrance to snare the add, popping dots and typhooning the add back into the snare helped me the most. Using solar beam to interrupt the attacks helped me if I was behind on my heals, and using nature's grasp really helped during a breath.

Rooting an add and throwing your treants at it will also make short work of the add in a pinch. They are cycloneable but I found that doing such just made it live too long.

It was slow going, but I found it really really fun to have a lot of things going on at once. :)

I also like seeing how everyone else did this quest, any class and spec. So far it's been my favorite quest in the game.
For a druid I would think the best way to do it would be no use boomkin and use selfheals to slowly widdle away hp.

Also you could prob typhoon the adds off the edge

Ugh, I wish it was as easy as typhooning adds off the edge. Believe me, I tried a few times.

Admittedly, it took me a bit to get this quest done, and the head-shaped concave in my wall is a testament to the endeavor.

For druids, it's best done in a boomkin spec and with Entangling Roots, Sleep (if you really need to buy time with the adds), Nature's Grasp, Barkskin (which should be used as soon as it's off CD), and Lifebloom/Rejuv/Regrowth all keybound (if you don't already have them all keybound to a 1-5 & QWERT layout).

I highly recommend flasking/using raid food before you go up the ramp. As soon as the boss appears, use a Volcanic Potion (1200 spellpower for 12 seconds); that way it will be off CD again during the fight (another free 1200 spellpower). This comes in handy not only in getting ahead of the boss, but when you need a big heal.

DoT up the boss, cast Starsurge on CD, and spam Wrath (don't bother doing a usual rotation and getting into a lunar eclipse to spam Starfire). Feel free to use Solar Beam on the boss. He'll come down and melee you for a bit, which is a nice change. Barkskin should be active for all of this.

When he flies back up to shoot his breath/beam/whatever, run around and HoT yourself up/DoT up the boss. By the time an add arrives, the beam should be done so you can stand and cast Entangling Roots. If you still need to heal yourself, do it while the add is rooted, then shift back into boomkin form and nuke it. Add damage really stacks up (more so than the boss' damage) so it's absolutely necessary to burn them down quickly before you focus back on the boss.

From here on out, it's all rinse and repeat. If your health starts dipping below 50% then HoT yourself up (or spam Regrowth if the boss is at 20%, because you get an insane cast-time buff at that point). Remember to keep using Nature's Grasp, especially when you get into situations where you have 2 or more adds.

PS - the boss no longer (if he did at all before) uses Twilight Restoration to heal himself (at least when a Druid is doing the encounter; I can't speak for other classes) so just keep those DoTs on the boss and nuke him whenever adds are down. No need to watch for an interrupt.
This took me 4 days to do. I read through quite a few different forums and finally found one that worked for me. I changed my spec just a bit and reglyphed. I followed this site's help for moonkin. It's the second comment. It sure felt like it was taking forever to down him, but it got done!
Took me 3 days to figure this one out. I read all the strats from other lucky successful locks and ended up making my own system that worked for me. I went through all 3 specs, and settled on a custom affliction/survivability spec that was recommended by another forum poster.

The most frustrating part is that my fel puppy bug's out on the pillars that surround the platform just about ever encounter. I have to be extra careful to kite the breath counter clockwise so my puppy is on my left in the center of the platform away form the pillars. It wouldn't matter that much if his devour magic wasn't such an integral part of the fight. I can NOT do it without that pet ability and right now most of my wipes are due to this bug.

Making a handful of custom macros makes this fight almost easy... I say almost because I would never describe what I went through as easy.

(yes I realize this was intended for boomkin thread - but seemed to add to overall discussion)
I don't know how many of you druids do it. I, of course as a noob went there and died several times on adds just to find out that I'd have to re-clear all way up to dragon before she does the breath and opens that room with flying platforms.

I was in bear spec as a bear when I hopped on platform lol I was just standing there spinning unable to hit anything. Then I just had to hit my hearth stone. Change spec to boomy/resto. Went back cleared again. Got to platform. Did not have solar beam talent, got pretty much eaten by his bombs/shadow bolts.

Gonna try again today...this quest is horrible and why do rogues get these quests and it's so easy for them for their daggers...
what is the best way with the tallent tree for pvp
I am having a hard time getting this boss down. It took me awhile to get it after hours of head banging and desk facing into my keyboard....

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