4.3 Holy Paladin ideas (PVP)

I have an 85 of every class except a hunter, mage, and priest. My holy pally in arena is sometimes a complete joke against cc teams. You can trinket out of one thing to heal your friend getting owned, just to get cced again. If you try to cast, you are generally locked out of all your abilities, even bubble. Bubble is a joke against a priest or warrior team as you use it to get out of cc to save your friend and bam, bubbles dispelled and your cced again while you watch your friend die. I cannot rebuke someone getting ready to cc me as it's a short range ability. Hiding behind stuff may work for a bit, but soon you come out, your gonna get silenced or hit with a cc while your friend dies.

Our stun works half way descent, but it's 40 sec cooldown talented. We don't get to drop totems to help us, go intro a travel form, have shields we can throw on people to either protect them or heal them.. sure we can protect them, but they can't do anything while protected. We also don't have hex, fear, mana burn, cyclone, and mind control. Pallies have a lot of defensive abilities and I am personally hard to kill. I would give up some defensive stuff, even the lol bubble, to have a chance against crowd control. Even rebuke with a further range would be helpful to try and counter some cc. Pallies in a way may have more defenses than other healers, but that does not equal balance in arena as crowd control rules the day.
I think that most of us would agree that not using the talent that is at the bottom of our tree in LoD is kind of crappy but it is more the point of the matter more than the fact that we need something else to make us "whole".
from a purely quality of life issue i would like aura mastery to give me stun immunity and divine protection to be able to be used while stunned.

a shorter cooldown on Sac would be nice, since i'm pretty good at sw:ding sheeps its a much more nitpicky issue to sac a sheep.

a 31 point talent thats actually useful for pvp might be welcome. maybe a hot, that costs holy power that i can take instead of LoD, much like a warrior can chose TG or SMF at the bottom of their fury tree.
@ Pragmatic

I agree with you on that last 31 talent. It should be something useful for arena like the other classes get. I've tried to think of a pvp spec from another class that doesn't use their last talent. Heck, the hpally LOD isn't all that spectactular for pve either tbh.
I agree completely Snakeyes with your complaints and really like your suggestions Pragmatic. Please Blizzard read these posts and help us out with cc barrage. When other players automatically don't want to play with you because of the imbalance it affects the quality of gameplay for the player.
H Paladins belong in an RBG team.
In 2s, they lack.
It's all about where you put em.

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