A redesigned Arena System

A possible redesign of the Arena system.

Hi. I have a possible system for you to consider and/ or use at your disposal and/ or troll for me posting ^_^

This is broken into the following parts.

Why it works mathematically.


Create it so that you have 4 three month seasons per year, or roughly two per patch. Shorter seasons will be better, and the ladders and the players should increase.


Maybe the biggest section is going to be this one. I saw another poster mention brackets. I am sorry I just read it today, but the credit for the names and the brackets goes to that person. I concur, but I would like to flush out the idea with the math if I may. This how I propose they work.

3 Brackets, Bronze, Silver, Gold

First bracket, Bronze, is where all teams start. To leave this bracket you must fullfill two requirements. The first being you've played at least 100 games, no less in this bracket. Second, you have greater than 75% winnings for those 100 plus games. Achieving this moves you up to the Silver bracket. For the rest of the season, this character regardless of team can not go back into the Bronze bracket. This prevents the Glad 1k teams against the brand new arena players.

Silver bracket. It has the same rules as Bronze. To leave it, you must play at least 100 games in this bracket, and win more than 75% of those on or after 100 games.

Gold bracket. The gold bracket is the only bracket you can not go inactive in. When you accept the offer to go up to this bracket, then you agree to play at least 10 games per week, for each week remaining in the seaason.

Note on brackets: Leaving bronze will be an automatic response by the game client when you achieve the needed 100 games plus where 75% are wins. But, Silver bracket is not the case. You may stay in the silver bracket if you have greater than 75%.

The reason for this, is so that the Gold bracket becomes an honest to goodness Professional bracket. Which has stricter rules, and why not, it is pro right.

With this, you throw away the entire mmr system. The next season, pros and new players alike start in bronze. The pros will rapidly advance, and the new players will get a chance to see all kinds of skill level in the beginning, but as time goes on they will see more and more players at their skill level.


You are allowed to be on up to 5 teams at once. But once you reach Silver bracket on one team, all your new teams will be started on the Silver bracket and you can only take on to the team players from the Silver bracket. New toons and players can not go in on the Silver bracket until they have personally been on a team that earned its dues into the Silver bracket.

Gold bracket teams, if a player reaches Gold bracket, then their new teams will start on the silver bracket. It seems that this may bring in the “carrying” or “boosting” again, but I argue it will not because, 1) there is no MMR and 2) a Gold bracket player starting a new team in Silver will have to play the 100 plus games and achieve the minimal 75% before the player moves with the new team up to the Gold bracket. If they even choose to do so.

Matching is done by bracket obviously, but not entirely haphazardly. To start, all team matches per bracket are random matches. If a team beats another team 5 times in a row, then those two teams are barred from fighting each other for 30 minutes. This will prevent the winning team farming the other team for their 75% winning percentage. After the 30 minutes it is forgotten that this happened and they may be matched again randomly against each other.

Forcing the Gold bracket to fight a minimum of 10 games per week to stay in the gold bracket ensures that the ladder there does not die out entirely in the first two days of the season. If a team decides it can not, or life prevents them, then they are moved back down in the Silver bracket. They are not entirely punished for this, but they are to a degree. To move back to the gold bracket after once having been in it they must play 50 games and win 75% or better.

Also, you are only allowed once to drop out of the Gold bracket and then do the make up 50 games. If it happens a second time that team is band from competing seriously in the Gold bracket the rest of the season.

Silver Bracket throttling. Okay, so what happens if great players decide they don't want to go to the Gold bracket and rather farm the Silver? Simple, at a 90% winning percent they are moved in the sub-bracket Silver Plus. This is where all 90% plus players go. There is no reward for this, it is designed to protect the true Silver Bracket players from being farmed and a motivation for the 90% to consider Gold. Once in Silver plus you are not allowed out of it, you can only compete against those type players, and your percentage is fixed so that you can't bring in all your toons into this bracket and hog out the rewards.


Everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts despite their natural skill level and acquired skill level. All competitors will receive some war pet regardless. The season war pets, it could become yet another achieve to collect them, I dunno. Something for everyone.

For all the teams, it is based on the player not the number of teams. If you are on 5 teams and all 5 are in the top 25%, then you personally only count once for the numbers. This is to prevent players from locking out a system from other players. Those on your teams if they're all unique will get the same rewards, but only counted once. And only your highest team counts. You're lower level teams do not count against you.

The top 25% of the Bronze bracket will receive a land mount for the season.

The top 25% of the Silver bracket will receive a flying mount for the season, plus all Silver bracket players have the land mount from the Bronze bracket.

The top 50% of the Gold bracket will receive the new mount idea! Shameless plug of an idea here. The top 50% of Gold get a flying mount capable of aerial combat with enemy players, regardless of whether they have the ability to fight back or not. Oh yea, WAR craft. Right, this good. Also all Gold players get both the mounts from the Bronze and Silver brackets.

The top 25% of the Gold bracket get the mount plus the title Gladiator.


One set of gear for the season, just like it is now, with the same options to upgrade weapons and colors if you're in a Gold bracket team. Nothing has to change there.


New maps please, pretty please, with a cherry on top please.

3V3 can use the old maps once they're fixed ^_^, but you could add some new ones, we won't mind.

5V5 does not use the 3v3 maps. I'm no arena pro by any means, not even close, but to me, those maps are not meant for 10 ppl. It is a who can zerg someone down fest in tight maps. A bigger map, with more going on so that it is more than a zerg fest.


Gone from ratings entirely. Added into the skirmishes system of past. You can either que alone or as a group of two. Really, we want skirms back despite what you keep saying about “the data”. None of us waited more than a minute, that is our data back to ya.

Why it works.

The seasons will work like a calculus sequence. You can't take Calc 2 and pass if you fail at Calc 1. It is just not possible. But if you pass Calc 1 with a C or better you don't go back and take it again. If you were weak at Calc 1 you may end up failing Calc 2, and rightfully so, but you can retake it and keep working on your skills. Similarly, for Calc 3, you pass Calc 2 first, and like most non-math majors, non-science majors, non-engineering majors, you don't have to take Calc 3. You could be done with Calc 2.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider it.

Don't fix whats not bro-

Yeah your right.

But in all seriousness they should just reset mmr and have shorter seasons. I also like your "barred" out idea. But I do like farming teams also. For your rewards I think its pretty stupid. Not everyone just wants a COOLAWSMMOUNTLOOKATME. Id rather have different armor colorations based on your rating. The amount of win trading going on with that system would also be ridiculous lol.

Besides, glad players farming people in bronze bracket making it impossible for them to get a 75% w/l would be pretty retarded as well. Considering matching is based on bracket lol.

my .02 cents

edit 4 grahmerz
Only problem with shorter seasons is that the PVP seasons follow the PVE tier progression. You can't have a new pvp season until the next raid (ilvl gear) has came out :(
08/25/2011 11:43 AMPosted by Irrwisch
Just play the game or quit it, sadly :/

Sad but true.

Thanks for reading it. I thought about this morning reading another post. So I thought I'd flesh the idea out and give it some life.

08/25/2011 10:12 AMPosted by Osm
Not everyone just wants a COOLAWSMMOUNTLOOKATME. Id rather have different armor colorations based on your rating.

To each their own. The rewards were the least important part. It was to address the fact that such a small fraction of a percent of the entire base gets anything. Colored gear, or new mounts, eh, don't matter to me. I just want to see it active and actually a "true season" like every other sport out there in the world. Thanks for reading it though.

Only problem with shorter seasons is that the PVP seasons follow the PVE tier progression. You can't have a new pvp season until the next raid (ilvl gear) has came out :(

Maybe I forgot to add this thought I was having. But two seasons share the same gear so as not to mess up the all important and godly pve of the game. It would make the second season faster at first for the Gold Bracket, and easier for the Bronze and Silver because they would be already geared.

08/25/2011 11:43 AMPosted by Irrwisch
Secondly putting so much work into redesigning pvp is not profitable and won't happen.

This is the most brutal fact of them all..

Thanks all!
Although its nice to see new ideas thrown out there and I do agree the seasons are too long but I dont know if making 2 seasons with the same gear set will keep people queing. As it is right now I dont think anyone is done with a full set of gear yet however the ladders are already pretty dead and its a pain to climd rating regardless where you are on the ladder right now.

Arenas certianly could use something to somehow boost their participation which right now is really bad. But there is just one thing no one can fix and that is the fact that arenas are 10 seasons old and that this game is almost 7 years old.
08/25/2011 08:50 PMPosted by Anatomyz
this is super flawed

Sorry, literally, just brain storming, trying to put ideas out there.

Ignore this if it is ridiculous.


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