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Every year we jam-pack BlizzCon with as many events, panels, tournaments, contests, and entertainment options as possible. To make sure you’re in the know in the weeks ahead leading up to BlizzCon, and especially during the big weekend itself, be sure to follow our brand-new Twitter feed. Rather than trying to divide our coverage and updates between the @Warcraft, @StarCraft, and @Diablo feeds, there’s now a single destination for all things BlizzCon.

Start following @BlizzCon today for all the latest news and to engage in 140-character conversations with the global BlizzCon audience. We look forward to sharing with you from the show floor!
Thanks for the heads up Zarhym!! :>
Will follow. ;]
First page! =O

I can't wait for my Blizzcon pet<3
Last year's Blizzcon didn't feel jam-packed, but I am looking forward to this one none the less.
I don't Twitter.
whats the pet and or mount we might get this year?
What's a Twitter?
And is that how I eBay?
Do I get a pony for following?
what is this blizzcon which you speak of. I assume it is an informerical about the negative effects of Blizzards on the West African Rain Forrest. Am i mistaken?
Thats cool Blizzard. Maybe though, instead of worrying about blizzcon which 95% of the WoW population never sees anyways, you should put the time and effort into fixing all of the obvious things killing this game. Just a suggestion since I miss the fun this game used to bring and not the stupid grinds, horrible community, lack of new content, etc . . . I'm used to now.
When are we going to see a three day Blizzcon? You guys have enough content to extend the thing to three days. You also charge enough to warrant a third day as well.
Get back to the PvP forums!
I purchased the blizzcon virtual ticket last year. Won't happen this year. The stream were buggy or just plain out. I was not able to watch any of the WoW tournament and only a small part of the Starcraft tournament. rayv was horrible

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