<Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. Weekly 8/8 HM

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Bump for high dps mage.
I am interested. ilvl 406 dragonwrath savior of azeroth firelord yadayada. Pst me in game.
I'll review the sign up and get back to you this eve via a val invite.

Keep an eye for it.

However, our mage need is Friday..hence the title of this thread. Not Saturday, as you signed up.
We are going to have a high need for a ret pally in his run and a disc/holy priest soon.
Opening for a solid:
Arms Warrior
Surv Hunter or
Fire/Arc mage (for spine)
Resto druid
I've been playing my Warrior in main raid a lot lately so I posted on your site for my Hunter. I can be found on Busker if you want to chat.

few spots remaining.
Tonight's needs are:

a high dps rogue that knows how to play subtelty and burst for spine HM
A high dps ele sham or demo lock (ele preferred).
A high dps mage who knows how to play arcane, or surv hunter.

All applicants should know HM Spine as we would like to make some more attempts on it tonight.
Bump for HM Spine down.
Bump. May work on HM Madness this week.
Openings for:

2 high dps spriests or mages.
1 or 2 high dps rogues who can play subtelty for max burst on HM spine.
Why do I have to be gone this weekend, I'd totally gdkp it up! Gogo H-madness.

Hpally is the highest demand atm, and a rogue or two.

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