<Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. Weekly 8/8 HM

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LF for a blood DK tonight and high dps. Spriest/mages preferred.
Also LF a warrior who knows how to kite bloods on HM Spine.
bump cause ur my hero daekon
We are opening our roster up to any high DPS that will show up in time and ready to pull. We ask that you have at least 5/8-6/8 HM completed or can show you have exceptional DPS.
We also ask you have at least 30k gold to spend as the goal for you is to break even, not lose money.

Please sign up on the google doc if you are interested, and hit accept by no later than Tuesday morning.
bump de bump
Bump for DPS DK's.
bump cause daekon ur my favorite
easy 8/8H clear also selling mounts/title

need high dps
Looking for a solid hpally this week or a disc/holy priest with a high dps shadow offspec.
407 legendary savior rogue interested, and a holy paly to tag along with me.
You know the drill, sign up on the google doc.
Need mages/spriests.
And an Hpally.
to the top for tonight
We are selling the following on our Friday runs:

Heroic DW Kill - 75k.
Heroic DW Mount - 50k.
Heroic Weapons off DW - 50k.

Heroic Tokens - 30-35k
Heroic Weapons (from 6/8 HM) 25k.
Misc Heroic Trinkets - Range from 25-50k.
Heroic Cunning - 200k.
Heroic Vial - 150k.
Heroic Bonelink Fetish - 150k.
Heroic Will - 75k.
Heroic Heart of Unliving - 75k.
Misc Pieces will range from 15k-25k.

In game mail me with a list of what you would like.
We do offer package deals as well.

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