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FYI, Daekon, I'll be around tonight and next Friday/Saturday, but after that point, I'll only be able to do Saturday runs (and then not 100% consistently).
Okay, i'll start slotting you full time for Saturdays.
It's too bad because we could use rogues for Friday Domo..heroic.
Bump. Pushing HM Domo/Ryolith this week ideally.

Something to consider for Heroic Domo.

It's probably been nerfed so this can't be used anymore I assume though.
Reminder - know heroic Rhyolith and Heroic Domo for this weeks raid.
Plan is to knock out Beth, Alysrazor, Heroic Shannox, Baelroc, and then judging on the time start attempts on Rhyolith to see where we stand.

We will be charging penalties up front for being hit by lines and taking unnecessary raid damage. Please know your role inside out.
Need Priests Disc/holy for this week. Would be nice if you can play shadow as well.
Also one mage who knows heroic Shannox inside out.

Also a Spriest would be nice.
Will need a hunter for this Friday. Also a solid mage.
Let me know if you need
Prot pally + Mage
Demo lock +mage for Sat.

both 6/7hm on mains, both have over 900k gold.

Don;t wanna sign up put us as supplys if peeps don't show or something
Well, now we're 5/7 Heroic. That was interesting.
Sign up for next week. We have openings in our Saturday run primarily at this point. Friday we have a spot for a full time moonkin/spriest, and warrior/rogue.
We are looking for 1-2 solid Spriests, preferably with HM experience.

Please include how much DPS you do and on what fights on your sign up.
The fights I am interested in are Shannox HM, Baelroc, and Rag.
Bump. 6/7 HM now
At this point I am looking for full time geared/experienced Shadow Priests.

Ideally you have baelroc HM exp, and have exceptional DPS.
I am starting to beef up the roster/experience level for HM Ragnaros attempts.

If you have exceptional experience, geared, and can output a lot of DPS/learn fights quickly..apply to the run. We will be aggressively culling out people we carry in order to push HM Rag when we start attempts.
Updated list of what we are looking for in preparation of attempting Ragnaros HM.
Preference will be given to those who have downed HM Rag, or had good experience on him. Exceptional DPS will obviously be a pre requisite in addition to the above requirements.

1 Moonkin
1 Hunter
1 Rogue
***** NOTE *****
This run will not be available on October 21st, 2011. I will be at Blizzcon, as will a number of the people in this run. The run will continue on October 28th, 2011.
LF 6/7 HM exp players. PST. We are also selling loot to external players.
We are now opening up our loot table for 6/7 HM.
Send me an in game mail of what you would like, and ill reply with prices. A 20% deposit will be required to reserve loot. First comes first served basis.

Also selling Eternal Embers @ 15k each, and Seething Cinders @ 375g.
I will determine which run you will be going to, either Friday @ 8pm or Saturday @ 8pm.

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