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Looking for a beast frost DK for this friday.
I'm running late at work due to morons not being able to count products corretly for our annual inventory. It's looking very touchy as to whether I will be back in time for the raid tonight. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
maybe you should start counting instead of posting on wow forums at work :p, lol
sent ya a ingame mail, signed up on the google sign up sheet, let me know when and whats the plan . ingame mail would be great thk u all.
This run is still selling quite a bit of loot this week from 6/7 HM bosses. Let me know if you are interested via an in game mail.
We are also looking for a 6/7 HM exp tank for tonight.
Sign up on google doc. We may be trying to push more attempts on HM rag this week.
Something I came across to help explain some things.
Looking for a disc/holy priest for tonight.
And a resto druid for tomorrow.
Sign up on the google doc.
Selling Rag kills for 10k.
HM Beth - 15k.
HM Bael -20k.
Rest HM's not including Rag - 10k

In game mail me the fee + a note saying which kills you'd like to reserve your spot.
Note: The above price does not include loot. For loot pricing in game mail me what you are looking for and I will return a quote.
There is a good chance we will be attempting Rag HM again this week.

Classes will have minimum damage requirements on the molten elementals. I suggest each class researches on what they should be doing in that phase to maximize their dmg output. Penalties will be charged for lack of damage on the adds. Penalties will be in the range of 2k-4k. Ill decide on Friday.
We are selling Heroic Prot Tier, and all mail gear for 30k each. In game mail me a 10k deposit with the item name to reserve your spot for that boss fight. Also, All heroic Tier pants are now 30k.

Note, if you do not have the boss kill you will be charged at the above rates which are inclusive of your total fee if your item drops.

For example: Heroic Prot Chest - 30k.

If you do not have Heroic Alys kill you are charged a minimum of 10k.
If the item drops, you pay 20k more. If the item does not drop, we keep the 10k.

If you have the achievement already, your 10k gets refunded.
We will need people this week since some are gone on vacation for Thanksgiving. This is a great opportunity to show us that you can perform so that when 4.3 comes ..you may potentially get a slot.

google doc sign up.
I'm rolling this over in my mind still. I can either easily farm most of this with my guild and hope for the two items that interest me in dropping, or i can go with an alt and then join one of your runs.

How much gold is expected to be the final pot size? If I have to pay 30-50k for something I could just as easily get with my 10m guild, I'd like to know how much apx is distributed at the end of the run per player.

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