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Bump, lookin for a disc/holy priest.

Whatever is the total pot share is distributed evenly across all 25 people.

You shouldn't be lookin to make gold in this run as yuo are getting achievements out of this as well as gear. You are new to the run, you have to pay your dues before you start earning gold. That is the name of the game.

So if you would like to drop the run, let me know now so i can fill it with people who are waiting to get in.

PS: Read the rules of what we can do if we notice people are trying to make gold from the run as opposed to spending - we reserve the right to take away their pot share and split it amongst the raid.
It went well, I just wanted to know how much was an avg payout at the end so i could budget what I could bid on items. I probly would have bid more on the stupid beth ring if I wasn't duped into bidding on !@#$ while eating knockbacks to the face on Bale trash. Maybe next week eh?

So was it after tuesday you'll decide if there's a run next week? If I'm welcome back I'd like to join. I don't think I made too many mistakes, wasn't charged any penalties.
There is a run next week regardless:)
It's just a matter of if it's DS vs if it's FL:)

Sign up, and you'll know by Tuesday evening if you've received an invite. Remember to hit accept after to see if you're slotted for confirmed or standby.

No one duped you into bidding on something. If people say in vent "hold the bid please" cause they're DPSing, healing or tanking..then I hold the bid:) There is no rush really.

Just be sure next time is all :)
What are your current needs for Friday/ Sat run?

Can you use:
Prot Pally?
Demo Lock?

Know 8/8 currenlty have 5 kiilled after only one hour... (completing legendary was important!)
Will be 8/8 tonight.

Also I can bring a mage friend or another disc (whos main is also a disc) all are 6/7hm FL geared or better. Have lots of gold as you know.! Let me know which spots are available (for both days if poss)
As usual, anyone considered will be through the gdkp sign up form.
Disc/Holy priest.
prot pally -- bump for gdkp!
Bump. Target is 1/8 HM + 8/8 Full clear in 25M this week.
Welcoming a solid feral tank, and a solid fire mage.
Q: We have discussed prices ahead of time in some shape way or form
(whispers, mail, etc). However, I feel now that I am being over
charged for a piece of loot and would like to change the pricing. What
do I do?
A: You watch the loot be DE'd as long as no one else needs it. Pricing
that is discussed ahead of time, stays at that rate. If anyone in the
run tries to undermine the pricing system by buying it for that person
at a lower price, they will risk having their pot share revoked for
the night and risk not being brought back for future runs. This is a
drama free run, keep it that way.

Speeding up bids to a price where one thinks an item will sell is unacceptable also.

Had too much fun with my digital currency last week (Usemetouseu-warlock) and I bid on 2 items just to see if Daekon would allow it. The 43k on the healer trinket was a complete mistake at which point the bid closed way too soon to say I did not mean to bid on it. After all it is a GDKP and no rules were broken at the time.

You must understand that if I ever bid on something that I could not use, it was either a mistake because I forget what toon I am currently on and it was a BiS item I wanted on another toon. Eventually some found it funny, some saw it as bidding up, others got upset (because an item could have gone cheap since there are so many warlocks/priests/paladins usually), some even questioned the progress of the run (impossible because of the amount of Dragonwrath users) and others did not care to bid high on an item when they are doing fine at their role. Whatever the reason was, I should not have been allowed to bid on those items.

I honestly have so much gold today that I figured I'd waste it on items I couldn't use to resell to the highest bidder after raid for what they bid for. Everyone logged off and I later contacted the majority of the healers and the 2 melee DPS in the raid who had bid on the items and resold them for 20k with the trade timer still up.

Anyways it has been nice raiding with Chances, Arcarania, Dusty, Daenerys, Lifetap, Uenjoymyself, Xane, Printsess, Muddmedic, Littz, Dyv, Swatson etc. You guys kept me competitive and awake.

Best of luck to the GDKP progress.
To be perfectly fair, I'm pretty sure this was the first time I've seen such things happen. Many of us did not agree with it, but in the end, what you did was right (and wrong at the same time). I didn't care much because I had all those items, and I'm glad you didn't try to bid on the first 2H Sword lol.
Whatever the reason was, I should not have been allowed to bid on those items.

You shouldn't expect to be policed in what you can and can't bid on. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare if I had to go through 20 fake bids per item, and discount who is or is not allowed to bid on an item during the run? How much time would that waste? We're all mature, and one is asked to behave in an ethical manner in the runs. The system was designed so that the punishment would end up spending gold on gear you did not need or use, and have to DE it later. I don't expect people to try and find ways to game the system, undermine it, or have me babysit individuals. That is not how I choose to spend my Friday/Saturday nights. The rules will be amended to include disciplinary action for what occurred last Saturday. This was the first time it had happened, and in whispers your argument was "They are BIS items so if they want it they should pay high prices."

Like we had discussed in whispers, if you ever want to sign up for the run again feel free to do so as you saw those items were sold to people who could use them..and you went out of your way to ensure they got to them.

Although the system is purely GDKP, we also want to progress as a team. You being a part of that returning core team (week after week), should have known that by winning items you can't even use..your fellow raiders are missing out on gear that they can use to push numbers/content. When I say gear you can't use, I am speaking in particular to casters buying strength based items.

Either way, if my job is to police and babysit each and individual person in the raid from behaving the way you did...I can start taking 2 pot shares like other GDKP's have in the past. This is a fair 25 way split, and that is how I want to keep it.

On another note, while you did not do anything against the rules directly...ethically it created some tension in the raid and should not have been allowed to go through. However, I figured after winning the first item you could not use, you would stop bidding on such items realizing people would not bid against you. In addition, others began feeling that they could get you or other people to bid on items for them in order to keep the winning price low as it would generate a sort of feel that someone was trying to bid people up. That, is gaming the system.
Rules have been amended:

Q: I bid on items I cannot use. I am a warlock that bids on strength items, or healing items for whatever reason (either to bid up the price, or accidentally). How do you handle this?
A: First rule is, all bids are final. So if you end up winning it, congratulations. However, at that point it will be purely at my discretion as to what happens. Either one of two scenarios will happen: You will either lose your pot share at the end of the night without any notification until the night is over, or you will be removed from the run at any point after that as I look for a backup. They will have your entire pot share. This is solely based at my discretion as if this is an accidental bid and it is clear that it is, it will be allowed to slide. The item may be re opened for bid where you would pay the difference in price between what you won it for and what the new person wins it for.

You should be bidding on pieces you can directly use. This has never been an issue in the past, until recently. Let us not make it an issue anymore.
Fire Mage
Combat/Subtelty Rogue

Must have exceptional DPS and listen to instructions.

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