<Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. Weekly 8/8 HM

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Spot for a solid lock and resto druid.
Bump for next week.
2/8 HM now.
Bump. We will be looking for a new buyer for starting our 3rd legendary sale.
For some of the guys in our GDKP.
Welcoming a lock and a resto druid

Also any rogue legendary buyers are welcome.
Must have some HM exp.
Any chance for a spriest Daekon, also bump
SIgned up via the website, where do i find the spreadsheet to see if I'm in or not?
You don't. You find out if you are selected via an in game calendar invite.
Myllo you may get slotted for Friday. Standby, you'll know tonight.
Word. I'll be on either way.

Edit, This is myllo, didnt know it defaulted me to this.
myllo from my old old server? :O watup lol i dunno if you know me I was alliance back there but I remember seein ya around
Discord if you are available tonight, we could use you potentially.
We made an orange this week. Grats to Chances.
Bump. Working on Yorsahj now.

We are also opening up all of our normal mode loot table gear to external buyers. Let us know if you would like something.
We will summon you in for the kill and get you the gear you need.

We are also selling pickpockets.

We are opening bids as well on our 4th legendary as of next Saturday.
Contact me in game via mail.

High DPS warrior welcome this week.
I am willing to transfer my warrior as I am unable to raid during the week now.


I will try and get a hold of you in game by Tuesday.
Okay. If not Friday we will definitely have a spot available on Saturdays moving forward. Just this week we have a Friday spot open atm for high DPS with HM exp.
LOL wtf wow-heroes still exists??

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