<Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. Weekly 8/8 HM

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always looking for a ret pally imo
Would it be possible for me to know how far is the rogue away from the legendary?

He starts phase 2 this week.
Still looking for a strong demo lock and a high dps ret pally.

Working on HM Ultrax this week.
As we are working on Ultrax HM, we are welcome any high dps to join our run. Preference to those can produce parses with 38k dps on a Heroic Ultrax fight, or normal mode Ultrax.
Room for 1 hunter and 1 mage in this run.
Would settle for a high dps player who can push for 40k dps on ultrax HM.

Well it's more than Anti (who is also a good player) and I can do more DPS in a 25 man with more raid buffs than were present.
Bump. If you are interested in purchasing loot, send me an in game mail with a list of what you would like and I'll reply with a list of prices.

We also selling the following:
Madness Achievement for 10k.
Spine Achievement 10k.
Heroic Morchok: 10k.
Heroic Hagara: 15k
Dagger Pick Pockets: 10k.

Achievements do not include loot, however purchasing the loot can include a free achievement if the item you wanted to buy drops.
Been waiting for you to get online for the past few days :)

Would like to buy several achvs + loot.

Will send you ingame mail
I'll respond at one point this evening and provide an email contact you can reach me via that may expedite the process.
Never got a mail from Nferno.
Opening for a tank tonight with HM exp.
Pref a feral druid with 4pc.
dont know if you need a good lock for saturday, let me know if you do
Bump for a 2h 45 min raid night + 4/8 HM.
We are also selling the Chromatic Champion Achievement, contact me in game for which part you'd like to purchase.

Target this week is Zon'ozz.

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