Summon Pet / pet swap macro

UI and Macro
The max dps warlocks now in days have to switch pets through out a fight. I found a macro online that someone made for that purpose .

#showtooltip [pet:Felguard] Summon Felhunter; Summon Felguard
/cast [pet:Felguard] Soulburn
/cast [pet:Felguard] Summon Felhunter
/cast [pet:Felhunter] Summon Felguard
/cast [nopet] Summon Felguard

I was fine with this macro except for one thing. When a pet dies you still "have a pet" , its just dead. It would lock up pretty much or waste the soulburn depending on the dead pet.

I started looking for a new macro that could take advantage of the demonic rebirth talent to save heartache. Everywhere that i looked had "you cant make conditionals like that" (don't use soulburn if you have the demonic rebirth effect)

Well, I toyed around with this one and found a way that i wanted to share with others.

/cast [@thooghun,dead] Summon Felguard
/cast [@khiidhun,dead] Summon Felhunter
/stopmacro [@pet,dead]
/cast [pet:Felguard] Soulburn
/cast [pet:Felguard] Summon Felhunter
/cast [pet:Felhunter] Summon Felguard
/cast [nopet] Summon Felguard

I am by no means a macro expert nor do I claim to be the first to come up with this. I just wanted it out there for others to find for 2 reasons.

1) anyone have improvements for this macro?
2) so others can find the original or this one easier. It took me some time to find the first to begin with.

EDIT: Forgot to mention Thooghun is my felguard and Khiidhun is my Felhunter
Give me a min to clean this up. I just seen a bunch of crap....

ok, think its worth showing now.

More info.

The objective of this is...

1) summon a felguard if you have no pet.
2) summon a felhunter (instant) to switch pets quickly
3) summon a pet instantly if that pet died, without consuming soulburn.

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