Mysterious Letters [RP] 3

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Blammy did a pretty good job of summarising this in the other thread, but Gawain wrote a post so i'll just throw it up too.

A writhing mass of the souls of the betrayed, bound by slime confronted the group, some faces chuckling with a smirk, others screamed, most wailing about the injustices. All crying for help.
But as soon as it sensed the danger that Huron posed, charging in with a blessed blade
all the eyes of the faces opened, dirty hands grappling at him, tearing at his face, trying
to add his face to the mass. A mirror of his face began to appear on it as Giles Heartling
pulled him to safety.
The slime, now angered, started towards the party, whereupon they each attacked it, causing it's physical form to dissipate. The trapped souls, now releases, swarmed the group, clawing, tearing, wailing.
The spirits wrapped themselves around the group, delving into their minds. Scenes of lost memories of the unavenged surrounding them, eating into the minds of those of weaker resolve. A burst of holy magic dispersed the souls of the dead. But not before Blammy- possessed raised his gun up, wild eyed, and shot Ebbony and his friend Rizla. As Huron picked up the Goblin, his eyes snapped open and he spoke an another's voice "The sons of Lions have decieved you. I saw them come... Heard them speak... Oh what pretty secrets they keep."
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This might be good info to throw up. Just what I know of the current stones we have. Am I missing any?

Stone tracker:
1: Inside Torean
2: Inside Athiina
3: In the Eye of Sargoth the Slitherer
4: Given to a member of the horde
5: Inside a Bell in Eastvale
6: Inside a pouch from Xal’rin
7: Found by Anadar
8: One Dragons Eye
9: Second Dragons Eye
10: One in Scholomance
11: In Iso'rath
12: ANOTHER in Iso'rath (Found by the horde)
13: Caverns of Time on Uncle Brown
14: Southwind Village.
15: One in Dalaran
16: One shard on undead chainboss
17: Southshore
18: Deadwind
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10: One in Scholomance

You bastards! How could you get it before us ):<
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"The sons of Lions have decieved you. I saw them come... Heard them speak... Oh what pretty secrets they keep."

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10: One in Scholomance

You bastards! How could you get it before us ):<

There you go.

Anywho, sleep now, work tomorrow, early, shave, sleep, zzzz

Fun rp earlier. I like people actually giving me limitations. I don't like feeling all-powerful simply because the threat is small enough that Heart's just.. 'pfft. have some holy, maybe a taser.'

Then again, everything can be solved with a mechagnome. He's even working on a mechadwarf.
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10: One in Scholomance

You bastards! How could you get it before us ):<

It was all to surreal. Surely Blammy would not pull the trigger. Doc pleaded with him, hiding behind the large tauren who held her so gently. The horrors of the ghosts were pushed aside as the very real danger stared down at her.

The shot wrang out - BOOM! - as Blammy pulled the trigger. At such a short distance it ripped cleanly through Ebbony, the tauren absorbing much of the impact before proceeding into Doc and lodging itself above her breast, slicing through an artery.

"Oh... look... blood... mine.." Doc muttered in disbelief as she stumbled backward and down the stairs.

Doc quickly lost consciousness from the loss of blood, it pooling in a thick slick layer on the stair she landed on before dripping down the remaining stairs.
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1: Inside Torean

Woot for being the first person with a stone...even though it was painful..D= ANYWAYS IC post of Torean's worst day ever comming soon..>.<))
End, you blasted maintenance so I can check my mail... and continue to poke at Wuzzjolt's past... And find out how Rathlor is.
Confound this optional education system!

I must figure out what I missed last night while typing up other things!
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10: One in Scholomance

Danyle stepped outside for some fresh air. He hadn't been doll hunting in a long time, and this little adventure was easily more dangerous than putting together Old Man Jack. Sighing, he thought back to his "business" in the Plaguelands.

A man, adorned with silver armor is seen. He has several battle scars, and long rough brown hair. A smaller man, wearing a green habit, comes into the room.

"You called, Jaelun?" Danyle asked. The man apparently named Jaelun nodded, and gestured to the seat in front of him.

"I haven't seen you in awhile, brother," the man said, in a stern and gruff voice.

"Indeed. It has been too long. I came as soon as I heard the news. Is it true?" Danyle asked, his voice shaking. Jaelun stood up, and began to pace around the room. He nods solemnly, and Danyle closes his eyes, praying to the Light. The next few months would be hard.

Danyle sighed. The McHael Acres finally fell prey to the Forsaken war machine. It wouldn't be long before his parents and siblings would be raised, and....


Danyle fell to the ground. He looked at his stomach. A black arrow had embedded itself within him. Danyle quickly called for help from his gnomerecorder, until a mysterious figure began to walk towards him. Who was that? She bent down and whispered into his ears.

"I'm surprised nobody came to save you,"

Danyle looked into her bright red eyes, before passing out.

Where am I?

Danyle looked at the ceiling. Where those...chains? The abductor stood next to him. "I see you're awake."

"Who are you! What do you want?!" Danyle yelled. The abductor, who appeared to be similar to the Dark Rangers of Sylvannas, merely smiled. She pulled out the arrow without though. A spike of pain instantly shook throughout him. Voices. Voices in the Gnomerecorder, but he could not talk to them. He attempted to move, but fatigue and pain had caused his body to stay still.

"Now, now. You're not going anywhere. I have you for the day!" she said, a smile that reached ear to ear (figuratively). She took a burning hot poker, and jammed it into Danyle's wound. He screamed in pain, the agony shaking his body. He refused to cry. No, he would pull through this with honor.

The pain seemed to go on for hours. Eventually, the woman came back with a small dish, brimming with maggots.

"Are those..." Danyle said weakly. She simply smiled, and took one and placed it in his ear. The maggot squirmed and squished inside. It played around, eating and nipping at his skin until it began to dig into the skin. Danyle yelled in pure pain, and began to cry. This was pure torture, and even he could not withstand it. The maggot continued to dig deep into his cranium, causing a headache that was close enough to kill. The woman smiled, and whispered into his ear, something about working against the Doll.

The pain ceased.

Danyle's body slowly stopped shuddering. His heart reworked itself into a steady beat. His chest rose slowly, and he began to cry from joy. It felt so good. His body was at peace.

The next few moments passed by in a blur. Whispers in his head. "See how they so eagerly follow the doll. They play her games, and do not think of working against her. They are your enemies."

Danyle nodded, and protected his savior. The people he worked with were indeed evil. They were insane. They worked for the Doll. They cannot be trusted.
Apologize for any grammar and spelling errors, yada yada.

I see the game has a lot of people now. I enjoyed being the leader D:

It's ok. I'll just poison all of you with tea. :D
something about working against the Doll.

The pain ceased.

Danyle's body slowly stopped shuddering. His heart reworked itself into a steady beat. His chest rose slowly, and he began to cry from joy. It felt so good. His body was at peace.

The next few moments passed by in a blur. Whispers in his head. "See how they so eagerly follow the doll. They play her games, and do not think of working against her. They are your enemies."

Danyle nodded, and protected his savior. The people he worked with were indeed evil. They were insane. They worked for the Doll. They cannot be trusted.

She was evil! Turns out they all were right all along.
Yunara, unable to post due to maintainence and time differences will be unable to send out mail today, however she has instructed me to inform you that the Horde are to socialize with the Alliance in Dalaran... Or for the likes of Blammy, Rizla and Ebbony, to take it easy and enjoy the break and recover from their wounds. Alternatively you might want to investigate a few other leads, but please check in with The Doll first
Sorry if it seems redundant, but I'm going to repost my summary from the other thread, since it was near the end, and might get lost now that this new thread has begun.


Absolutely bizarre and intense night for the Horde.

Their letters brought them to the gates of Scholomance, eerie sounds emanating from within. Blammy and Rizla were posted at the door to stand watch and alert the rest if something was amiss. After waiting for a while, they crept up closer to see if they could tell what was going on (or at least find out if their companions were dead or not). They heard them, which brought some relief, but also a strange, otherworldly voice that sent chills down their spines. Blammy was content to stay right where he was, but Doc Rizla took off like a shot toward the noises. Blammy tried to stop her, but she just kept going, right up the stairs, and within touching distance of...

Some horrible black slime ghoul with dozens of shifting, morphing faces that cried out and chittered and wailed.

She was drawn to it, mumbling about "must help" in response to its cries for aid. Huron punched the living daylights out of her and knocked her over the railing, out of the way. Fortunately, Ebbony was on hand to soothe her bumps and crunches.

Flash forward. It became apparent that this...thing...was malicious and nasty and manipulative. It tried to absorb Huron. The group decided to eradicate this seething negative force, and began their attack. They assailed it with arcane magics and holy energies of various kinds, and seemed to dissipate it. Sheoth overloaded due to the massive influx of holy force and shut down. However, it simply flew out in thick wisps and wrapped its shadowy, filmy essence around their heads, forcing itself into their minds, making them relive horrible memories of death and regret. The fiercest of warriors were forced to their knees and wept.

Just down the stairs, Ebbony was making an attempt at shielding Blammy and Rizla from the awful thing, but not succeeding at keeping it from Blammy. The thing tore at his consciousness, assaulting him with soul-wrenching guilt within the fake memories it speared into his mind, squealing at him, "WHY DID YOU DO NOTHING?! WHY DID YOU NOT SAVE US?!" He began babbling apologies and sobbing openly, clawing at his head. "You can make it right... Shoot her..." it hissed to him. He begged for forgiveness, face contorted with painful sorrow and grief, and drew his gun. He declared that he'd fix it, he'd make it right, he'd resolve everything, as he pointed it at the goblin girl. Ebbony attempted to block her from his aim.

The others had been released from their torment, but were still reeling.

They didn't realize what was happening until they heard the gunshot.

Blammy collapsed in mental exhaustion. The others rushed to Ebbony and Rizla. The bullet passed through the tauren's shoulder, dulling its speed, but even so, it was fired at point-blank range and with a rather powerful rifle. It sank itself deep into Rizla's chest. Between the lot of them, they stabilized Rizla and attended to Ebbony. Heartling activated a medic mechagnome to further work on the goblin girl.

Meanwhile, Huron picked the slack body of Blammy up by the neck. The goblin abruptly opened his eyes, dilated and unnatural. He spoke in a hollow, deadened voice, speaking of lies from the sons of Lions, before dropping to unconsciousness again.

Sheoth managed to awaken him with a charm, an enchanted bag of copper. Blammy came to, grabbing for the sack of money, as if nothing had been amiss. He was soon informed of what had happened, and what he had done.

He flew into a panic of denial, declaring that it was impossible, that he would never... Never ever...! He ran to Rizla's side, and saw the pooled blood, the ragged, reddened stains on her robe. He looked down to see his vest soaked with salty tears. It was true, all true. He knew they wouldn't joke about something like that. He was flooded with painful guilt, and searing anger. After threatening the mechagnome with dismemberment if it didn't do a good job, he yelled in anger that he was fed up with the whole situation and was leaving. He called for Betty, and carefully loaded Rizla onto a pile of blankets on her shell.

"That's it! I'm takin' her back to Orgrimmar! I am done! I don't want no more of this Doll business! C'mon, Betty; let's get outta here. I'm finished with this damn game..."
This week had already hurt her more than she could handle. He was gone, taken, no one knew where, no one would talk. This time in Dalaran was suppose to keep her safe, give her more training. Allow her a chance to...

The rumors she had heard were not bothering her, they barely even sank into the fog of agony that was her soul. Then Kelmia had come to her, the letter mentioned her past coming back. That was a threat to her as well, the pair were tangled together, their past, their present. She looked at the letter in her hand, their future. So this doll wanted to play...

Little girl so prone to fight
You will not escape the words we write
Try hard to claw up from the grave
It locks it's doors, your death my cave

-The Broken Doll

Fight? Most people that knew her would have said flight. One of the last two lines though, they had an eerie feel to them. The memory of the young girl locked in that crypt, she had clawed her way from that grave and into a life.

She looked over at Byrony chasing a rabbit in the grass, hand resting on the swelling of her stomach, the tiny flutter against her palm, the strange feeling of this little soul that had taken over her body making her smile and forget the letter. The toddler ran to her and placed tiny palms on her stomach, eyes brightening and looking up at her. "Baby!"

"Yes, Byrony, that is her. She's getting her exercise so she'll be healthy and strong." Gathering the toddler into her arms, tickling her as they fell back into the grass, sun warm on them, childish giggles filling the air as the wind carried the letter away.
Maria groaned and sat up on the side of the bed, stretching the sleep out of her muscles. It had been a while since she slept on a bed as luxurious as the ones in Dalaran's Alliance inn, although next time she might opt to sleep on a cot in the Infirmary. She would've returned to Stormwind the night before, but traveling through two portals in the span of one day... Breakfast might need to be skipped this morning just at the thought of it.

Slipping into her overalls and fastening the buttons, Maria sighed softly to herself as she recalled the previous night's events. She went from knowing nothing about this Doll to supposedly being a pawn in its game. She couldn't help but shrug at that thought, however; other than the first letter, the Doll hadn't done much else to pull her further in. It was coincidence that she happened to be in Darkshire when that gnomish doctor tried to take his life--correction: he took his life, but Maria and others not-so-promptly brought him back.

Light, that poor Gnome... Maria realized she never even learned of his name, but she could tell he was dear to those who stood vigil beside his bed as he recovered. Perhaps she should check on him before she left the city.

As Maria stepped out of the inn, her warm gray gaze drifted skyward. The clouds above Dalaran had a crimson glow as the sun began to rise from the horizon. "Red sky at morning," she said softly to herself, "sailor's warning." She shook her head at herself for reading too deeply into things such as the weather, then moved towards the wishing well.

"Pardon me, ma'am, if you please! The mail's just come."

Maria pivoted around to face a chambermaid offering a crisp letter with a red seal wax. Her face must've drained of color because the maid looked at her worriedly. "Ah, thank you." She reached into a pocket and produced a few coins to place into the young maid's hand. Turning around and walking in a random direction, Maria reluctantly broke the wax seal.

A kind heart, a humble spirit,
A new sheep, I wish to shear it.
Sands and time can both be cruel,
Especially for the lonesome fool.

-The Magus of the Ewes

Maria stared at the letter as she shrugged to herself. Being "a new sheep," she had no idea what to make of this letter. Perhaps it was poking fun at her, but what would sand and time have to do with her? And what happened to the Doll? Or is the Magus just another name for it? Fumbling with the gnomish device in her pocket, she wondered if it was too early to mention the letter to the rest of the group.
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