Merge Baelgun with another server

Not sure if it's even feasible but I would love to see Baelgun with more players on it. There have been several players over the last few years either quitting or transferring off the server.

They need to merge low or medium pop servers together. Baelgun is in a sad state right now. Hopefully blizzard fixes some of these issues soon or lowers the character transfer cost so those of us with a few toons can be happier on a different server; Not to have to spend 100$ to do so.
They will most likely start merging some servers in roughly 6 months as wow's total pop declines to a point where it is feasible. At some point it will not be smart in an economic sense to keep the low pops up by themselves. I don't think Blizz is in any hurry to do it at this point. To do so they would have to admit something everyone already knows as far as the declining pop. But yeh, someday...when is anyones guess.
We're now in the midst of realm connections, but still no sign of Baelgun being added to the list. Please, Blizz! We're dying here!
this is a very old resurrected thread :/

oh, whatever, I'll just post here 'cause that's what I do :)
Good plan,Stan.

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