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Night Renegades
Night Renegades - US Baelgun is recruiting for 10/25 man raiding. We are currently 6/7 in 10 man and looking to fill out our ranks to move into 25 man raiding. We are looking for all classes and roles including a few tanks with a dps o/s.

Raid times:

Tuesday: 6 PM server time

Wednesday: 6 PM server time

Sunday: 6 PM server time

We are also doing rated RBG Monday and Thursday starting at 6 PM server time.

We expect all applicants to :

Have proper gems, enchants and to be properly reforged.

Be the proper spec for your role as a raider

To be 18 y.o. or older if you are found not to be your application will not be considered.

Have Ventrilo a headset and a mic

To have or be willing to download DBM and Omen mods

We are not expecting you to be a hardcore raider but we do expect you to be able to properly maintain your gear and understand the mechanics of your class. If you want to raid and you meet these requirements you can go to our website and find out all the good stuff about us, you will also find the link to our application as well You can also feel free to contact us in game on the US server Baelgun, the people you would need to contact are Cyanah, Fadedleaf, Anklebyter or Lisolaith. The on-line application will still be required however.
Bump for good pplz! Nice to see NR still tearin' sh!t up. :)

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