coolest looking hunter polearm

i saw this sick polearm but the guy logged before i could inspect him, it wasnt the witchhunter one. can you guys post some to help me out? there its thank you maybella
Sonic Spear says hello.
he's talkin bout ranseur of hatred, u can go buy it at the AH for about 30k gold QQ
I'm sorry, the correct answer is Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned
I logged on to make a thread asking what polearms people were going to Mog. This thread will do.

So far, Hellreaver is the only one thats grabbed my attention, other than some removed ones.
yeah i want to dual wield =(

My Mog set will be T5 plus melmortas twilight longbow and sonic spear... that spear is too cool =)
I dunno about u guys but
High Warlord's Pig Sticker
Sonic Spear says hello.
this thread was over when this was posted

i love that spear.
I shall be using my T12 with Hellreaver. Matches the set perfectly. My other alternative is full T4 (with offset matching belt/boots from Kara), and the S4 spear (same as Felspine, but the colour scheme matches T4 better).
I love my Kiril, Fury of Beasts untransmoged.
I bet you also love necroing threads~

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