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Does the WoW Machinima Tool count as a hack and is it safe to use on live servers or is this a bannable offense? Looking for some straight forward answers since I can't seem to get any else where (Would love a Blue to clarify this for me).
Its bannable.
08/28/2011 10:51 PMPosted by Renwald
Its bannable.

No it's not. Otherwise the machinima team would be banned nearly everyday.
This is the argument that seems to come up in every place this question is asked. I wish a blue would just tell us straight if it isnt or isnt.
08/29/2011 10:41 AMPosted by Rhuu
I wish a blue would just tell us straight if it isnt or isnt.

They won't, and probably never will.


Because as with any third-party software, even if it's perfectly fine now, either the program or the rules could change, and said confirmation could come back to bite Blizzard in the bottom months or years down the road.

Based on what I'm seeing of this program, here's my (non-Blizzard) opinion:

Yes, it does technically violate the Terms of Use, due to the way that it interacts with the WoW client. However, it's not something that's really "abuseable", and because it has a legitimate use (machinima-making, which is condoned and endorsed by Blizzard), it's not likely that they're going to completely stomp it out.

tl;dr: If you use it for making machinima, you'll probably be fine. If you use it for other things (such as using a "free" camera to "scout" things you shouldn't be), you won't be.
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Blizzard did have a Machinima policy on the old website, but it does not seem to have transitioned to the new website. Here it is archived -

The email mentioned at the bottom may still be active for inquiries -
Thank you for the replies guys. I think I will take the chance and try it out.. Also, I sent an email to that address so it is still up and open, whether I get a response from it is another issue though haha.
Make sure you send the email from your account email. While I do not know about specifically on that email, in general the only emails that are considered are ones that are associated with a valid account, the rest are dismissed.

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