4.3 Arms PvE Guide

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the !@#$ are you talking about 'stay still and wait for the hit to go off'?

you can cast slam while moving and have been able to since cata hit.

you don't even know how a cornerstone ability of your class/spec works
I like the spec, but I must be doing something wrong, minus the fact that I am 78, it's great when I am out soloing, but dungeons, i seem to be hanging out at the bottom. Someone told me the reason is, is that Arms is more gear dependant. Dunno, i'll see when i hit 81 or 82 when I get CS

/Bump an sticky!
Still, I always have something to hit, and since i got HS spec on prot tree it gives some nice hits, only thing is that i starve rage.

I almost never used Slam coz u have to stay still and wait for the hit to go off, thats why I dont even have it on my bar, i cant stay still on fights, but ill see how it goes.

Im not entirely convinced but ill give it a try. Thx guys.

Ok there are 2 optimal arms PVE builds, both take improved slam. You are not convinced so its time to use some maths. Ill use a recent log in a tank and spank fight, chimaeron 10 man normal.


Now lets look at slam and heroic strike (keep in mind i have 3/3 incite and improved slam).
Slam did 9.4% of my damage.

23k average hit 12 hits
47.5k average crit 4 crits

total damage = 280115 + 191047 = 471162 total damage

Heroic Strike did 7.2% of my damage

14k average hit 10 hits
31k average crit 7 crits

total damage = 139435 + 222114 = 361549 total damage

Almost the same amount of slams as HS, and slam did 100k more damage. Thats is saying something, now if we look a bit further and check the damage per rage, slam works out even better.

Rage cost of slam: 16*15 = 240 rage
Rage cost of HS: 17*30 = 510 rage

Damage per rage:

Slam: 471162 / 240 = 1963.15
HS: 361549 / 510 = 708.91

Math always helps convince people.
Great guide. Only thing I spotted was a typo for your heading 'Talent Breakdown'. Bit nitpicky, but helps with the polish :)

Sticky requested, and you've tempted me to switch to arms from TG.
09/05/2011 04:20 PMPosted by Elochai
What damage are you doing, Wao?

I think the last time I actually ran my recount, total DPS is between 15-1900 DPS, I am thinking after running one here a few minutes ago, stuff dies so fast, don't have time to smash stuff, i'll run another one here an repost when I am done. Failing that i'll go back Prot xD

Update: ok that was better overall was 2200-2400 over all, an between 1100 an 1800 per fight, I used the macro above, and that seemed to work better Thanks, An if you look, the gear on this toon isn't exactly uber.
sweeping strikes only generates one hit per windwhirl, so it is waste to use with bladestorm. Use it with Thunderclap and Heroic Leap to make SS most effective.

I would not use that macro for that reason, but if you don't cast Mortal Strike before you BS and need to change to Berserker Stance, then that macro can be useful. Not using MS before BS might make you lose out on 10% damage buff though
nicely done, was good to read how arms was rolling these days, been fury for a good while.
Just what I was looking for. Thanks. Sticky plz.
In my opinion....I think this guide sucks.
Can't even keep on the first page. Come on Warriors.
I <3 Arms.
Standard Rotation is wrong. Delaying Mortal Strike for Colossus Smash will eventually in a long fight be an overall DPS loss. For every Mortal Strike you delay, you'll have to count 1.5 seconds until the end of the fight and that adds up to how many Mortal Strikes you could have used. This is as of patch 4.1 and has not changed in Patch 4.2.

Nothing changed in 4.2 besides the weapon damage nerf.
Therefor, the priority hasn't changed.
Colossus Smash > Mortal Strike > Overpower > Slam, HS @ 85+ rage
This is great why not sticky?


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