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I have an 83 mage that I am trying to level up in tailoring to compliment my maxed enchanting. While leveling up through the levels of tailoring hasnt be too bad for the most part, I have hit a brick wall. Upon getting to frostweave / northrend levels, I cant hardly find frostweave cloth. I spend a couple hours killing off random mobs, only to get 60 cloth or so. I have trained to be able to get extra cloth off mobs like I was supposed to as well, but still I am mostly getting 1 cloth per mob that actually drops cloth. The AH wants 60+ gold for the frostweave stack, and 300+ for the bolts. So my question is where is the best fastest way to farm this cloth? I could very well get on 1 of 4 85's to farm as well to do so (such as a tank to do a dungeon with a high drop rate).
Did you do the quest in Dalaran "Northern Cloth Scavenging"? -it allows you to loot more cloth off mobs.
Try the Converted Hero's in Icecrown. Travel south from the Shadow Vault, just west of Ymirheim. There are some walking around by themselves, ignore them. Look for the packs of 5-7, and slaughter them instantly. They have a pretty good drop rate of the frostweave.

They automatically attach a movement debuff of -60% to you, but they shouldn't damage you too much (especially if frost, with barrier up), which is why you should ignore the ones just walking by themselves.

You said you have the extra cloth trained, I got it from a book in Heroic Utgarde Keep, and went straight to Icecrown to farm. 20 minutes = 6 stacks. Anywhere from 2-10 per group, upwards of 4 per mob.

Land on them (or near them), root and kill like a pro, loot, mount and fly to the next batch, rinse and repeat. They have a quick respawn, so you'll never run out.

The answer is to use an 85 paladin/hunter whatever to solo northrend dungeons, regular or heroic, that you can solo.

You come out stuffed with frostweave cloth. You get a lot of money too, stuff to disenchant/mail to a disenchant character, etc.

I never did these before, at the right time. Just recently, I went back and soloed some for the achievements. You get a load of cloth.

Its way better than farming it on that tailor character, just outside.
My main is just about done with Loremaster of Northrend; he also got Northrend Dungeon Hero at the same time. In the process, he got only 80 stacks of cloth, which is only about 2/3 of what you need to get. Granted, he's not a tailor so he didn't have the bonus, but I think the drop rate has been nerfed a shade too much. But when my tailor gets to that level, she'll be all set.....
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Converted Heroes in Icecrown are probably the faster way to farm Frostweave cloth.

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