Portable Reforging?

I don't know if that has been brought up before, but there are certain times when I would really like to be able to reforge during a raid.

Have the developers considered giving enchanters a recipe for some sort of portable reforger (I was thinking a boe companion like the guild page)? My raid group doesn't care about my dps as much as I do, so when I say brb gonna go reforge to assassination/combat they are like ew. No.

Would this ever be a possibility?
I'd actually like it as a tool for the crafting professions.

Give blacksmiths an enchanted anvil that allows plate reforging.

Give Leathworkers....a portable something to reforge leather.

Give tailors a portal spinning wheel to reforge cloth.

Give engineers something for portable mail.
Yeah, but then you run into the issue that not everyone is a crafter. Some of my toons only have gathering professions. Unless you do it like the mailbox or jeeves, where the crafter can pop it and anyone can use it.

I am enchanting/alchemy on this toon, so I'd be !@#$ out of luck with that set up.
Well, I would thinkg SOMEONE in your raid is a leatherworker and yeah, it was meant to be something anyone could use once it's put down.

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