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Hi Ui/Macro community!

I was wanting to make a macro to make leaving a party after its finished a bit easier, to thank everyone for their time and then leave.

I'm ok with using a /click [random bartender button with msg on it] to send the message, but I've been unable to find a /command to leave party.

I've tried /pquit /leaveparty etc but they dont work.

can anyone advise me of the correct command?

Thanks in advance!
/script LeaveParty()
<3 thanks very much!
Another request,

if anyone can let me know a more upto date version of this macro to randomly say a message I would be most thankful!

/script s={"Phrase 1","Phrase 2","Phrase 3"};SendChatMessage(s[random(1,3)], "SAY")
except for PARTY instead of SAY

Thanks again XD
/run SendChatMessage(GetRandomArgument("Phrase 1","Phrase 2","Phrase 3"),"PARTY")
what I have so far is:

/run SendChatMessage(GetRandomArgument("Phrase 1","Phrase 2","Phrase 3"),"PARTY")
/script LeaveParty()

however I'm getting an error when I run the macro, it seems that it is trying to send the message after I've left the party. Any idea on how to correct this issue? Thanks again!
Macros are rull all at once. Meaning that the client probably does think you've already left the party before the chat text is given permission (you can't type in party if you're not in a party) to be sent to the party chat.

You'll need to delay the LeaveParty() line. Since it is not a secure command, you can use an addon like InDemand or SlashIn for this.
Tseerah, would using a /click command bypass these addons? For example:

/run SendChatMessage(GetRandomArgument("Phrase 1","Phrase 2","Phrase 3"),"PARTY")
/click (random bartender button)

(random bartender button)
/script LeaveParty()

wondering if the micro sec in between the click might allow the msg to be sent?
You'd still be better off with a /in command from the SlashIn addon, where you delay by a set number of seconds. Putting it on a second button would probably produce variable results if it makes a difference at all.
Using the mod InDemand from, I use the following macro;

/ind 2 /run LeaveParty()LFGTeleport(1)
/stopmacro [btn:1]
/bye [@none]
/p Thanks for the Group!

This macro, when right-clicked will wave goodbye to everyone, say "Thanks for the Group!" to my party, then leave the party and teleport out.

If left-clicked, it will simply leave the party and teleport out, handy if you're in a fail-pug.

There's a delay of 2 seconds to ensure that the emote and message get through.

If you still want the random messages, you can replace the /p line with your SendChatMessage() script.
is what I use. Install mod. Use /LP to leave your party.
is what I use. Install mod. Use /LP to leave your party.

Although I know iinet's safe (aussie! aussie! aussie!), you might want to upload this to curse or wowinterface.

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