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Hello, looking for an addon that may help me out. Out of boredom, I've been leveling this toon mostly by grinding rare mobs thru Azeroth and found it to be at least as productive as questing/dungeons as long as I don't play for long periods of time.

Either way, my current method is to go to Wowhead, choose the zone I'm in, and look up all the rares in the zone. Was wondering if there's any addons out there that can integrate this into my map, or otherwise let me know what mobs might be up or down.

I use two. SilverDragon and NPC Scan.

Thank you both I'll check those out!
NPC scan is awesome but remember to delete your cache if you have a false positive. Aka You see a rare mob but it's already been killed. To do that you have to close wow then delete the cache folder. Otherwise If the mobs up again your scanner won't detect it.

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