Aerie Peak
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So by your logic this alts dps is better than your mains by quite a bit.

34k > 25k
Chain Lightning? :V

What is this...
Is that jealousy I hear?
1) I can't solo Throne of Tides
2) Do you see me beating up the dummies?
3) You see Krukotar there with me right?
4) I may have someone you can ask "Was Rani at the dummies?" if you want

lol my alt rules
09/03/2011 06:06 PMPosted by Taylørswift
Recount allows you to remove people from the list, so for all we know you did the last boss there, then deleted the other combatants...went to a target dunny and took a screenshot. After all, in your SS your only hitting for like 3-4k beside the one 18k crit

You can delete people off recount? I honestly didn't know.

09/03/2011 06:06 PMPosted by Taylørswift
BTW..why do you have to darkmoon volcano procs at the same time in that SS? That's landslide procs. Power torrent looks exactly the same.
I popped heroism near the end of that actually.

-Adding mine and Krukotar's damage % up adds up to 100%
-Do you see an Ozumat kill anywhere within the last 24hours on my shamans armory? Nope!
09/03/2011 07:04 PMPosted by Taylørswift
If you are in a party for a dungeon, then delete 3 of the 5 combatants, the remaining 2 players on recount will have their damage equal 100%.

Hmm just tried that... thanks for the infoz!
09/03/2011 07:04 PMPosted by Taylørswift
C'mon have a witty comeback for everything and know everything, so don't act like you didnt know you could delete peoples damage from recount

I swear on my left test tickle i HONESTLY didn't know that.

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