Circle of Confusion

Area 52
Circle of Confusion(A) is recruiting for DS content currently 8/8, if your ready to raid, get in contact with any CoC officer or guild master- Bigbadjon . horde transfers welcome.

visit our webpage-
and bump!
takes half of the alliance popualation to do so
Goblin ownage
No, there are a few guilds on ally that can raid.
bigbadjon is an me the name fits this guild perfect. i have seen one good player in this guild.
it took you 9 min to kill shannox........
im pretty awesome :P
Why do people try to make other guilds look bad on their recruitment posts? Kind of shameful.
Not really.

i raged at this video, basically playing in first person, cluster!@#$ of a UI, worst song choice (since every other wow video has USED that song). and its %^-*ing normal-mode shannox

Also: Clicking, backpedaling, keyboard turning.
*update* CoC 6/7 FL
update can you not kill rag with this nerf

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