Macro to stay in bear if spammed? or cat?

What macro would I make that would cast bear or cat and stay in it wether I hit the button again or not? I sometimes spam it trying to get into it so fast it goes into bear then back to caster:(
/cast !Bear Form(Shapeshift)

/cast !Cat Form(Shapeshift)

it's the ! that keeps you in form, though you are subject to getting caught in caster due to lag or if you somehow manage to hit a caster form ability while pushing the macro.
Not really working any different then just regular /cast catform....

spam the button and it goes in and out. I was wanting a button that no matter how much I spam it it will go into cat and stay in cat..never coming out until I hit bear or a caster ability.
Here is why...I get into big battles , taking lots of damage, I need to go bear and defensive while Im being CCd I spam the bear button and when I finally pop bear (usually after a cc releases me) Ive hit it one time to many and it goes back into there a way around it.
/cast [nostance:1] !bear form
/cast [nostance:3] !cat form

This should do what you want it to do.
#showtooltip Bear Form(Shapeshift)
/cast [stance:3]!Bear Form(Shapeshift); [nostance:1]!Bear Form(Shapeshift)

From cat or caster to bear.

#showtooltip Cat Form(Shapeshift)
/cast [stance:1]!Cat Form(Shapeshift); [nostance:1]!Cat Form(Shapeshift)

From bear or caster to cat.

I didn't try them while under cc just while standing around in Org so maybe it won't work, maybe it will. I think the key is that once you're in the proper form the macro doesn't work any more so you'll have to deal with shifting out of forms in some other way.
Aileta..Voljabu...thanks very much. And you to Reesi

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