[A] Squirrely Wrath Recruitment!!!

Squirrely Wrath is a casual guild that doesn't take raiding too seriously, and is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria! No raid experience? No problem! We'll learn ya! (Just know how to not stand in the fire... it's not that hard...)

It's looking like we'll need a healer or two, and a tank. DPS is also welcome to apply, we just won't be jumping up and down dancing like we would if we got a tank or heals.

We raid Wed and Sun from 6-8 PST. You can also talk to any officer for information about the raid group, or send an in-game mail to me. Fear the Squirrely Wrath!!!

Guild website: http://squirrelywrath.guildlaunch.com/

Guild recruitment video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jPuovp3unk (yes, it's outdated... been busy... dailies, you know)
Bump for a PERFECT Lord Rhyolith kill last night! GO SQUIRRELS!!!

Recruitment video, for your viewing enjoyment.
I spy with my little eye...

WTB Ranged DPS, PST w/ price!

Would especially love a warlock! I miss soulstones!
Bump for a perfect Beth'tilac kill! (Well, perfect other than Solaver living through it... stupid effective healers...)
Bump for two new boss kills last night! Go Squirrels!!
Bump for editing the OP.
Back to the front page, especially need healers and tanks.
WTB Heals, PST w/ price! (Wouldn't turn down a tank either! Just one!)
Bump for 2-shotting Majordomo the second time we saw him!
Bump to avoid the horror of the second page! /shudder
Oops, been a while since I bumped this.
It's a new year, and apparently all our raiders got Skyrim for Christmas! Oh, the horror!!!

Starting a new recruitment drive to rebuild the raid group, we need EVERYTHING!!! Send me an in-game mail, we'll kill things together!

Edit: Realized it's probably SW:TOR that's sapped raid members. Darn you, Lucas! First you ruin the original movies, now you steal raiders from me!

Bump for two new bosses down last night!
Bump for heals and tanks! Our best rogue wants to play on his rogue, not his tank and healer! (Can't figure out why, but I'm sure there's a good reason...)
Need heals!!! (and a spare tank for Sun would be nice... I suck tanking!!)
Need more people to work on Blackhorn on Wednesday! Help us get to Deathwing and beat him to a pulp!!
Bump for tanks, heals, and DPS. (Yes... we had to pug ALL of those this week Sad times.)

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