BS Profession Patch 4.3 - Old Rare Epics

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Bring it backz herp derp
Seriously this is the most sick looking mace ever! We demand it back :D
Man of the Blacksmithing Specialization recpies are no longer available to be learned, it's pretty annoying.
I would like to make another I like the eye.
09/08/2011 06:48 PMPosted by Opcyberbully
they're not going to do it by saying "Yeah ok, we'll put BoP Smithing weapons back in the game 3 years after they were obsolete"

Why wouldn't they?

They should have never been removed. Everyone turned a blind eye to it because they were all focusing on LK content.

didn't say they looked the same, smart guy. I said the Pummeler was a better weapon, more easily obtained, and that you can safely say that anyone who wants Dragonstrike just wants it for the style.

The Pummeler that you linked in the above post is a stupid looking weapon, period. The argument of the Pummeler being a better weapon is of no relevance.

Wanting a weapon such as Dragonstrike or Lionheart Executioner for "it's style" as you put it, is the whole point of Patch 4.3.

You're really missing his point. You should stop to reread his posts before you make yourself look any sillier. He's not saying that it'd be a bad idea for the models to be put back in game. No one is saying there would be anything wrong with that. All he is suggesting is that it would be a better idea to instead reuse the models on new weapons which people could actually benefit from such as a 4.3 quest rewards or a challenge in the Dark Moon Faire. The fact that they are obsolete is relevant. Why return a cool looking weapon which people would only use for transmog when they could take that same model and apply it to a new weapon that has utility?
Bump. also, back to the original point of this thread..... can we get those patterns back in the game? i have to imagine its a very simple thing to do, re-implement data that already exists :) hoping someone form blizz reads this!
I know you jelly
im glad i saved my smithing and never changed it. i still got the fireguard patterns all 3 of them so yea sorry about your luck people. i for one will be making me some
Yeah! bring them back in the this how I petition? :S
Bring em back, do itt.
I would really love to transmogrify my ugly little hammer into a sick looking dragon hammer. Cmon blizz.
If you use a crafting mod like Acki's Recipe List, you will see those amongst many other BS and LW patterns that are marked as "Bugged" if you check the master list. It's not that they were intentionally removed from the game. There are several patterns that were removed, including many that were part of a set, that you can train or find patterns for part of the set, but you can never complete it because for some reason they removed one or two of the set patterns from the game.

There are many Old World and even Northrend era sets that this was done to (several from ToC come to mind).

Stuff like that should never have been tampered with, but it was, and not done in a consistent manner.
Bring it back kthx... i can make it on one of my chars and not the other... but it's BOP :(
I just crafted Dragonstrike for my rogue. It's awesome.

Anyway, now that the door is open for transmogs they could do a couple things.

Create a Void Patterns Vendor to sell retired patterns. you could do dailies for credits or use gold to buy old patterns.

Come up with a "Family Plan". Allow toons in the same account to craft bop stuff as boa. The boa door is already open so make it fun for us with professions to craft stuff for our other toons. Then you can transmog it.

Different topic same "Family Plan". Allow us to access our other account toons' banks and bags and save 30 logons and offs as we get mats.
For sure. This would be great!

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