BS Profession Patch 4.3 - Old Rare Epics

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bump to get this crap fixed.. i want my mace!
I agree! Please bring these back Bliz!
Not gonna let this die. I have one of the weaps on my DK, but I want to be able to Titans grip Lionheart Executioners on a warrior I am leveling.
I really want to have the Dragonstrike on this toon, as well. I have had all the mats in my bank, ready to craft, since level 70, when I discovered that the patterns had been ninja-removed. I have petitioned several GMs, and one even logged on to my account and tried to get me the pattern, but to no avail. They all said to post on these forums (which I did a few months ago), so I'm going to help by bumping this one, now.

TL:DR! Bring back the BS weapons!
Luckily for me i learned the swordsmith plans b4 it got removed. I do think they need to bring the old plans not just specializations but the older removed ones. Im a collector tons of stuff and Plans are one of them (i already have over 400 plans) and i would love to even see some new craftable weapons
I actually had all of them....then I dumped Blacksmithing because it was a totally worthless profession in WotLK...wooee, I could make some starter raid (ilvl 200) gear as I levelled to 80 that I replaced almost instantly in Naxx....meh. When epic crafted gear finally came out that was better than Naxx gear (ToC patterns) I levelled it again. Ofc I had long ago vendored the weapons thinking the whole time "Gee, it sure would be nice if I could make any of these goddawful looking maces look like my old Dragonmaw" I'm looking at you Marrowgar Bottle Opener tanking mace.....the removal of the BS specialization trees was just the tip of the homogenenization of WoW iceberg....instead of making the profession cool and profitable they just removed the specialization trees and the trainer in Winterspring....lazy Blizz....just plain lazy. I have always maintained that a cool design plan would be to allow us (crafters) to upgrade any of these type of weapons when new content levels come out instead of just replacing them....How cool would a properly itemised BS epic be if you could "level" it with your toon by gathering additional mats, completing quests to learn the upgrade recipe, w/e they came up with? Gimme a ilvl 397 Lionheart Executioner now dangit! How about someone who wanted Thunderfury or Warglaives upgraded paying his local BS expert to upgrade it for him? Now that would make crafting an integral and fun part of the game again instead of just a time sink while I am waiting for a que to pop.....think of all the quest chains that could be developed for this.....tailors and LWers could do the same with their respective products.....epic.
i agree 100% as well. If they are not bring back specializations then they should open the plans up to be learned by those that didn't have that specialization to begin with. i.e. weapon smiths can now learn armor smiths plans. and also make them BOE. This would make it good for transmorg and still be fun for low lvl toons.
That is the exact problem i was having! Im glad to see that so many people are as pissed as i am! lol
I'm kind of glad that nobody else can use them because even were I to level my rogue, maces really aren't an option to transmog my sexy maces onto.

Swiftsteel Bludgeon

I miss those two weapon so much :( and it would be depressing seeing death knights wandering around with them when I couldn't really transmog them myself.
This better be fixed Tuesday BLIZTARD!
01/01/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Inigomontoyä
This better be fixed Tuesday BLIZTARD!

Or what?

I have all the axe recipes but sadly don't have an axe currently to use beautiful Bloodmoon.
I for one would appreciate seeing these returned.

I love the look of my Gavel of Peroth'arn transmorgged into Dragonstrike.

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